Ellerslie Dentist | 3 Best Dental Habits

When people visit their Ellerslie dentist, once or twice a year. They often have a lot of questions. However, one of the first things that most dentists want patients to know about.
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Is importance of visiting the dentist twice a year. The first visit is typically a checkup. To ensure the health of the overall patient’s mouth. As well as check individual teeth, for signs of tooth decay. Cavities and gingivitis.

Then, the dental hygienist will clean the teeth. Removing the tartar and plaque buildup. That not only cause bad breath. But also promote tooth decay and gingivitis as well.

The reason why people should come back at six months later to their Ellerslie dentist. Is quite simple, the tartar buildup. Takes about six months to accumulate.

And if people do not get a professional cleaning. Approximately every six months. They will usually end up having cavities. Tooth decay, or gingivitis. That did not have to happen.

However, regardless of how many times people visit their Ellerslie dentist. They all want to know. The best way that they can prevent tooth decay and gingivitis on their own.

There are many different ways that people can help. Themselves have the healthiest smile and teeth. And it ultimately goes back to good oral hygiene. One of the first things that people should get.

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As a soft bristled toothbrush. Hard bristles not only can damage the gums. But also can erode the enamel from the teeth. The sooner people can use a soft bristled brush, the better.

Next, they should get into the habit. Of brushing twice a day for optimum results. Many people may have been told going up. That they should brush their teeth. Three times a day but this is not correct.

It was once considered best hygiene practices. To brush immediately after eating. And since most people eat three meals, they should brush. After each meal as well however, studies have now shown.

As well as dental research that brushing immediately after eating. Often causes enamel.erosion. A lot of the foods that we eat. Are high in acidic content. Therefore, the acid softens the enamel.

And brushing too quickly after eating. Dan eroded that enamel away. Any foods that have a lot of acidic content. Can be a culprit in softening a person’s enamel. While many people know.

That foods such as soft drinks, citrus fruits and vinegars. Are high in acid, and care should be taken. Not to brush your teeth. Within a couple of hours of consuming these foods. Other foods, are less known for their acidic content.

Such as pineapples and tomatoes as well as Kiwis. Therefore, Ellerslie dentist recommends. Just waiting for two hours. Before brushing to be safe. If they are wondering about type of toothpaste.

The tooth doctor says there is no best kind. As long as it has been approved by the Canadian dental Association. Which will have clear markings on the box. For more dental hygiene tips. And for checkups and cleanings. People can visit the tooth doctor, and any of their three convenient locations.

Ellerslie Dentist | 3 Best Dental Habits For You

Many people are interested in learning best oral hygiene habits says Ellerslie dentist. They want to ensure that the time that they are taking. To brush their teeth, and care for their oral hygiene. Is doing the best. To get great results.

While many people think of oral hygiene in terms of rushing, and flossing. Ellerslie dentist wants people to think about oral hygiene. Including what types of food people consume and when.

A great diet is imperative. To oral health, such as avoiding sugar whenever possible. And when people do decide to eat sugar. It is always a good idea. To drink a glass of water afterwards.

To wash away as much of the sugar. That can start causing tooth decay on their teeth. As well, having crunchy fruits and vegetables. Is great for people’s teeth. Because it can act as a bit of a cleaning agent.

Scraping off plaque or tartar buildup. As people are eating. And another tip that a dentist wants people to know about. Is they should avoid eating food before bed. While maybe people have been told that eating before bed.

Causes nightmares, or indigestion and acid reflux. The reason why dentists suggest. Not eating before bed, is because even if people wince their mouth. And brush their teeth, food and bacteria can remain.

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The food and bacteria can land on a person’s teeth, gums and cheek. Where it can transfer onto the teeth, where bacteria. Can get to work on causing tooth decay for the person.

Therefore, if people can avoid eating. Within two hours before bed. Ellerslie dentist says that will reduce significantly. The tooth decay that they will generally get. However, it is also important.

That people are brushing their teeth correctly. With a soft bristled brush, they should brush. Not just on their teeth, but on their gums as well. Not only to promote blood stimulation within the gums.

But because it will get rid of. As much tartar buildup below the gum line as possible. This is exactly what causes gingivitis. And a reason why people should use a soft bristled brush. Instead of a hard one.

They should brush for approximately two minutes, whenever they do brush. And follow it up with mouthwash. The reason why mouthwash is so important, is because it gets rid of the bacteria. On the gums, tongue and cheeks.

Where if people do not use mouthwash. The bacteria that is on the soft areas of the mouth. Can transfer back onto the teeth. And promote tooth decay. Finally, when they do purchase mouthwash Ellerslie dentist recommends.

Finding a mouthwash that does not have any alcohol. Alcohol is a drying agent. And having that in the mouth, can lead to a drier mouth than normal. Which actually can promote the growth of cavities in the mouth. Lastly, they should use floss.

In order to have the best oral hygiene routine. For more questions, or for a checkup. The tooth doctor is waiting for you to call.