Ellerslie Dentist | 3 Great Dental Habits

When people think about going to their Ellerslie dentist. They should think about the questions they want to ask. Before they go, because even though. Many people might be going to the dentist regularly.
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That does not mean they have all the answers to all of their questions. In fact, Ellerslie dentist wants people to know. That there is no such thing as a bad question. Even if people think they should have known the answer by now.

They want everyone to have all the information they need. In order to have healthy teeth and clean mouth. One of the most common questions they get. Or from people who are wondering.

How come their teeth are so sensitive. As well as how they can fix it? There are many reasons why people might have sensitive teeth. The solution is very dependent. On the reason why they have sensitive teeth.

However, the number one cause. Why people have sensitive teeth. Is because they have gingivitis. It is actually a very shocking fact. That 75% of all Canadian adults. Have gingivitis.

And despite the fact that 74% of Canadians. Have visited the dentist once last year. Once is not enough to prevent gingivitis. In fact, if people want to prevent gingivitis. They should see the dentist.

Twice a year, once for a checkup and cleaning. And the second time for another cleaning. The reason why to cleaning. is important. Is because it gets rid of. The tartar buildup on the teeth.

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And especially below the gum line, actually is responsible. For people forming gingivitis in the first place. Therefore, it is very reasonable then to understand. How come despite the fact that 74% of Canadians.

Have been to the dentist once in the last year. 75% of Canadians have gingivitis as well. If people have gingivitis, their gums are reacting. To the bacteria in the tartar buildup below the gum line. They become inflamed.

And then, start to pull away from the tooth. In order to get away. From the bacteria. It is this recession of the gums. That causes the teeth to be sensitive. Because it exposes the root more.

In the root has less protective and enamel on it. Which leads to tooth sensitivity. Therefore, people can fix their tooth sensitivity. If they have gingivitis. By taking better care of their teeth.

Including going to Ellerslie dentist twice a year. So that they can get their teeth cleaned as often as necessary. However, there are other causes for tooth sensitivity. Including brushing their teeth too hard.

Grinding their teeth, and having genetically thin enamel. Although this can be treated by Ellerslie dentist. However, they are not going to be able to know. What is the cause of a person’s sensitivity.

Until they come in for an appointment. People in Edmonton and surrounding area can make an appointment. But calling the tooth doctor’s offices, and any of the three convenient locations.

Or, booking conveniently online. Or through an email as well.

Ellerslie Dentist | 3 Great Dental Habits You Should Form

The sooner people can develop great oral hygiene habits says Ellerslie dentist. The better shape their teeth will be in, for longer. Many people believe they are engaging in the best oral habits.

However, what they learned years ago. Or what they did growing up. They no longer be considered. Best dental practices. As a dentists learn more about oral hygiene. Practices are changing.

It was once widely considered best practices. To brush your teeth immediately after eating. And to brush your teeth three times a day. This is no longer considered advantageous.

Over brushing your teeth. As well as brushing too soon after eating. And using a hard bristled brush. Can all lead to enamel erosion. Which in addition to causing tooth sensitivity. Makes teeth more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities.

And can even damage a person’s gums. Therefore, if there is one thing that Ellerslie dentist wants their patients to learn. Besides coming into the dentist twice a year. Is to learn how to brush their teeth best.

The first thing they want people to do, is to get a soft bristled toothbrush. If they feel that it is not good enough. To get their teeth very clean. It may because they are not visiting the dentist often enough.

Such as twice a year for a dental cleaning. If they are doing that. The soft bristled brush. Should work perfectly. The next thing that people should keep in mind. Is that they should only brush their teeth.

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Twice a day, and not immediately after eating. The reason why they should not brush after eating. Is because a lot of the foods we consume. Are high in acidic content. And acid will soften our enamel.

Once the enamel is soft. It becomes even easier to erode, if people brush. Their teeth after eating acidic food. There are many different types of food. That has a high acidic content.

Including soft drinks, salad dressings, any food with vinegar. Such as pickles, or condiments. And surprising things like citrus fruits, and tomatoes, pineapples and kiwifruit.

Therefore, rather than try to keep track. If they had any acidic food. It is far better says Ellerslie dentist. To drink a glass of water after eating. To clear the mouth of food particles and bacteria.

And wait approximately two hours, until their enamel. Has hardened again. Once they have pleaded that amount of time, they can brush their teeth. To clean them effectively again.

The type of toothpaste they use does not matter says Ellerslie dentist. However, mouthwash is important. People should avoid using mouthwash with alcohol in it. Primarily because alcohol acts as a drying agent.

And when a mouth becomes dried out. It is more susceptible to cavities. Finally, people should get into the habit. Of flossing their teeth as well. The amount of surface area represented between their teeth.

Means that if people are not flossing regularly. They are ignoring 40% of their overall tooth surface area. The sooner people can engage in a good oral hygiene routine. The better their dental health will be.