Edmonton Dentist | Whiten Your Teeth at your Leisure

Coming into the tooth doctor you will find an Edmonton dentist who cares not only about you but your whole family. He is an Edmonton dentist who wants to serve the community of Edmonton because he is passionate about the city. Having grown up here he always knew he wanted to give back and this was the best way. He is a dentist who truly cares and will give a second opinion if you need it. The friendly staff at the tooth doctor will welcome you as you come in.

Edmonton Dentist

You will notice the clean modern dental office that offers regular dental services but also additional ones to help give you your best smile. This is an Edmonton dentist who wants to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. The tooth doctor opened three locations over the last 12 years to help serve busy working families. He also extended hours to include evenings and weekends so that everybody has access to affordable dental care.

One of the services that many people inquire about and want more information is the teeth whitening service. There are a lot of false beliefs when it comes to teeth whitening and one of them is that sucking on lemons or using abrasive home remedies can do just as good or better. These remedies are not remedies at all. They do not whiten your teeth and in fact they eat away at the enamel because of the high acidic content. Once the enamel is gone your teeth are damaged irreversibly and are very sensitive.

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So not only have you not whiten your teeth but now you have damaged them. It is best to leave anything that is related to your teeth to your dentist to be taken care of. Teeth whitening is no exception.

You might have tried over-the-counter kits that include strips or toothpastes that promise whitening effect. These things can help minimally but nothing beats a treatment from your dentist whitening your teeth. The kits contain strips that do not fit your teeth properly and the gel used is very weak compared to the gel offered at the dentist.

When you come in to have your teeth whitened with the tooth doctor we make customized trays to fit your teeth so that the gel can reach all the discolouration and give you an overall even brighter smile.

The great thing about custom trays and gel kit is that they can be used at home as opposed to the laser whitening service. These trays can be used in a gradual way so that you get an exact match to what you desire when it comes to whitening your teeth. You can even take it slow and go a little bit lighter at a time. As you can tell, whitening your teeth once does not mean they will stay white forever. They will gradually doll down again especially because of your diet. The good news is you can reapply the gel at home with the trays and whiten them again whenever you see fit.

Edmonton Dentist | Gradual Whitening

When you come into the tooth doctor you find an Edmonton dentist who will give you the truth about all things related to your teeth. This is an Edmonton dentist who loves to educate his clients so that they can make good decisions by having all the information they need to do so. He is also willing to give you a second opinion if you have already had a quote.

This is a dentist that cares and you can tell because even his staff are friendly and treat you like you are one of the family. When you come into this clean modern dental office you will see the latest technology being used on your teeth. Every room has its own TV to help even the most nervous patient stay calm.

When you choose this Edmonton dentist you will have access to three different locations. Two of them are in the city of Edmonton and the other is in rural Alberta. The reason the tooth doctor chose to open multiple locations and extend his hours was to make sure that everyone had access to affordable dentistry. He knows that moms and dads are busy working but still has a passion to serve the community in this way.

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One of the inquiries that the tooth doctor gets often is about teeth whitening. He wants you to know that the top ways to keep your teeth white is to have them regularly cleaned and checked at the dentist. By scaling and polishing your teeth this is one of the best ways to remove stains and keep them wider for longer. You could switch your diet to a later coloured one and avoid colourants but that is not necessary because you can always access the teeth whitening system that he has available.

In this teeth whitening system you will be given customized trays so that your teeth can be whitened evenly. The bleaching gel is the strongest you will get and is only accessible from the dentist. Always trust the professionals to help you with this area. Do not trust an online product if it promises the same.

The great thing about having the trays and gel to take home and use as you can top up your colour whenever you see fit. By colour your teeth once does not mean you never have to colour them again. Eventually your diet will dull your teeth in the future and you’ll want to whiten and brighten your smile again.

You may have even tried home remedies but had no success. This is a quite common results but even worse than that is the damage that things like sucking on lemons or using abrasive products can do to your teeth. They can eat away at the enamel leaving you with irreversible damage and a ton of sensitivity. We do not want that and that is why you should only trust professionals to whiten your teeth.