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Why should you choose the tooth doctor as your Edmonton dentist? There are many great reasons but the top ones are as follows. This is an Edmonton dentist who has three locations to help serve a multitude of families. There are two locations in Edmonton and one in rural Alberta. This Edmonton dentist also believes that dentistry should be for everyone and that includes busy working families. He has extended the hours in the evenings and on weekends. This allows for everyone to have access to affordable dentistry.

Edmonton Dentist

This Edmonton dentist care about the Edmonton community as he grew up here and has always desired to serve in it. When you come into the tooth doctor you will be greeted by friendly staff in a clean modern dental office space. There is the highest technology available and every station has a TV equipped to help even the most nervous patient feel comfortable. When you come to the tooth doctor you are one of the family.

A lot of people inquire about the additional services that the tooth doctor provides. One such service is the teeth whitening one. If you think that your teeth are unhealthy because they are yellow you need to not worry because teeth have a natural yellow tint. This colour is easily bleached white and can turn a mediocre smile into a youthful radiant one. Some people have come in and expressed that they have tried to whiten their teeth on their own with natural remedies.

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These remedies can be dangerous to the health of your teeth. Things like sucking on lemons and using abrasives do not actually get your teeth white and they can cause irreversible damage and sensitivity as they eat away at your enamel. Please do not try these things as they do not work and they just cause more damage.

If you have tried the kits they buy in the store to whiten your teeth you may have been disappointed with the results. The strips in the kits are not custom fit to your teeth so the only colour what they touch. The gel that is on the strips is a low concentrate and therefore does not bleach very strongly. They can also cause sensitivity to the gums. The overall whitening effect is not very impressive and you will probably find yourself at the dentist inquiring about the professional treatment anyway.

When you come into the dentist to have custom trays made and use the bleaching gel that is much more powerful you will be able to see the difference. You can even take these trays home and gradually lighten your smile to the colour that you like. You do not have to have the Hollywood fake white smile you can choose how bright or white you go. These trays can be used over and over again anytime you need a top up in the convenience of your own home.

If you are ready to get started today please call the tooth doctor and will fit you in.

Edmonton Dentist | Protect Your Enamel

There are many reasons to make the tooth doctor your Edmonton dentist. This is an Edmonton dentist who offers three locations to serve this community best. The tooth doctor started his business over 12 years ago and still owns and operates it today. This is an Edmonton dentist who truly cares and wants to see you achieve your best smile. You will be greeted by friendly staff who will treat you just like family. The clean modern dental office will wow you.

Each room is equipped with a TV to help even the most nervous patient which is usually the child. Children actually love the tooth doctor because he is quite funny, he cracks a lot of jokes and he is very playful. He takes a lighthearted approach as he is the father himself and realizes that no one should be nervous coming to the dentist. It is all about the health of your teeth.

One of the additional dental services that many people come in to inquire about are the teeth whitening services. Some of the reasons why you have discoloured teeth in the first place is that teeth have a natural yellow tint that is made even more yellow through the foods and drinks that we consume. Even smoking can cause more discolouration. If we do not have great habits of taking care of our teeth we can also see the discoloration even more.

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Plaque sits on the teeth and makes holes where the food colourants can get in and cause the discolouration. So if you can develop healthy habits of cleaning your teeth regularly at home then you can help your teeth stay whiter for longer. You should be brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing them a few times a week and using mouthwash regularly. This is the first line of defence in keeping your teeth white.

Now that you have established healthy habits at home it is time to establish healthy habits of getting your teeth cleaned in the office. This is where our hygienists will clean your teeth with scaling and polishing. This is one of the best ways to remove the stains from your teeth.

You can even keep your teeth white or longer by switching to a light coloured diet and avoid colourants. This is not necessary because we can use our whitening services to lighten your teeth.

When you have the dentist colour your teeth you will be given customized trays that fit your teeth so that you can get a perfect white smile. The gel that is given to you from the dentist is the highest concentrate available and it is not accessible anywhere outside the dentist. It has been a great thing about these trays that makes them better than having laser whitening is that you can top up the colour any time you see fit. You do not have to have a Hollywood bright smile that looks fake, you get to be in control of how your teeth look.