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When people visit their Edmonton dentist. They often are too shy to ask questions. That can help them take better care of their teeth. The tooth doctor does not want people to be shy.
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Especially since dental practices change. As knowledge and the industry grows. Therefore, if people have any questions. It should not be assumed that. They should already have known the answer.

And besides, getting the right information. Should never be considered a bad thing. Therefore, they want people to feel. As open as they need to be. In order to get the answers.

While help them take great care of their teeth. A common question that Edmonton dentist frequently gets. Is from people wondering if they should be using mouthwash regularly. Some people believe.

That it is an extremely vital part of their oral hygiene routine. Where some people, think that they may have been told. Somewhere in the past to stop using their mouthwash. And they are not sure what the truth actually is.

While the answer to this question, is that mouthwash is incredibly beneficial. And people should be using it at least once a day. If not twice. Specifically after edged time that they brush.

They also should ensure that they are using a mouthwash. That contains no alcohol. In fact, Edmonton dentist has said. They would prefer someone not using any mouthwash at all.

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If they were going to use mouthwash with alcohol in place of it. The reason why, is because alcohol in and of itself. Is an extremely drying agent. When people use mouthwash. What they are actually doing is eliminating the supply.

Of saliva in their mouth. And while many people may not realize it. Saliva is actually an extremely beneficial tool. That protects their teeth from the bacteria. That eats away at their teeth and causes tooth decay and cavities.

This is the reason why. Most dentists actually recommend. That people chew sugar free gum. It can not only freshen people’s breath. But it actually increases saliva production. To help ensure that people can have.

Clean teeth in between eating and brushing. In fact, people who are on medication. That cause them to have dry mouth. Should immediately let their dentist no. So that they can take action.

Dry mouth, is a breeding ground for tooth decay and cavities. And dentists can often prescribed. Medicated mouthwash. That is designed to increase the production of saliva. And people who have dry mouth problems.

Therefore yes, mouthwash is very beneficial. But people need to be aware. To buy the brands that do not have alcohol in them. And then, use them by swishing it in their mouth. For thirty seconds after every time they brush.

If they would like recommendations. On brands, or types of mouthwash to get. People can visit their dentist at the tooth doctor. One of their three, convenient locations.

And get the answers to those questions directly. So there is no misunderstanding.

Edmonton Dentist | What Are The Most Top Asked Dental Questions

Many people understand how important it is says Edmonton dentist. To visit the dentist and brush their teeth. However, when it comes to children. And when they start having babies.

They often wonder exactly what they need to do. When should a child’s first dentist visit be? Many people believe that it should be. As soon as the child has their first tooth.

And while that seems to make a certain amount of sense. Edmonton dentist says this is not true. Because some children, get their first teeth very young. When they are still an infant.

And in fact, many children are actually born. With one or more teeth. It is not beneficial to have a dentist checkup. Where the child cannot open.their mouth. Or keep it open.

And besides, there is not going to be a benefit. If the mother or father. Are going to have to take care of that tooth anyway. They made well just find out. From their dentist directly. But they should be doing. To care for the teeth.

Until the child is old enough to visit. The dentist for an actual checkup. Therefore, the dentist wants parents to know. That until they are old enough to visit the dentist.

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The best way to care for their teeth. Is not to brush teeth for them. Because that might irritate such a young infants mouth. But rather, by a very soft cloth. Dampen it, and use that cloth.

To gently wipe off the front, and back of the infants teeth. They should do this after every feeding. Whether it is breastmilk, formula produce. And, they should always avoid. Putting the baby down the bottle to sleep. As that is the perfect breeding ground. For bacteria to attack. A young infants teeth, and cause tooth decay and cavities. From an extremely early age. However, that still leaves the question.

When a child should visit their Edmonton dentist for the first time. The great answer to this question. Is when the child has teeth, and is able. To open their mouth on command.

And then hold it open for the duration of the visit. This usually means that a child is ready. Around a year old. And, by this time. They are going to be able. To start to develop great oral hygiene habits.

They can hold brush. And get used to the brushing motion in their mouth. They often are going to still need help. Brushing their teeth properly. But, good oral hygiene habits. Starting early, and by including them.

From a very early age. And getting them into the dentist early. Can help them. Develop habits, that will last a long time. Help keep their teeth happy and healthy for that lifetime.

Another question that parents often have. Is wondering when their children are going to start losing their baby teeth. They will generally start around six years of age. And be done around twelve.

However coming in for regular checkups. Can help figure out. If they are going to lose their teeth early or late. Then come up with a plan. On what can be done in the meantime. To ensure they have a healthy mouth.