Edmonton Dentist | Whitening is a Great Option

When you come into the Edmonton dentist the tooth doctor you will find a dentist that makes you feel at home and comfortable. What makes the tooth doctor a great Edmonton dentist is that he cares about saving your teeth for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. He uses all the resources available as well as prevention techniques. This Edmonton dentist cares about giving you your best smile.

Edmonton Dentist

Many of the techniques used are cutting edge but where the tooth doctor really shines is how he educates his patients. You become like one of the family when you see the tooth doctor for your dental needs.

Along with the regular dental services the tooth doctor also offers teeth whitening services. If you’ve always wanted to have a brighter smile this is a great place to get one. The best thing about it is it is very effective and safe to do. When you come into find out if you are a great candidate you will get a checkup to see how healthy your teeth are. This is where the tooth doctor will make sure there are no other underlying issues with your teeth. If there is a cavity or other issues going on those will be addressed first as this is the safest way to proceed.

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Even people with sensitive teeth can still have their teeth cleaned safely. This is why it is recommended to always use a professional dentist to have a whitening treatment done. Some people try to whiten their teeth on their own but have damaging and ineffective results. Such things as sucking on lemons to whiten your teeth Or using abrasive products is not recommended and can actually cause irreversible damage. The acidity in these products or materials can cause the enamel to be eaten away. This will cause sensitivity as well.

One of the things that people don’t realize is that even if you do what your teeth you will have to whiten them again if you liked the result that you got. Whitening your teeth does not last forever as your teeth will gradually dull down again especially because of your diet. When you have your teeth whitened by a professional dentist you will be given custom-made trays with the most powerful gel available to bleach your teeth. As soon as you see that your teeth are dolling down you can top up the colour by applying more gel at home on your own. This is the biggest advantage to Having a professional dentist whiten your teeth.

You may think that a kit or toothpastes can whiten your teeth just as good but you would be surprised how much better of a result you get enlisting the help of a professional dentist. As mentioned before the trays you get from the dentist are custom-made so they fit your teeth perfectly. The gel that is used is 60 times more powerful and is only available through a professional dentist. The trays combined with the gel reached all of the discolouration on your teeth and give an overall more even result.

Edmonton Dentist | Laser Whitening Isn’t Better

Coming to the tooth doctor you will find an Edmonton dentist who cares about your teeth just as much or more than you do. This Edmonton dentist wants to help save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. Not only does the tooth doctor provide general dentist services he provides many additional ones as well. If you’re looking to have your teeth whitening this is an Edmonton dentist that can really help.

Many people think that having yellow teeth means your teeth are unhealthy. This is not true because your teeth have a natural yellow tint to them. This colour is easily treatable with the bleaching gel that you will find through a professional dentist. If your teeth are brown or grey those are different matters and need to be assessed by your dentist.

One advantage to coming in to have your teeth professionally whitened is your dentist like the tooth doctor will assess and do an exam on all your dental health. If there are other issues going on those will be fixed first and any whitening service would be done after that. If there are cavities or other sensitivities going on, whitening can make your teeth even more sensitive.

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Some people try to whiten their teeth using natural remedies like sucking on lemons or using abrasive products. We strongly suggest you never attempt to do this. These methods have high acidity and can be very damaging to your teeth. This damage is irreversible and causes even more sensitivity. The acidity in them can eat away at the enamel and that is not reversible. Not only that but natural remedies don’t actually whiten your teeth.

If you have thought about using the over the counter kits there are some things you should keep in mind as well. These kits can give somewhat of a good result when trying to whiten your teeth. However the results are very weak compared to using the treatments from your professional dentist. The kits have strips that are not customized to fit your teeth and therefore give a spotty result. The gel used is not as strong as the gel you would get through the dentist. The only way to access customized trays and 60 times more powerful gel solution is to enlist the help of your dentist for treatment..

Another great thing about having a treatment to whiten your teeth through the dentist is that you get these custom trays along with the gel that can be taken home and used again and again. Every time you notice your smile becoming dull or you can top it up at home to achieve a Whiter, brighter result. As you know once you whiten your teeth they won’t stay white forever because as you consume the diet you’re used to it will again discolour your teeth. So it’s nice to have access whenever you see fit to whiten your teeth.