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Coming in to see the tooth doctor you will find a caring Edmonton dentist. This Edmonton dentist cares about the health and longevity of your teeth. His motto is to save as many teeth for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. You will have a hard time finding another Edmonton dentist like this. Many people call the tooth doctor to find out what additional teeth services they provide. They are interested in getting teeth whitening done.

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Some of the things they believe about teeth on the colour of them are not true. For one thing many people think that yellow teeth are not healthy teeth. This is not true because teeth naturally have a yellow tint. In addition to this they think that once they whiten their teeth that their teeth will stay white forever. This is impossible because as you eat your regular diet the colours of the foods stain the teeth.

Your teeth are like a wall but as plaques sits on that solid wall it can make little holes in the teeth. It is important that you have healthy habits in keeping your teeth clean so that this plaque does not cause this to happen. But naturally many of us are not good at brushing our teeth twice a day flossing many times a week and using mouthwash regularly. Once the plaque is made the holes in the teeth the food particles that are coloured sit in those holes and cause discolouration.

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A lot of people are unhappy with this discoloured look and try to find home remedies that will help them whiten their teeth. Things like sucking on lemons to whiten your teeth are using abrasives are just some of the crazy methods they find on the Internet. The problem with these methods are that they cause damage to your teeth. The acidity content in these methods can eat the enamel which can cause irreversible damage to your teeth plus sensitivity. It is important to come to the dentist to have your teeth whitened instead.

Kits and strips and pastes can be bought online but they are not the same as what you will find at the professional dentist. These kits have a low concentration of the bleaching agent in them. The strips are not custom fit to your teeth so they do not get rid of all the discolouration. When you come into the dentist you are given customized trays to fit your teeth with a much higher concentrated gel to whiten them. The bleaching gel is 60 times as effective. You will get a better result with the professional than trying to do it on your own.

Some people think that laser whitening is better than at home trays. The truth is the at home trays can be just as effective and are safer. The added benefit of at home is that you can get a more gradual results. You are in control how light your teeth become.

Edmonton Dentist | Tooth Whitening

To find a professional Edmonton dentist you need to look no further than the tooth doctor. This Edmonton dentist cares about saving your teeth for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. You will not find another Edmonton dentist whose values are this strong. Everything the tooth doctor does keeps this in mind. Many people ask the tooth doctor what is the best way to whiten their teeth. He loves getting this question because it is always a great discussion. Usually many myths are uncovered about teeth whitening through this conversation.

One of the top myths that people believe is that having yellow teeth means your teeth are unhealthy. This is not true for the very reason that teeth have a natural yellow tint them. Once people decide to whiten their teeth they think that their teeth will stay white forever. This is not true because your teeth will naturally dull down as time goes by and as you have your same diet. You can lighten your diet so that it does not include highly coloured foods. This will keep your teeth whiter for longer.

However, if you cannot give up coffee, red wine or tease it is quite all right. As long as you have good teeth cleaning habits you can combat those highly coloured foods. By brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing them multiple times a week and using mouthwash daily you can keep your teeth whiter and brighter.

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Some people believe that laser whitening is better for you than the at home trays. Although both of these methods work great one is not better than the other. Laser whitening is done in the office and it is a one time treatment that lightens your teeth to whatever setting is chosen. At home trays give you the advantage of going gradually lighter. The more you use them the lighter your teeth will get you can play around with how white you want your teeth to be. In addition to this as you start to see your teeth dull or getting coloured again you can just top up a couple times a week to lighten them again.

Please never suck on lemons to whiten your teeth. This at-home remedy has been floating around the Internet and it is a very dangerous one. The acidity in the lemons can cause your enamel to break down. This will cause sensitivity and irreversible damage to your teeth. Some of the abrasives that people are using can do the same thing to their teeth. It is time to come into a professional to have your teeth cleaned if you have tried these methods or thought about testing them out.

Kits and strips and toothpastes that are used to whiten your teeth are not as good as the customized trays and higher concentrated gel that you will find at the dentist. The bleaching gel from the dentist is about 60 times more powerful. So you may get okay results at home with kits but the dentist will be that much more effective.