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At the tooth doctor we are an Edmonton dentist who truly cares about the health of your teeth. When you come into see us you will be greeted warmly at the door by our wonderful staff who will check you in. This is in Edmonton dentist who treats you like your part of the family. If you are looking for a great Edmonton dentist in the Edmonton area, we have three locations for you to choose from. One on the southwest another in the Southeast and one in rural Alberta. It has always been the tooth doctor’s role to serve in the community Edmonton as he grew up here.

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You will notice the modern fixtures we have in our office where we supply a TV at every station to help distract any anxious clients we have. The tooth doctor uses a humorous and lighthearted approach as he greets his clients. This helps calm any nerves and makes it a fun visit for everyone.

There are many regular dental services that the tooth doctor provides and you can go to our website to see more information on that. There are additional services that the tooth doctor loves to sit down with you and discuss how we can help you achieve your best smile. One such service is teeth whitening.

He has found that many people believe things that are not quite truthful about teeth whitening and how it can be treated the most effectively. He has heard horror stories of whitening gone wrong. First of all teeth are naturally yellow tint. This does not mean your teeth are unhealthy is just the natural look of them. It is actually an easy colour to treat with the bleaching gel as opposed to brown or grey. Those are separate issues that need to be addressed to see what is going on.

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Laser whitening is not necessarily better for you. The at-home trays work just as well and can give a more gradual results and be safer to. When you have these trays made they are customized to your teeth so they fit perfectly and can do the job of giving an overall even whiter and brighter smile. The other great thing about this is if you are noticing your smile is getting duller you can use the trays at your convenience with the gel to top up the colour.

Once you wane your teeth white will not last forever. You will have to whiten them again if you really liked the colour that you got. Again it is great if you use teeth whitening services through the tooth doctor because you will have the at-home trays to do this at any time.

Some people have chosen to use natural remedies like sucking on lemons or abrasive materials that cause more harm than good to the teeth. This is a horrible way to treat your teeth as it causes irreversible damage and sensitivity. Plus it does not even whiten your teeth.

Edmonton Dentist | Yellow Teeth Are Not Unhealthy

As an Edmonton dentist the tooth doctor is here to serve the community. This is an Edmonton dentist who cares about the health of your teeth and wants to see you keep them for a lifetime. Sometimes your teeth may not look as good as you wished or feel as good and this is where the tooth doctor can help you. This Edmonton dentist would love to sit down with you and have a consultation to see how he can help you achieve your best smile. His motto has always been to help save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible.

He has lived up to this reputation for the 12 years he has been in business.

With three locations to choose from the tooth doctor is very accessible for families and people of all ages. He has extended hours in the evenings and on the weekends to help serve even better. When you come into the office you will see modern fixtures and the latest technology to help serve you better. Each station is equipped with a TV for even the most anxious client. The good thing about the tooth doctor is he uses a lot of humour and lighthearted approach to keep the nerves at bay we know not everybody’s comfortable coming into see the dentist but we want to make it an enjoyable experience where we become part of your family.

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In addition to our regular dental services we offer many additional ones that can help brighten your smile. One of the main ones that people inquire about is teeth whitening services. They may have yellow teeth but that does not mean there teeth are unhealthy. Teeth have a natural yellow tint to them. This is easily treatable with the bleaching gel that we have in our teeth whitening system. If you are seeing brown or grey those are different issues and and you should speak with the dentist about them as soon as possible.

Once you whiten your teeth you will not keep them white forever. It will depend on what kind of food you are eating in any habits that you have. If you clean your teeth regularly by brushing twice a day, flossing multiple times a week and using mouthwash regularly you can keep your teeth whiter for longer. But you will always see a gradual dulling effect. By having your teeth whitened at the tooth doctor you will have customizable trays to fit your teeth perfectly with a high concentrate gel that is 60 times more powerful than the kits sold in the store.

This is great because as you see your teeth getting duller you can always top up the colouring at-home. This is safe and effective. Please call our clinic or visit our website today to contact us and find out more information. We love to see how we can help you achieve your best smile.