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When you come into the tooth doctor you will find a great Edmonton dentist. Dr. Peter Yoo has been servicing the city of Edmonton for over 12 years in his dentist practice. He has a love for Edmonton as he grew up here and always wanted to service the city as an Edmonton dentist. There are three locations to serve which include two in Edmonton and one in rural Alberta. All of the staff including the dentists offer personalized care. When you come into the clinic you will see the world-class facilities are readily available for use in keeping your dental health in check.

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With so many choices for an Edmonton dentist why should you come into the tooth doctor? For one thing there are many services offered and for another if you have any nerves coming into the dentist those nerves will be alleviated quickly. Dr. Yoo has a way of calming his patients from little children to aging adults. He uses humour to make the mood light and fun. This does not detract from quality care that he gives when it comes to your dental health.

One of the services that is commonly performed is our teeth whitening treatment. When our clients come in wondering about this treatment we offer up some important advice. The most important first step is having a checkup to see if there are any new or existing issues in a patient’s mouth. Before tooth whitening can be done the cavities or sensitivities must be addressed first.

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Once you have ruled out any other issues, teeth whitening may turn out to be a good option for you in whitening and brightening your smile. Some of the pros of teeth whitening is that you will probably gain confidence in the look of whiter teeth. It can lighten and even out the colour of your teeth as well. Even several shades lighter is achievable giving you a much more youthful look. Incredibly even patients with sensitive teeth can still benefit from this process.

There are some cons when it comes to teeth whitening as well. Some people do feel that their teeth become more sensitive because of the bleach. Another con is that teeth whitening cannot colour crowns or feelings and may not correct all types of discolouration. Yellow will bleach well whereas Brown does not respond as well and gray may not respond at all.

An ideal candidate for teeth whitening would be somebody who needs deep bleaching and more appointments to achieve the colour they are looking for. Edmonton dentist patients who routinely use tobacco or certain food colourants may benefit from this procedure. Essentially all people with stained teeth can opt for this service.

If you have teeth sensitivities it may be advantageous to use over-the-counter pain meds before you come in to have your teeth whitened. Always wear comfortable clothes as it may not be as quick of an appointment as you expect. Please call our office today to book your next appointment.

Edmonton Dentist | All About Teeth Whitening

Coming into the tooth doctor you will find a great Edmonton dentist. We want you to feel comfortable and calm when you visit us. We do everything we can to make you feel at ease as we know many people have a lot of nervousness when it comes to seeing the dentist. Dr. Peter Yoo has been in business for over 12 years and is the owner and operator of the tooth Doctor. He is a family man himself and loves treating patients from as young as three to as old as 93. He loves all the ages in between.

Seeing as he grew up in Edmonton it was easy for him to want to serve in Edmonton. He has opened three locations, two of them in Edmonton and one in rural Alberta. This Edmonton dentist and all the staff offer personalized care and service. They have gained the trust of many clients because they show that they truly care about your dental health. In addition to this they have a world-class facility in three locations.

One of the services that this Edmonton dentist offers is teeth whitening. Many people want whiter teeth but are unable to achieve it on their own. This is where a great dentist is an asset. First of all, what makes a good candidate for teeth whitening? A patient whose teeth are stained from tobacco or food colourants is a top candidate. Someone who needs deep bleaching to get the deep stains out also makes a great candidate. More appointments might be necessary to achieve this. Essentially most people with stained teeth make a great candidate. The best thing to do is to come in and have a consultation to find out if we can help you at the tooth Doctor.

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Some of the pros of having teeth whitening are; increased confidence, lighter and even colour, sometimes even several shades lighter, and a youthful look. Even people with sensitivities can benefit from the service says Edmonton dentist.

On the other hand some of the cons are that teeth can become more sensitive. The results are not permanent and crowns and fillings are not able to be treated. Not all types of discolouration may be treatable either. A yellow colour bleaches nicely whereas Brown does not respond as well and grey often does not respond at all to the bleaching gel. One last thing to keep in mind is that a full exam will be done first before you have whitening treatment. If any other issues arise in this exam such as cavities or sent receding gums those things need to be treated first.

If whitening is done on teeth that are not healthy it can cause high levels of sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth over-the-counter pain medications would be a great idea before you come in to have teeth whitening done. You will also want to make sure you wear comfortable clothes as this appointment may take longer than you expect.