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If you are looking for a great Edmonton dentist look no further than the tooth doctor. We have three locations to serve the Edmonton community best. Two locations are in the city itself and the third is in rural Alberta. Dr. Peter Yu the founding owner and operator is still in practice today and has been for over 12 years. He grew up in Edmonton and always wanted to give back to the community by serving them in the dental care needs capacity.

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The tooth doctor believes that every family should have affordable excellent dental care offered to them. He cares about the health and vitality of his patients. His goal is to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. One of the ways he helps people to achieve their best smile is through teeth whitening services.

Why do people get teeth whitening? First of all, discoloration is a displeasing look when smiling for most people. If you have a special occasion coming up like a wedding or anniversary you may want to consider brightening that smile by coming into CR Edmonton dentist. Maybe you have a job interview coming up and you want to make a good first impression. Teeth whitening can help you do that. Anywhere where you have to put your best asset forward which is your smile teeth whitening can help with. The effects of aging can lead to a darkening of your teeth. Highly coloured foods foods and tobacco use also add to this dilemma.

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The first thing that the tooth doctor will do is a full exam of your mouth. You may need scaling and polishing to help remove some of the stains. You might actually have other issues going on in the mouth that you do not even know about and that is the time that our Edmonton dentist will catch any issues that may be there. All of these issues would be addressed first. Once that is cleared up it is a good time to consider teeth whitening services.

Over-the-counter whitening kits are good and effective but the concentration levels are smaller than what you would find at the dentist. This is because it is illegal to sell high concentrated solutions over-the-counter. You will have to go to a professional dentist to access these stronger bleaching gels. The other advantage to having a dentist whiten your teeth is the customized trays that they make. These trays are made to fit your teeth and therefore the bleaching gel reaches all of the discolouration wherever it is.

An over-the-counter kit does not do as thorough a job. Some people even say that the results from over-the-counter kits are patchy. This is because the strips are not custom fit to your teeth and the only bleach what they touch. Call our office today to book a free no obligation Edmonton dentist consultation to see how we can help you achieve your best smile.

Edmonton Dentist | Get Whiter Teeth

We know there are a lot of choices for an Edmonton dentist. We are glad that you found the tooth doctor to be your Edmonton dentist. We have three convenient locations for you to access affordable dental care. Dr. Peter Yoo the founding owner and operator of the tooth doctor wants to make affordable dental care available for everyone. He knows that working moms and dads have less time during the day to come into the dentist therefore he offers extended evening hours and weekends.

Being a family man this Edmonton dentist knows how important it is to take care of children’s teeth from a very young age. He suggests that you bring in your babies up to six months after they have had their first tooth or they are one-year-old. This is the first time they should see the dentist. This appointment consists of the baby sitting on the mother or father’s lap to have their mouth looked at. This is just a simple examination and to help the child feel comfortable with dental care.

If it is a natural extension of everyday activities the child is less likely to have fear or anxiety when visiting the dentist when they are older. This also helps to know if there are any underlying issues for the child.

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You do not need to worry if you think your child will not do well at the dentist. Dr. Yoo uses a lot of humour and a lighthearted approach when working with kids. They are often found laughing and joking around and sharing stories. He actually makes coming to the dentist a fun experience if you can imagine. It is important for children to continue seeing the dentist as many issues like crooked teeth, not chewing properly or swallowing properly can be addressed early on and habits can be changed.

One of the areas that adults come into have addressed is the discolouration of their teeth. Things like tomato sauce and red wine or coffee and smoking can cause the teeth to discolour even more than they already do with age. These things are all easily addressed with our teeth whitening services at the tooth doctor. The first step in having whiter and brighter teeth is to make sure you have good habits around cleaning your teeth.

The tooth doctor suggests you brush multiple times a day, floss multiple times a week and use mouthwash daily. This alone will help you to keep your teeth whiter and brighter. Edmonton dentist says it is not necessary to buy toothpaste that is whitening because it is not as effective as the actual brushing of your teeth. It is really just a marketing gimmick.

Some people buy over-the-counter teeth whitening kits and while these are somewhat effective they are very generic as in they do not fit your teeth perfectly and the gel used is a low concentration. When you come into see the tooth doctor we make customized trays and use a high concentrated gel to help you achieve your best smile.