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There are so many questions that people have for their Ellerslie dentist. From questions about their child’s dental care. To wondering about dental x-rays. And even the best oral hygiene routine.
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There is no such thing as a bad question. Only someone who does not ask. What they want to know the answer to. According to the most recent Canadian health measures survey. 74% of Canadians have been to the dentist in the last year.

However, many of these who been to the dentist once. Do not realize that they should be going twice. Once for a checkup, and once for cleaning. There are many different things. That people have been told through the years.

Which means there is a good reason. For people to be confused. About various dental procedures. As well as best practices. One of the most common questions that Ellerslie dentist does gas.

When people finally get into the office for their checkup. Is wondering how they can make their teeth whiter. White teeth are often seen as stylish. And many people do not like their teeth.

That is not as bright white as they could be Ellerslie dentist. While teeth that are off colour. Are not indicated of a problem. It simply is what is in fashion at the time. Therefore, they want to know. How they can look as healthy.

With a bright white smile. They may have already tried. Many different whitening products. Such as over-the-counter whitening toothpaste. Or over-the-counter whitening strips.

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The problem with this type of product. That since the dentist is not overseeing the use of it. It is only able to whiten. To have a shade or one shade. Brighter than what they originally have.

As well, Ellerslie dentist says that if people are still drinking coffee, tea. Or drinking red wine. They are more likely going to be causing their teeth. To be discoloured, as they are whitening it.

Which means they may not see much of a difference. If a difference at all. Which is why they will ask their Ellerslie dentist. When they come in for their appointment.

The products that dentist can use, can guarantee. A whiter Shade, up to five shades. However, if people have sensitive teeth. This may not be the best option. Since it can cause some sensitivity during the whitening process.

Therefore, the next solution is bonding. Which uses a translucent, fatty material. That is applied in a very thin layer across the teeth.

Not only is this a protective layer. But it also can whiten the teeth. By adding the opaque colour of white. To the fatty solution. This bonding is non-invasive. But it is also not permanent.

Therefore, people will have to keep coming back. To their dentist every few years. To have it reapplied. If bonding is not a great option, they also can use veneers. Which they can simply choose.

The level of white they want. However, many people are not a fan of veneers. Simply because it option. That is a little bit more invasive than many people would want to get.

Ellerslie Dentist | 2 Best Dental Questions Patients Want To Know

When parents are planning to have children says Ellerslie dentist. They start thinking about the needs of their little ones. Even before the mother gives birth. They are already thinking. About how to care for their children’s teeth.

One of the most common questions from expectant mothers. Is wondering when their child’s first tooth. Is going to make an appearance. This is a question that does not necessarily have a direct answer.

Children can get their first tooth. Typically anywhere between birth and a year of age. While it is not incredibly common. For children to be born with teeth. It is also not unheard of as well.

It is also not uncommon. For children to have no teeth. Until they are a year old. So, rather than worrying about it. If parents have discovered. That their child does not have any teeth.

By the time they are a year old. They are encouraged to bring them in. To Ellerslie dentist for a checkup. They can get an x-ray in order to find out. What is going on with their first set of teeth.

And when the parents can expect their teeth to show up. Another question parents have. Is wondering when their child’s. First dental appointment should be. Again, this is a little bit of a range.

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Typically, when the child is able to open their mouth on request. And hold it open. Is a good indication that they are ready for a dental checkup. However, if they do not have a tooth at this point.

And parents can simply wait. Usually, by the time the child has a tooth. And can open their mouth. And hold it open on command, they are generally between the ages. Of 6 to 12 months.

However, not all children progress. At the same time. And parents should not be concerned. If this happens sooner or later. They can always bring their child in to Ellerslie dentist.

In order to get a checkup, to make sure everything. Is proceeding the way it should for them. Another question that parents want to know the answer to. When it comes to their children. Is wondering when their child.

Is going to lose their baby teeth. Ellerslie dentist says this is another question. That gives a range of dates as the answer. Because they might have a year difference. Clean when they first develop their teeth.

Children might start losing their teeth anywhere between five and seven. Although it is most often around the age of six. They will be done losing their teeth. Around twelve years of age.

But again, depending on when they first got their teeth. That might be between eleven and thirteen years. Ultimately, if parents have any questions, they are welcome to set up a consultation.

With the tooth doctor. So that they can get all of the burning answers to their questions. The Tooth Doctor invites you to make an appointment and anyone of their locations today.