Ellerslie Dentist | 3 Best Questions To Ask Your Dentist

Whether people are coming into the Ellerslie dentist for the first time. Or scheduling their typical appointment. They may have questions they want answers to. Nobody should feel shy about asking any dental question.
Ellerslie Dentist

Whether it is about how to make their teeth whiter. To reduce sensitivity. Or why dental x-rays are so important. Ellerslie dentist wants everyone. To get all of their questions answered. So that they have the best information.

One of the most common questions they get. Is from people wanting to know. How often they should get a dental checkup done. Ultimately, it is typically only necessary. To get a checkup, once a year.

However, that does not mean that people should not be visiting their dentist. Only once. At the first appointment, when the dentist is done. Being x-rays, and checking the health. Of their teeth, and gums.

The hygienist will come in. And clean their teeth professionally. This is important, because it will prevent. Tartar buildup from causing tooth decay as well as gingivitis. This is a huge problem that can be prevented.

They need to come back in six more months. To get a cleaning done again. Because that is approximately. How long it takes for people. To have tartar buildup accumulate and cause problems.

Another question that many people have. Is how can they prevent gingivitis. This is an important question. Because people can develop gingivitis. As well as tooth decay.

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Even if they are engaging in a perfect oral hygiene routine. But they are not coming in regularly to their Ellerslie dentist. For dental cleanings by the dental hygienist. This is why it is so important.

To come in for regular cleanings. However, good oral hygiene is paramount as well. Ellerslie dentist says people should get into the habit. Of brushing twice a day. And only brushing, two hours or so after eating.

They should brush with soft bristled brush. So they do not damage their teeth, or their gums. It is also very important. That people floss their teeth at least once a day.

And for the best results, rinse their mouth. After every brushing with mouthwash. Type of toothpaste used is not important. But the mouthwash is. People should avoid using a mouthwash that has alcohol in it.

As alcohol is drying, and can lead a person’s mouth. That much more susceptible. To tooth decay and cavities. And while this is the best oral hygiene routine. Diet is also important.

Crunchy fruits and vegetables. Can help eliminate a certain amount of tartar buildup. And a diet that has low sugar and low processed foods. Is also best for oral hygiene. People can drink a glass of water.

After their meal, so that they are less likely. To develop tooth decay while they are waiting. For their opportunity to brush their teeth. The sooner people can engage in a good oral hygiene routine.

The better it will be for their oral hygiene. People can make an appointment with the tooth doctor today. To discuss more questions.

Ellerslie Dentist | 3 Best Questions For You To Ask The Dentist

When people want answers to questions about their oral health, Ellerslie dentist is a great resource. People can ask questions. During a consultation. Where the dentist will only look at their teeth and mouth.

Or people can schedule an appointment. Where they will get a checkup. Including x-rays, and checking the teeth. And they health of their mouth and gums. But at the same time, get a cleaning as well.

They can ask any questions they want. Such as how they can make their teeth whiter. This is a very common question. Because many people often associate. A bright, white smile with health and vitality.

And while the correlation is not true says Ellerslie dentist. It is very in style. To have a bright smile. And many people would like to have that. There is no reason why they should not be able to according to the dentist.

While there are over-the-counter products. There are not extremely effective. Simply because they are used without a dentists supervision. And therefore, they contain very little active ingredient.

They are only designed to whiten a person’s teeth by one shade. Where is the in office solutions. Guarantee five shades whiter. However, many people who have sensitive teeth may not want.

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To waiting their teeth with bleach. Our teeth are incredibly porous. And bleach can cause a lot of irritation or pain in some people. Therefore, while the most popular whitening solution at the tooth doctor.

Is an at-home bleaching kit. People with sensitive teeth may want to talk about bonding, or veneers. The benefit of veneers says Ellerslie dentist. Is that they are placed directly onto the surface of the teeth.

Which means people can choose whatever colour of white they want. But, it is quite invasive. Therefore, many people are not wanting to. Go this route, unless it is absolutely necessary. The third option.

Is called bonding. The dentist applies the bonding material. Which is a fatty layer of gel, that has a translucent white machine to it. When applied, the teeth appear whiter. Due to the whiten trend solution.

This is often the most popular option. For people who have sensitive teeth. Because not only does the bonding coat to the teeth and make them whiter. It also helps the teeth be protected against sensitivity as well.

The only problem with bonding according to Ellerslie dentist. Is that it is not permanent. Which means people should come back to the tooth doctor. Every three years or so. In order to get the bonding reapplied. As well, if people are over brushing their teeth.

They may need to get the bonding put on their teeth. More often. However, this is something that people can discuss. With their dentist, when they come in for their appointment. Any other questions.

Can be asked at this time to Ellerslie dentist. The tooth doctor has three convenient locations. In and around Edmonton, best serve the area.