Ellerslie Dentist | 2 Important Questions For Dentists

People should consider the advice of their Ellerslie dentist. And visit the dentist twice a year. Despite the fact that a study done by the Canadian health measures. Indicates that 74% of Canadians have visited the dentist last year.
Ellerslie Dentist

In actual reality, they should be visiting the dentist. Twice a year, in order to have healthy smiles. Seeing a dentist every six months. Is considered best practices. However, they do not need to get a checkup each time.

The first visit that they have in the year. Will include the checkup. Including x-rays. So that the dentist can check on the health of the teeth and mouth. Seeing if there is any tooth decay, gingivitis. Or cavities that need to be fixed.

They will check to make sure there is no tooth that needs to be pulled. Or no sign of oral cancer for example. After they give a complete checkup. And ensure the health of the patient’s mouth.

The dental hygienist from Ellerslie dentist will take over next. Cleaning the patient’s teeth. This is of vital part of the visit, because no matter how effective. People are brushing their teeth.

Plaque is incredibly sticky. And will accumulate, even if people are brushing twice a day. And using mouthwash. As well, plaque will buildup below the gum line. Where it is virtually impossible for a toothbrush to reach.

And if people try to brush away the plaque. By brushing more often, more vigourously. Or even using a harder bristled brush. They can actually damage their teeth. By brushing away. The protective layer of enamel on the teeth.

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This is why it is very important for people to come in. To the dentist, if they want to prevent tooth decay. As well as gingivitis. Gingivitis is formed when plaque builds up below the gum line.

And is not removed by a professional. It is not an indication that people are not careful with their teeth. Like many people think, causing them to have a lot of shame about this dental disease.

Another reason why people should be coming in for a dental cleaning at their Ellerslie dentist. Is because over time, the plaque will harden. And become even harder to get rid of. This is often referred to as calculus.

And can be damaging to the teeth. As well as promote tooth decay. However, while at their first visit to their dentist in a year. They will have a checkup and cleaning. Patients should come back six months later.

And get another cleaning. Because that is approximately how long it takes. For the plaque buildup to accumulate once more. Requiring a cleaning to get it removed. If people are only coming in once a year.

Their teeth are left susceptible to tooth decay and gingivitis. And fixing problems. Is a lot more expensive and time-consuming. Then preventing them in the first place. Canadians should do themselves a favour.

In visit the tooth doctor, at any of their locations. Including Ellerslie, Tofield and Capilano.

Ellerslie Dentist | 2 Important Questions Patients Have For Dentists

When people make their Ellerslie dentist appointment. They may have any different burning questions. They may feel as though they should know the answer to these questions already.

And feel a bit of shame. When it comes to asking the questions that they have. However, Ellerslie dentist does not believe in a bad question. Especially because best dental practices.

Not only have changed recently. But likely have changed. Since a person was a child. And therefore, by asking questions. They know what is currently the best information. And not was once considered good information.

A common question that they get. Especially from people who have not visited their Ellerslie dentist in a few years. Is what is the best oral hygiene routine. They often want to know how they can eliminate.

The risk of tooth decay and gingivitis. By coming in for as few dental appointments as possible. And while a great oral hygiene routine is imperative. To the overall health of their teeth.

There is not a single thing they can do Ellerslie dentist. That replaces a good dental checkup. Plaque buildup will happen, no matter how well he brush their teeth. Which puts people at risk for tooth decay and gingivitis.

Therefore, a good oral hygiene routine. Coupled with twice yearly visits to Ellerslie dentist. Will be the best approach to having healthy smile. And preventing problems with their teeth and mouth.

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The recommendation from the tooth doctor is to brush their teeth. Twice a day, but not directly after eating. As many foods can soften the enamel. And brushing immediately after eating.

Can brush the enamel away. Therefore, they should drink a tall glass of water. To rinse their mouth. And prevent bacteria from settling in on the teeth. Washing away as much bacteria as possible.

And then, approximately two hours later. Should brush their teeth. Should always be using a soft bristled toothbrush. As a hard bristled brush can brush away the enamel as well.

People should also be using mouthwash. After every single time they brush. Because mouthwash can help get rid of. The bacteria that lives on the soft tissues of the mouth. Such as the gums, inside cheeks and tongue.

The mouthwash that they use is important as well. It should not have any alcohol in it. Simply because alcohol is drying. And dry mouth can lead to more cavities.

However, they can have their choice of whatever toothpaste they like best. There is no bad toothpaste on the market. Finally, the last piece of a good oral hygiene routine says Ellerslie dentist. Is remembering to floss. At least once a day.

The surface area in between teeth. Represent 40%, almost half. Of all of the surface area of teeth in the patient’s mouth. Therefore, if they do not floss their teeth. They are ignoring a significant portion of their teeth.

As well, healthy diet. And avoiding eating food before bed. Can help people have a beautiful, as well as healthy smile.