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While going to Ellerslie dentist may cause some people to become anxious. And is not necessarily the most popular activity. It is a good idea. For people to go, not just every year. But twice a year as well.
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According to the most recent Canadian health measures survey. 74% of Canadians have been to the dentist. But only once, in the last year. While this is a good start, it is not enough.

To protect people’s teeth. From tooth decay, cavities and gingivitis. This is often difficult, because many insurance companies. Only pay for one visit a year. Or, every nine months. Which leads many people to believe.

That they do not need to visit the dentist. More than once a year. In fact, since dental coverage. Was removed from universal healthcare back in the fifties. It has prevented a lot of people. From going to the dentist at all.

However, going to the dentist is an extremely important thing to do. So that people can get their teeth cleaned. To eliminate the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis. As well as get the health of their mouth and teeth looked at.

According to another survey, 75% of all adults have gingivitis. Therefore, it stands to say. That if 74% of Canadians have been to the dentist in the last year, but only once. And 75% of adults have gingivitis.

Going to the dentist wants is not enough. To prevent gingivitis from happening. One of the most common reasons why gingivitis happens. Is because tartar buildup is left below the gum line.

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The matter how effectively people are brushing their teeth says Ellerslie dentist. Tartar buildup will happen below the gum line. If people are not going to their dentist for professional cleaning.

The gums become irritated. For being so close to the bacteria in the tartar buildup. And get inflamed, start to bleed. And then, start to reseed. Gingivitis, if left untreated.

Turns into more serious condition called periodontal disease. That while it can be stopped. The damage from this disease. Cannot be reversed. Which is why it is very important. For people to be aware.

Of the importance of getting a professional cleaning. Therefore, even if people are visiting the dentist once a year. Gingivitis can still happen. Because it takes approximately six months. For the tartar buildup to develop.

That will lead to gingivitis. This is why people visit their Ellerslie dentist. Every six months, they can prevent not only gingivitis. But tooth decay and cavities as well. In fact, many people who complain.

About tooth sensitivity. Will find out that the reason why their teeth are sensitive. Is because they have gingivitis. And no amount of using desensitizing toothpaste. Will fix it. They can go to their dentist.

In order to get their teeth cleaned. And by keeping their teeth cleaned. They can stop gingivitis from happening. And have overall clean teeth, and gums. And no gingivitis at all says Ellerslie dentist.

Ellerslie Dentist | To Great Dental Habits For You

There are many reasons why people do not want to go to their Ellerslie dentist. From not being able to afford it. To not realizing they should go twice a year, or even every year. And being phobic.

However, if they want to have. Clean mouth, and healthy teeth. It is a good idea that they get into the habit. This is why most dentists recommend. People bringing their child in. For their first examination.

Within the first year of their life. As long as they have teeth that is. So that they can start developing. A great relationship with their dentist, and the child. If the child does not learn to be scared of the dentist.

They will not fear going to the dentist later in life. As well, the more often people go to their Ellerslie dentist. The more questions they can ask. Such as how can they make their teeth whiter?

This is a common question that people have. Because it is very popular. For people to have whiter teeth. It is a bit of a fashion statement. And although wait teeth do not indicate health, many people are very self-conscious

If their smile is less than white. However, if people have tried using. Over-the-counter products, such as whitening toothpaste. Or whitening strips Ellerslie dentist. May be very disappointed with the results.

The reason is because over-the-counter products. That are used without a dentists supervision. Are not going to be enough to whiten a person’s teeth very much. They will usually only contain enough whitening solution.

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To whiten a person’s teeth. One shade whiter. Especially if they are still eating and drinking the food. That causes their teeth to become discoloured. Such as coffee, tea and red wine for example.

They may find that the teeth are not getting any whiter. But that is because they are simply preventing teeth. From getting more discoloured in the meantime. Therefore, whether people have tried.

Whitening their teeth for only a few months, or years. When they visit our Ellerslie dentist they often want to know. What they can do to get better results. The whitening products that dentists use are better.

Because they are used under the guidance and supervision. Of Ellerslie dentist. And therefore, can lighten a person’s shade of teeth. Five shades whiter. The most popular way to whiten teeth.

Is with a customized whitening kit. Where dentist will take an impression of the patient’s top and bottom teeth. And make a trade that will fit their teeth exactly. And then send them home.

With a bleach solution. To get the results that they desire. While this is the most popular. People who already have sensitive teeth. May steer clear of this option. Because bleach can cause some sensitivity.

There is bonding, as well as veneers. However, if people are interested in learning. About these forms of tooth whitening. The best thing to do. Would be to come into the office, and talk directly to the tooth doctor. At the same time they get an exam and dental cleaning done.