The Tooth Doctor, an Edmonton Dentist Answers Some Questions

This is an audio transcription for the Edmonton Dentist Peter Yoo DDS.

Introduction | Edmonton Dentist

Hi, welcome back to the Tooth Doctor Edmonton YouTube. Today I’m here with Riley and she helps run this office and run the appointments here at all the locations actually. And today we’re going to be talking about the top 10 dental questions that people might have.

We have a famous quote here from Henry Ford and he said, whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. I’ll let you think about that one and see how that applies to your life.

An interesting statistic says that 74% of Canadians have seen a dental professional in the last year. That’s from Canadian health measures survey. That’s actually a good stat. Yeah, that’s important. Yeah. So I’m going to ask some questions of you Reilly, and let’s see what you, these will be like the typical top 10 questions about the industry to work.

How do I make my teeth whiter?

Yeah, that’s a very popular question people have for the Edmonton dentist. There’s a lot of ways you can make your teeth whiter. There’s a lot of product in the market that you can pick the toothpastes, the whitening strips. Also we do in office lightening at the dental studio. They are all good, but then the in office whitening might have the better results. So would you suggest our patients, if you want to do want to pick some product from the market, you want to check a shade first.
Why don’t you want to make sure your teeth are at what level?

Once you use the product, then you know if there’s a big difference or you think that might not work for you. So we do have a whitening bleach gel in our Ellerslie dental office. We can taste it impressions for you and we make you a customized tray and give you some whitening solution and we guarantee a five shades lighter.
Also, if your teeth are super sensitive, you can’t use whitening solutions, we can always do veneers. There might be a little bit invasive, but a lot of patients that come in or we do a buckle felon, that’s what we call it. So we add a very thin layer of the material at our Ellerslie dental tooth doctor location. So it’s lighter, it’s way lighter than your teeth color.

And then actually brightens teeth up. So it’s basically, it’s a whitening. Oh. But then the only thing is that’s a thing. So by time it might change colors. You might have to do it again. So, so that’s a bonded material to real? Yes. Wow. That’s interesting. Yeah.

How often should I actually visit an Edmonton dentist?

Karen has really good teeth, so I must suggest every year checkup at the tooth doctor location, and every six months for your cleaning. If your teeth set good as Karen, so you 12 month is a very standard time, but if every Edmonton dentist visit you coming, there’s a few cavities, then we suggest you to coming every six months.

It’s not because you don’t have very good oral hygiene, it could just be genetic. So we want to make sure you’re teeth and your oral health are very good. Okay.

And what are the best ways to practice good dental hygiene at home?

There’s a lot of ways you can do the standard way as you brush twice a day and then you floss, you rinse your mouth with mouthwash and then stop eating after you’re brushing, before you go to bed. And then don’t eat a lot of sweet foods and then stop drinking too much pop. Eat healthy. Feel Diet also play a big role into your oral health for sure. Yeah.

Why should I have dental x-rays taken?

Dental x-rays are very important. It’s, it’s just like when you have infection in your lungs, you do want an extra for your lungs. I know a lot of people, they are concerned about the radiation for dental x-rays nowadays especially I will say in Canada most dental office, much like our Ellerslie dental tooth doctor office, has digital x-rays. The radiation level is very, very, very small.

There’s an article saying 100 dental x-rays equals the fly from Edmonton to Vancouver. So yeah. Sorry. Even would you have something to measure the radiation? Since we work here and especially when I was pregnant, I have that thing with me every day when I come to work. I want to make sure I don’t have radiation for the baby. I don’t. So one time one of our coworkers left the, the measure thing, the Dasa meter beside the charger. So that’s, when they got radiation from.

So dental x-rays are very, the radiation is very, very minor. So it’s really good for us to determine if you have any cavities in teeth, especially for kids who, or see all the teeth, all the adult teeth beneath the baby teeth so we can estimate and when your adult is going to come out or if any kids, they’re actually missing any other teeth.

We can treat your teeth at our Tooth doctor dental office before you actually know something is really wrong.. Like, yeah. Well that makes sense.

Edmonton Dentist | So how do I prevent tooth decay and gingivitis?

