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Many people want to take great care of their teeth says Edmonton dentist. However there is a lot of conflicting information. And changes in dental standards. That make this, and often confusing undertaking.
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While it was once considered great care. For people to brush their teeth immediately after eating. And brushing three times a day. This is no longer the case. Which leaves people confused. Especially if what they are doing.

Is no longer considered best practices. Ultimately, one of the number one questions. That people have for their Edmonton dentist. Is what should their oral hygiene routine be? This is a question they love to answer.

Ultimately, they first recommend. That people get a soft bristled toothbrush. The reason why is quite simply because hard brush. Can damage their teeth and gums. Many people may not be aware.

But using a firm bristled brush. Or brushing too hard. Can actually erode the enamel on their teeth. Enamel is a hard protective coating. That covers the surface of the teeth. And can help protect against tooth decay and cavities.

Unfortunately, enamel is also something. That cannot be replaced. Or strengthened once it is eliminated. That means if people are brushing too hard. And have eliminated the enamel on their teeth.

Their teeth are simply more susceptible to cavities. Making them more likely to have tooth decay and cavities. Rather than less likely, because they are brushing. Once they have a soft bristled brush.

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They should that in the habit. Of brushing twice a day. It is no longer considered best practice to brush three times a day. Nor should they be brushing immediately after eating. The reason why is quite simple.

Over brushing can erode the enamel on their teeth. But also the foods that we each. Can actually cause the enamel to become softened. The foods that are most likely to soften enamel are high in acidic content.

For example citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit. Lines, lemons and pineapples just to name a few. Contain a lot of acid. Whether people are eating the fruit directly. Drinking the juice.

Or having a sauce or dressing. Made with that content. They likely have softened their enamel while eating that food. They should wait until the enamel has hardened up. Which should take about half an hour after the last bite.

As well, Edmonton dentist says they should also drink. A glass of water after they are done eating. To remove any acidic traces from their mouth. And eliminate as much bacteria as possible.

Therefore, whenever they do brush their teeth. After eating, there less likely to have bacteria. That of settled on their teeth. Because of that glass of water. Then, after they brush their teeth twice a day.

They should always follow that up with mouthwash. Preferably the kind without alcohol. And, floss at least once a day. By doing this oral care routine.

People will be likely to protect their teeth against tooth decay as well as gingivitis. As well as have a fresh, clean smile.

Edmonton Dentist | Tooth Care Tips To Know

When people visit to their Edmonton dentist for the first time in a long time. They often ask. How often should they be visiting the dentist. Statistics show us that 74% of Canadians. Visited the dentist last year.

And while that looks like a lot of people. Are visiting the dentist as often as they should. People should be visiting the dentist twice a year. So even if vast majority of people.are visiting one’s.

That is not necessarily enough. Best practices dictate that people. Should be visiting their Edmonton dentist twice a year. To get professional cleanings, as well as a checkup. The reason why professional cleanings.

Are so important. Is because brushing alone. Can never eliminate all of the tartar buildup. That causes tooth decay and cavities. Tartar buildup and plaque are extremely sticky. And even brushing effectively.

And as often as people should. Leaves a slight residue, that accumulates with time. As well, people should keep in mind. That even regular brushing cannot get the tartar buildup.

Which accumulates underneath the gum line. That can only be removed. By a professional says Edmonton dentist. Which is why dental visits are so necessary.

At those visits, approximately six months apart. The dentist will also do a checkup. That likely will include getting x-rays done. Many people are nervous about x-rays for many reasons. One being cost.

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They are concerned because they may not have dental insurance. Or the dental insurance does not cover. The full cost of the x-ray. And they do not want to have an expensive visit.

X-rays are an important preventative tool. Dentists can see problems early. And before they take a lot of time. Or work to fix. Therefore, if people want to save on money.

They should get the dental x-ray. And ensure that they do not have small problems. That will turn larger, and more expensive to fix later. As well, some people are nervous says Edmonton dentist.

About the radiation that x-rays can in Mitt. And while it is true, x-rays do. In Mitt a certain amount of radiation. Dental x-rays are now done digitally. Which in Mitt a fraction of the radiation traditional x-rays did.

And besides, they will always ensure. That they cover every patient. With an iron bid. So that it protects them from any wayward radiation. That being said, dental offices also have a Geiger counter.

That measures radiation levels. To ensure that it is completely safe. As well, people should keep in mind. That dental x-rays in Mitt less radiation than their cell phone. And less radiation then being on a commercial flight.

While people should be concerned about radiation. There is not enough radiation. To be concerned about in dental x-rays. And since it is such an efficient tool. To prevent larger problems.

People should not be concerned about submitting. One dental x-ray every year. And people are ready to take care of their teeth. They can visit the tooth doctor, at one of their three convenient Edmonton locations.