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When people visit their Ellerslie dentist on one of their two annual visits. They often have many questions. That they feel sheepish, or embarrassed task. However, no question is a bad question.
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Especially because as dental practices evolve. Then best practices change. For example, it was once considered. Best practices for people to brush their teeth. Immediately after eating.

However, that is not considered correct anymore. Because dentists have found Ellerslie dentist. That people are brushing away the protective layer of enamel. That protects their teeth against tooth decay.

Therefore, not only should people only brush twice a day. Instead of three times. They should brush their teeth. Two hours after they eat. To protect their teeth in the meantime.

People are asked to drink a glass of water. Or at least once their mouth out. So the food particles that are in their mouth. Do not settle on their teeth. And because the bacteria to start the process of tooth decay.

Another thing that people should keep in mind. Is that when they do brush their teeth, it is with a soft bristled brush. Because hard bristles can erode the enamel as well. This is not something that people.

While doing, therefore it is something that has changed. And people may not know about it says Ellerslie dentist. This is why they should instead, ask any questions that they feel. They do not have the answer to.

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And not worry if they do not know the correct answer right away. One of the most important and common question. That a dentist receives from patients. Is wondering if they should get dental x-rays.

They might be concerned with the cost. Especially if they do not have dental insurance. Or they might be concerned with the radiation. However, they should still get the x-rays.

Because x-rays are great preventative medicine. To help fix problems when they are small. And easy, as well as inexpensive to fix. Rather than waiting. Until the problem is visible to the naked eye. Which will not only be more painful.

But will cause a patient. To have to go through much more extensive. And expensive process to fix. When it comes to radiation, Ellerslie dentist wants to put people’s minds at ease.

Not only do x-ray machine. that dentists use. Put off such a low amount of radiation. But Ellerslie dentist has also switched. To a digital x-ray machine. That puts out fraction of the radiation. That old x-ray machine. used to.

The next thing that patients should know. Is that if they are on a commercial flight. From Vancouver to Edmonton. Or if they are using their cell phone. As a phone, with it pressed up to their head.

They will be exposed to more radiation. Then getting a dental x-ray. Radiation is everywhere. And there are safe levels, dental x-rays are considered. Well within those safe radiation.levels.

Therefore, there is no reason for people to be concerned about dental x-rays. But if they skip getting this done. They will definitely wish they had gotten them earlier. If they have a bigger problem later on.

Ellerslie Dentist | 2 Best Questions Dentists Get

Ellerslie dentist says they get questions. All the time, from people wanting to know. How to take the best care of their teeth. They want to avoid getting tooth decay and gingivitis. And take steps to ensure.

That they can have the best oral hygiene routine. One of the most common questions that a dentist gets from patients. Is wondering the best way they can prevent. Developing tooth decay and gingivitis in their mouth.

Ultimately, it goes back to good oral hygiene. While people use do brush three times a day. And mouthwash was not considered essential. It is now very different, what people are recommended.

For example, people should brush twice a day. With a soft bristled brush. And will they brush, ensure that they are brushing on the gums. The amount of time that they should brush for is two minutes.

And only brush after one or two hours after. They have eaten food. The reason why the two hour time limit is important. Is because many foods. Because the enamel on a person’s tooth to soften.

Foods with vinegar, foods with citric acid. As well as food that is processed. Is well-known for making the enamel on the teeth soft. It takes about two hours for the enamel to harden backup. And if people brush their teeth too quickly.

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After eating, they may find that their teeth. Will lose that enamel. That protect their teeth. They may start getting sensitive teeth. Or, find that they are getting cavities more easily.

When it comes to what type of toothpaste they should use. Ellerslie dentist says there is no best choice. All of the brands that are out there. And all of the types, are equally as good.

But the same cannot be said for mouthwash. Mouthwash is vital to the oral hygiene routine. However, patients should avoid using any mouthwash. That has an alcohol content. The simple reason for this Ellerslie dentist.

Is because the alcohol will dry out their mouth. And melds that are dryer have a tendency. To develop cavities more significantly. Therefore, finding any mouthwash. Without alcohol is their best bet.

They should get into the habit of using mouthwash. After every time they brush. Because it will get rid of the bacteria. That causes tooth decay. That lives on the soft surfaces of the patient’s mouth, such as tongue and cheeks.

The bacteria can definitely transfer. Back onto the patient’s teeth. Once they close their mouth after brushing. It is why mouthwash is so important. Finally, Ellerslie dentist recommends. To floss at the end of each day.

The amount of surface area. In between a person’s teeth represents. 40% of the overall surface area of their teeth. By failing to floss. People are failing to recognize. And care for a significant amount of their teeth.

When people are ready to take great care of their teeth. Ellerslie dentist is waiting at the tooth doctor. For your appointment, call or email to book today.