It’s then now we going to go back to how you take care of your oral hygiene. So you do have to have a very good oral hygiene brushed twice a day, two minutes, one time, floss two if you can use mouthwash. Also I do notice when people brush, they don’t brush them, have on the teeth, have all the gums. So that’s really important.

So that’s where that’s where your sensitivity, your cavities start. Also dental visits are important to prevent decay and gingivitis danger. That is more for people who has genetic issue, especially for Asian people. We have good teeth, the bad gums.
So we do want people to come in to do cleaning. That’s important to yeah. And then if you can follow your dentist’s suggestions and then take good do very good oral hygiene procedures at home. I’m pretty sure like it should be like very minimal cause is 75% of adults has gingivitis. Oh, why don’t we just have to work hard to, to minimize it. Oh Wow. So yeah, I was actually thinking that, you know, that gingivitis. Yeah. That’s actually interesting. I’ll have to dig more into that top. Right. Okay.

Why are my teeth sensitive and how do I fix that?

Gingivitis first. It can cause sensitivity to you cause your gums are kind of shrink to a little bit. Then there’s sometimes there’s a little bit root exposure to the environment and sometimes it’s because of you grind your teeth at night and there is a as also it’s because of the level of your gums are receding, then your teeth have more and more exposure to the environment or sometimes you brush your teeth too hard and or you’re enamel is too thin.

So there’s a lot of ways actually do damage your good teeth. So that’s why your teeth are very sensitive and then you are asking how do we fix it? Right? Yeah. First we do recommend good toothpaste and not get toothpaste that’s right for you. And also we want you to come here. There’s a lot of ways to minimize the sensitivity. We have the sensitizer material at the Tooth Doctor’s Ellerslie dental location.

We put a layer on your tooth and then leave it on for one minute. And they usually tell the patients don’t brush for 24 hours. That usually works for a few months to reduce the sensitivity or you can actually do a little small filling to cover up the exposure place. Right. And then, then that’s going to, it’s pretty much like a permanent solution for that. Yeah. Wow. So many different things I have no idea about.

Edmonton Dentist | So why should I consider dental implants?

Dental implants is the golden standard for now to replace a missing tooth. Of course we say your own teeth are the best, but if you have a missing tooth we usually people will do a little denture, a small denture, but then denture the thing is you have to take it out every night before you go to bed. You have to brush four times a day and I only can do a bridge, which you had to cut two good teeth.

Like on the state of the missing tooth, then it’s pretty much cost the same as implants.
So implants is going to be a permanent fix. We put that in play in your mouth and missing and missing space and put a crown on yet. And then you never have to take it out and just brush it. Normally floss normally just come to the Ellerslie dental office check every year to make sure the implant is good. Right. Okay, good. There’s hope.

So should I use mouthwash regularly?

You kind of already said this. We do. For, especially for adults, we do suggest people, do you use alcohol free mouthwash twice a day. Every time after you brush your teeth. We actually had a patient, she’s almost 90 years old. She had no cavities, just all her teeth. So our, our boss, our doctor Peter, you actually asked her how does she do yet? She said she actually brush your teeth with mouthwash every day in the morning. And so that’s why we think mouthwash is really important. It goes everywhere, especially the places is hard to reach. Right? Yeah. Well that makes sense.

When should my child’s first dentist appointment be?

As long as you had the first tooth. Okay. So usually it starts about, but then not charity. I know nowadays a lot of kids who start having the first tooth three months or four months, that’s too early. We will be able to ask the kids to open their mouth. So usually about a year old. Okay. Yeah. Okay.

Edmonton Dentist | At what age do you baby teeth follow up?

It’s very it’s a big range of, usually we will say from six years old. So by age 12, the all adults should be out. But we do see kids their baby teeth start to fall outs by age boy, oh, that’s why early dental visit to the tooth doctor’s Ellerslie dental office is important and the X-ray is important for kids that we can determine. We can actually expect when the baby two’s going to come out and then when the adult is going to come in.

Oh, good to know. Yeah. Well thank you so much for answering all those top 10 questions at the very common ones. And thanks for watching our video here and learning more about the tooth doctor here in Edmonton. We have three locations. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel like the video. If you got some good info out of it and we’ll see you on the next one. Bye.