Every day, your baby meets new milestones and his first visit to the Edmonton dentist should be one for the books. Most of the time, parents wait until their child grows about four teeth before they see the dentist, but dental practitioners believe otherwise. In fact, your child is never too young to see the dentist. But if you want something more definite, it is best to take your child to his first real dental visit when the first tooth appears.

Isn’t it too early? The moment your child grows his first tooth, he can already develop cavities. Remember that being proactive means always taking on the safe side. If it means being able to provide your child with the right protection, then no one can honestly say it is too early. Also, being proactive about your child’s dental care means ensuring that he will have strong and healthy teeth as he grows up.

How do you prepare yourself and your child to the first dental check-up?

It’s never too early to teach your child good dental habits. Don’t hesitate to talk to them about the dental visit and what usually happens whenever they are in the clinic for a check-up. Be positive about the possible treatments. Help them practice keeping their mouth open so that the dentist can carefully work on their teeth. Reading books or watching videos of first dental visits should assist them to become less fearful about the experience and a bit more confident about themselves.

What should you expect on your child’s first visit to the Edmonton dentist?

The first thing that the dentist will check is the current condition of your child’s teeth and gums. This is to make sure that the teeth are growing where it should be and that the gums are not suffering from any form of infection. Also, expect to be seated in the dental chair with your child on your lap. This provides children with the reassurance that you are there for him. The dentist will also check for mouth injuries and provide medical care whenever necessary.

Every dental visit will be different, but positive feelings toward each visit should be encouraged at all times. This is to help your child develop a positive outlook toward taking care of their dental health.