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Despite the fact that 74% of Canadians according to Edmonton dentist. Have visited the dentist last year. That does not mean. That people still have a good handle. On the best oral hygiene practices.
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For example, 75% of all adults. Who went to the dentist last year. Also had gingivitis in their mouth. This is often because they are not getting a period cleaning by a professional, and are simply relying. On their own brushing techniques.

And while it is incredibly important. For people to brush their teeth properly. And as often as recommended. Brushing alone is not enough. To prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. First of all, some people are simply genetically predisposed.

Having problems, with thin enamel. And week gums. However, that is no excuse. When people can visit their Edmonton dentist. For a routine cleaning twice a year. What this does, is helps eliminate.

The incredibly sticky tartar that builds up on the teeth. And over time, brushing alone. Cannot remove enough of this. That thin layer will remain on the teeth. And particularly below the gum line.

So it is important that people get a professional cleaning. To move this sticky substance from their teeth. As well, Edmonton dentist says it is impossible. For patients to brush away the tartar buildup. Underneath their gum line.

And this is the primary cause of gingivitis. The matter how efficiently a person brushes their teeth. There is a certain amount of tartar buildup that happens. That must be removed by a professional.

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It takes approximately six months for this tartar buildup to start becoming a problem. Which is why people should visit their dentist. Every six months for cleaning. This can help prevent tooth decay and gingivitis.

On top of a great oral care routine. That includes brushing twice a day. Using mouthwash after every time they brush. And flossing every day as well.

Another question that many people have the tooth doctor. When they come in for their regular visit. Is wondering why they have sensitive teeth. And wondering how to the fix it. Often people ask this question.

After they have tried to fix it themselves. By purchasing some desensitizing toothpaste. Such as Sensodyne for example. However, there are many different causes. Of tooth sensitivity says Edmonton dentist.

And rather than trying to come up with a solution on their own. People should mention this to their dentist. Especially if they start noticing their teeth are newly sensitive. When it was not sensitive before.

The reason why, is because sometimes the cause of tooth sensitivity. Is gingivitis. And the fix can only be. Cleaning the teeth professionally. To remove the tartar buildup on the teeth. And below the gum line.

And then, continue to get the teeth routinely cleaned. And engaging in good home hygiene practices. If people try to fix it themselves. They could be exacerbating the actual cause of the sensitivity in the meantime.

Whenever people have questions about their teeth or dental care. Or, something is different. Or has recently changed, it is a good time to make an appointment at the tooth doctor, at one of their three convenient locations.

Edmonton Dentist | Understanding The Top Dental Questions

Most Canadians take great care of their teeth says Edmonton dentist. However, dental problems still happen. Even when people are brushing perfectly. And that is why they should not feel ashamed.

To ask any questions that they have, whenever they are at their dentist. For example, sometimes people need. Have some teeth extracted. Whether it is caused by a cavity, or the tooth has broken.

Through an accident, or an incident. In that case, people are faced with the question. Of how they are going to replace that tooth. Or, did they need to. The first thing that abundant dentist wants people to understand.

Is anytime there is a missing tooth. It is actually important to have a replaced. Especially if that tooth. Has healthy teeth on either side of it. The reason why this is important. Is because an absent tooth.

Actually affects its surrounding teeth. For example, if a person has a tooth. That is removed, the teeth on either side can start to lean. In order to fill that space. Not only will this cause the bite to be affected.

But it can also cause the teeth to become loose. Have their roots start to show. And by leaning, the teeth can start. To displace the teeth that are beside them. It can cause a whole host of problems.

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That may require pulling multiple teeth says Edmonton dentist. Which is why it is very important. That people actually that tooth replaced. If they had to have it pulled for any reason.

While many people may think that dental implants. Are extremely expensive. The truth is, they are no more expensive. Than dentures or bridges. And unlike those appliances. That are not a permanent fixture in the mouth.

Dental implants look, feel and perform. Just like a patient’s real teeth. And they do not require any routine the maintenance. Aside from regular visits to the dentist for a checkup.

What is even more important. Is that people do not have to avoid certain foods. The way people with dentures or bridges often have to. As well, there is lower maintenance with dental implants.

Because bridges and dentures must be refitted. Every few years due to a phenomenon, called bone erosion. When there is no tooth root in the area. It does not stimulate the blood flow in the bone.

And the body will start to eroded the bone away from it. This can be a large problem. Especially for the surrounding teeth. But an implant, eliminate that problem naturally. People should not feel ashamed.

If they have lost tooth for any reason. But a and Frank conversation. With their Edmonton dentist can help them. Come to the conclusion. And the decision about the best way. To replace that tooth.

And have the best oral hygiene they possibly can. To make an appointment with The tooth doctor. Patients can call, email or book online. At any of their three convenient locations.