Edmonton Dentist | Why To Use the Dentist for Whitening

With so many choices for an Edmonton dentist why should you choose the tooth doctor? Let me share with you some of the main reasons. We have three locations to serve you. Two of them are in Edmonton and one is in rural Alberta. We have trusting dentists and staff that help give you personalized care and services. The Tooth Dr. is owned and operated by Dr. Peter Yoo. This Edmonton dentist has been in practice for over 12 years and has a love for the city of Edmonton. Having grown up in Edmonton himself, he always knew he wanted to serve in Edmonton.

Edmonton Dentist

He truly is patient and cares about every person who sits in his chair from first time visitors including three-year-olds all the way up to 90-year-olds. He offers a world-class facility and all the services you could think of to help you with the health of your teeth.

One of the main services that this Edmonton dentist offers is teeth whitening. If you have always wanted to whiten and brighten your smile this is where you will want to sit down with Dr. Yoo and discuss your options. Some of the things he will probably say to you are that food is a culprit in staining your teeth. He will also tell you that you do not need to stop enjoying the foods that you love.

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The wall of the tooth is like a solid space until plaque sits on it and causes holes to be formed. Once those holes are there any foods or liquids you ingest get trapped in them. This is what causes the discolouration. If you have tried to whiten your teeth yourself using whitening toothpastes or over-the-counter whitening kits you may already know that it is a difficult task on your own. Many of our clients come in after having tried this. Some things you should know are that the over-the-counter kits have a low concentration bleach compared to the one that our Edmonton dentist uses.

At the tooth doctor we also make you customized trays that fit your teeth so that the bleaching gel reaches all the places where the discolouration is happening. This will give you an all over solid whitening effect. As opposed to the over-the-counter kits that can make your teeth look patchy after use.

One more reason to come to the tooth Doctor is to make sure all of your teeth and mouth are healthy before you have a whitening service done. If you have any tooth decay or sensitivities this is when we will address those issues first. Once your mouth is healthy this is the time to consider having your teeth whitened.

We want to help you achieve your best smile whilst keeping as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. We always keep this goal in mind. If you want the best dental services in the city of Edmonton choose the tooth Doctor.

Edmonton Dentist | Who Is The Ideal Candidate

When you visit the tooth doctor you will see right away that you have made the best choice for an Edmonton dentist. We have three locations to serve you, two in Edmonton and one in rural Alberta. Our staff and dentists are second to none in their professionalism, personalized care and trustworthiness. Our facilities are world-class. You will find that our founding dentist, Dr. Peter Yoo, cares about each person who comes in to have their dental health taken care of.

He is very patient and uses humour to ease the mood. He himself is a family man who loves kids and has been in practice for over 12 years in the city of Edmonton. Having been born and raised here he has a love for the city.

Our Edmonton dentist wants to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible. The other side of that coin is having his patients achieve their best smile and enjoy what they see in the mirror. One of the areas that he offers services in is teeth whitening. He knows that having healthy mouth is a beautiful thing but having a beautiful mouth is a healthy thing too. If you have taken care of your teeth by brushing them and flossing them regularly yet you still do not care for the yellow or discoloured look they have, then it is time to come and see the Edmonton dentist.

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Teeth are a solid wall but once plaque sits on them it creates holes in the teeth. If you eat foods that are colourful or you are a smoker the teeth holes trap those particles creating the discolouration. Brushing your teeth regularly and flossing as well as using mouthwash does eliminate a lot of the discolouration that sometimes it is necessary to take it a step further. This is where you will want to come in and have our dentist whiten your teeth.

You can choose over-the-counter kits but there are not as effective as the custom trays and the higher concentration of bleach that we use at Edmonton dentist. some people have even complained that the over-the-counter kits leave a patchy look when completed. This is due to the fact that the strips cannot reach all of the places where the discolouration is happening on your tooth because of these holes. The custom trays we give our clients along with the higher concentrated bleach helps reach those places. The overall results are a much cleaner and brighter look.

An ideal candidate for the tooth whitening service would be somebody who has teeth stained from tobacco and food colourants. An individual who has deep stains would benefit from the deep bleaching we offer as well. Essentially all people who have stained teeth can opt for this service. We would love to help make your smile whiter and brighter giving you the confidence you desire. If you want the best dental services you have found the right place.