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While caring for your teeth may seem simple says Ellerslie dentist. There are many nuances that can ensure. That people are taking extremely good care of their teeth. And what may seem like a great idea. That actually is not.
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For example, 74% of Canadians. Have visited the dentist once in the last year. And this is according to the most recent Canadian health measures survey. However, while that may sound like a positive statistic.

Most Canadians do not realize. That they should be seeing the dentist twice a year. Therefore, this statistic is not as positive as it seems. People should be visiting twice, once for a cleaning and checkup.

And the second time, for another cleaning. Professional cleanings are extremely important. Because they can help remove the tartar buildup and plaque. That can cause tooth decay and gingivitis.

Something else that Ellerslie dentist says many people may not know. Is that brushing alone. Is unable to remove hundred percent of the tartar buildup on their teeth. This makes the second dental visit, vital.

Something else that many people think they are doing well. That is no longer considered to be best practices. Is when people say they brush their teeth three times a day.

They say they brush their teeth, immediately after eating. And think that they are doing their teeth a favour. While this was once widely accepted. As the best way to take care of the teeth in your mouth.

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Ellerslie dentist says as we learn more. About the teeth, and about caring for teeth. We find out that what we used to do. Is no longer best practices. They recommend people only brush their teeth twice a day.

And to wait one or two hours after eating. In order to brush the teeth. People who are concerned about the tooth decay in the meantime. Are instructed to rinse their mouth out with water. Or simply drink a large glass of water.

In order to get rid of a loss of the bacteria. That can cause tooth decay before they brush. And then, when they do brush, brush for two minutes. With a soft bristled brush.

Another reason why they should be brushing two hours after eating. Is quite simply, because they might have eaten a meal. That is high in acid. That will soften the patient’s enamel on their teeth.

Making it even easier to brush the enamel away. The enamel will harden backup, after about one or two hours. This is why people should not brush immediately after eating.

The types of foods that contain the acid. That will soften the enamel includes vinegar, citric acid. And processed foods. As well as foods that people may not consider to be exceptionally acidic, like tomatoes or tomato sauce.

By following this advice from their Ellerslie dentist. Patients can ensure that they are taking best care of their teeth possible. So that they are going to be more likely to have a brilliant smile for their entire life.

Ellerslie Dentist | 3 Important Questions For Your Dentist

Whether people are starting to take care of their teeth for the first time says Ellerslie dentist. Or if they have been caring for their teeth for many years. They may have a wide variety of questions.

No matter what age, people should not feel ashamed. To ask the questions that will help them. Take best care of their teeth. One of the most common questions that people will have.

Is from people wondering why their teeth are so sensitive. Sensitive teeth can be caused by many different things. And how to fix it will depend on Ellerslie dentist. What is causing the sensitivity in the first place.

One of the most common reasons. Why people have sensitive teeth. Is because of gingivitis. Gingivitis is caused by tartar buildup. That forms below the gum line. The plaque is sticky and full of bacteria, and is irritating.

The gums, as a result become inflamed. From the irritation of the bacteria. There gums may start to bleed when they brush their teeth. And because their teeth are inflamed. It exposes more of the tooth root.

This exposed route is what is going to cause the tooth sensitivity says Ellerslie dentist. Therefore, the most common treatment. For sensitive teeth of this nature. Is when people fix their gingivitis.

The first step, is visiting their dentist. To get a cleaning done by the dental hygienist. And, they need to adopt a great oral hygiene routine. That involves brushing their teeth. Twice a day, for two minutes each.

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Using mouthwash, and flossing. They also need to ensure that they come back. Every six months for that cleaning. And that should fix their gingivitis. And they may find that the sensitivity in their teeth goes away as well.

However, some people have sensitive teeth. Because they are grinding their teeth. This is where they clenched their teeth, and Nash their teeth around while they sleep. They can wear the surface area of their teeth down.

Exposing the roots, causing them to be sensitive. Therefore, the fix for this. Is giving a person a night guard. That they wear over their teeth when they sleep. So that even if they grind their teeth, it is not going to damage them.

Another reason why people have sensitive teeth says Ellerslie dentist. Is because people have thinned enamel on their teeth. This can be caused by over brushing. Which might be brushing their teeth to quickly after eating.

Or they could be brushing their teeth too hard. Which will also cause enamel erosion. A third reason why they might have thinned enamel. Is simply due to genetics. Many people are born with thin enamel. And if they do not visit.

There dentist as a child. To get their teeth coated with a protectant. They may have sensitivity for most of their life. Ellerslie dentist can also put a desensitizing material over their teeth.

Or people can get a good desensitizing toothpaste. Such as Sensodyne, the most important thing. That patients should keep in mind. Is that the sooner they bring their sensitivity to their dentist attention. The sooner they can get it fixed.