Ellerslie Dentist | 3 Best Dental Questions

Even though many people visit the dentist once a year says Ellerslie dentist. Which is according to the most recent Canadian health measures survey. That is not necessarily enough.
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People who are only visiting the dentist once a year. Are not removing all of the sticky plaque or tartar buildup. On their teeth, that can lead to tooth decay, cavities and gingivitis.

Therefore, one of the most common questions. That dentist gets. When they are visiting their dentist for the first time that year. Is what they can do, to improve their oral hygiene. And be less susceptible to cavities.

The answer is very simple. Make a second appointment per year to the dentist. And they will get a second cleaning, by the dental hygienist. That will remove the sticky tartar buildup. Especially in between teeth.

As well as below the gum lines. No matter how effectively a person is brushing their teeth. They are not going to be able to remove. All of the tartar buildup. Which can lead to in addition to bad breath.

Tooth decay, cavities and gingivitis. Even if someone tries to brush their teeth better. They will typically over brush their teeth. Which not only can lead to enamel erosion on their teeth.

But it can also lead to damaged gums. Which will then have to be repaired, by a skin graft. This is painful, and takes time to heal. Which is why people should want to avoid this.

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Therefore, it is very important that when people. Want to know how they can avoid tooth decay better. The first thing that they should do is ensure. That they are visiting their Ellerslie dentist twice a year.

The second question that people often have. Is what is the best oral hygiene routine that people can engage in. There are many things that people can do. Including brushing, flossing and using mouthwash.

But it also starts with good diet. People should avoid sugar whenever possible. Or at least, avoid processed foods. That are high in a lot of the chemicals. That can impact the health of their teeth.

As well, avoiding food right before bed. Means that there are no food particles. Or bacteria in their saliva. That can land on their teeth, and start tooth decay or cavities. The sooner people can adhere to these things.

The more likely there going to have healthier teeth. However, when it comes to a great oral hygiene routine. They should brush twice a day, two hours after eating. And use mouthwash after each time they brush.

The toothpaste type does not matter, but the mouthwash should be alcohol free. They should also ensure that they are flossing their teeth. Because the area in between their teeth represents.

40% of the entire surface area of all of their teeth put together. When people do that, plus visit their Ellerslie dentist twice a year. They will be more likely to prevent tooth decay as well as gingivitis. And have a healthy, clean smile for years to come.

Ellerslie Dentist | 3 Best Dental Questions

No matter what we were told growing up says Ellerslie dentist. Dental standards change on a regular basis. Therefore, people should not feel shy or ashamed. To ask their dentist. A lot of the burning questions they have.

One of the common questions people have. When they visit their dentist. For their annual checkup, is why should they get dental x-rays? There are many reasons why people are nervous about getting x-rays.

Starting with the fact that they are concerned with radiation. Everyone knows that radiation is dangerous. However, not only do dental x-ray machines. Give off a minute amount of radiation.

The digital x-ray machines that Ellerslie dentist use. Give off even less radiation than the standard x-ray machines. That were once used says Ellerslie dentist. As well, they are very careful to not only have a Geiger counter in office.

That measures safe levels of radiation. But they also have active bibs made of iron. That they can place over the patient. To protect them from any of the radiation waves they may experience.

In addition to that, Ellerslie dentist wants to point out. That radiation exists in many products. And people will be exposed to more radiation from their cell phone. Or on a short commercial air flight.

Therefore, getting one set of dental x-rays. Once a year, is not going to cause them. To have their health put at risk. However, the second reason why people are concerned with dental x-rays according to Ellerslie dentist.

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Is because they are nervous about the cost. While a lot of Canadians have dental insurance. It is no longer considered part of universal healthcare. And so people without insurance.

Will have to pay out-of-pocket for the entire visit. Including the x-rays. However, if saving money is the concern says Ellerslie dentist. They should definitely get the x-rays.

Because as a preventative measure, it is one of the most effective methods. Dentist will be able to see problems. When they are small and easy. Not to mention inexpensive to fix. Whether it is things like overcrowding.

Teeth that are starting to lean, or cavities that are forming. In between teeth. Or below the gum line. Therefore, if people truly want to save money. They will get the x-rays. Since fixing a larger dental problem.

Several years into the future. When the problem is causing pain. Will be not only more expensive. But more invasive, and probably more uncomfortable as well. People should definitely agree to get the dental x-rays at their annual checkup.

People may have a wide variety of other questions. Such as how they can make their teeth whiter. How they can fix their sensitive teeth. And when their child’s first dental visit should be. Regardless of what questions they have.

They can I was schedule either a consultation. Or an appointment with the tooth doctor, at any of their three convenient locations. In order to not only get their teeth checked and cleaned. But find out all of the important answers to their burning questions.