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The tooth doctor is an Edmonton dentist who wants to help you Boost your confidence. When you come to this Edmonton dentist you will find a dentist who wants to give you your best smile. One of the best ways to do that is through teeth whitening. This Edmonton dentist wants to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible.

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One of the biggest myths when it comes to the topic of teeth whitening is that people think yellow teeth are unhealthy teeth. This is untrue as teeth have a natural yellow tint to them. It is very easy to treat this discolouration through a great system like the tooth doctor offers. The teeth are like a solid wall. Once the plaque sits on the teeth it ends up making holes. It becomes more like Swiss cheese. Once that happens the food particles and habits such as smoking can trap those particles in the holes. This causes the discolouration. It is easy to bleach and lighten this colour.

Some people look to home remedies to solve this issue of discolouration. However there can be many problems when it comes to this. If you do try some of these remedies you could actually do more damage to your teeth than you expect. Things like sucking on lemons may seem like a good idea however the acidity can cause the enamel to be eaten away.

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This will in turn cause sensitivity and irreversible damage to the teeth. This is not a good way to brighten or whiten your teeth. In fact the lemons don’t even have this effect on the teeth. Some people even look to abrasive materials to lighten their teeth but this has the same effect as lemons. It is too risky for something that doesn’t even achieve what you want.

Something else people try to do To whiten their teeth is use the over-the-counter kits that you find in a drugstore online. These kids have minimal effect on your teeth. You do see a whitening result but there are some disadvantages to these as well. Because the strips used in the kids are one-size-fits-all they do not reach all the parts of the teeth to whiten them. Many people have reported that the result they got was very spotty. This is not the look they were going for. The gel used in the kits is also very weak compared to what you would find at the dentist office.

When you come in to have your teeth whitening with the truth Dr. you get custom-made trays to fit your teeth perfectly. The gel is a much higher concentrate by up to 60 times more powerful than the ones in the kits sold in the store. As you can tell you get a much better result coming into have your teeth professionally whitened. You can also use the trays at home to top up the colour whenever you see fit.

Edmonton Dentist | Professional Whitening

At the tooth doctor we want you to feel like you found the Edmonton dentist for you. This Edmonton dentist will make you feel at home and at ease. The tooth doctor was born and raised in Edmonton and has always wanted to serve in this community. He is passionate about what he does and wants to help save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. This is the Edmonton dentist for you if that is your value too.

One of the best Things about the tooth doctor is that he wants to help you achieve your best smile. The top way to do this other than Helping you have having healthy teeth Is to help you have a Whiter and brighter smile. This is why the tooth doctor offers teeth whitening services. When you come in to see the tooth doctor to have your teeth whitened you will be surprised at how great of a result you get.

In the past you may have tried to whiten her teeth on your own but have not found a great result. This is quite common. Having your teeth white and professionally is the best method as well as safest. Some people have heard that sucking on lemons is good for your teeth and they have actually eaten away at the enamel by doing so.

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The acidity in the lemons is very damaging and irreversibly so. Best case scenario is that you will have sensitive teeth and that is not good either. Please don’t use lemons or any abrasive to whiten your teeth as it can cause damage and it doesn’t even work.

The next best thing to coming into having your teeth whitened by the dentist is using kits that you find in the drugstore online. You will get some results using these to whiten your teeth but not even near the same as having your teeth whitened through the dentist. The kits offer strips that are not customized to fit your teeth very well. This can give a spotty result when you use them. The bleaching gel in the kits is also very weak compared to what you have access to with the dentist. The bleaching gel that the dentist offers is 60 times more powerful and is only legally sold through your professional dentist.

You will always get a better result with a professional dentist white cleaning treatment. The trays that you are given are custom-made so they fit your teeth perfectly and allow for the gel to bleach all of the discolouration. This gives an overall even result and a whiter and brighter smile. You may have thought having yellow teeth was unhealthy but your teeth actually have a natural yellow tint to them. This colour is easily treated with the bleaching gel provided from the dentist. The great thing about having the kids at home as you can always top up the colour whenever you start seeing your teeth dull again.