Ellerslie Dentist | 3 Great Questions To Ask Your Dentist

Nobody should feel shy asking their Ellerslie dentist any question. There are many reasons why people would have a variety of questions. And helping people get all of the answers. So that they can look after their teeth effectively.
Ellerslie Dentist

Is one thing that the tooth doctor is incredibly passionate about. One of the most common questions. That they get, from all of their patients. Is wondering what they can do. To prevent tooth decay and gingivitis.

Ultimately, it all goes back to good hygiene. And good diet, while many people have been told. When they were growing up, that they should be brushing their teeth. Three times a day, and immediately after eating.

This is actually not accurate at all. What they discovered, is that when people brush their teeth that often. And when they brush their teeth that quickly after eating.

What happened, was that they were brushing away the enamel on their teeth. This is a huge problem, because not only is enamel a protective layer on the surface of the tooth. Meaning when it is eroded, not only does it.

Leave the tooth susceptible to tooth decay. But also, the teeth are also more highly sensitive. Causing more problems for the patient in the long run. But also, when enamel is lost on the tooth.

It literally cannot be replaced. There is no way that the body makes enamel. Or puts it back into the teeth. So this is a huge problem, that needs to be prevented rather than fixed says Ellerslie dentist.

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As well, Ellerslie dentist says that people need to use. A soft bristled toothbrush. Because they could damage their teeth or gums. As well as brush the enamel off of their teeth. In addition to that.

People need a soft bristled brush. Because they should be brushing on the gums for a few seconds. Whenever they do brush their teeth. And they should be brushing their teeth for two minutes at a time.

If people feel as though the soft bristled brush. It is not doing an effective job. It might mean that they have more tartar buildup. And they should schedule a dental cleaning. At the tooth doctor.

When people are learning to brush their teeth. They also need to learn. That mouthwash is going to be. An important component of their oral hygiene routine. The mouthwash they get should be alcohol free.

As alcohol is drying. And a dry mouth can be more likely to develop cavities. Once they use mouthwash, they will be getting rid of all of the bacteria. On the soft surfaces of their mouth. Such as cheeks, tongue and gums.

And finally, they need to floss their teeth. Once a day. Because that represents. 40% of the entire surface area of their teeth. They will get rid of tartar buildup, food particles and plaque.

If people have any more questions for Ellerslie dentist. Or would simply like a checkup or cleaning. They can call one of their three convenient locations today.

Ellerslie Dentist | 3 Great Questions To Ask Your Dentist

The sooner people can make an appointment for their Ellerslie dentist. The sooner they can have a checkup. And get a cleaning. Many people may not even realize. But a cleaning is of vital way.

That people can avoid getting tooth decay and gingivitis. While people are brushing their teeth, to keep their teeth as clean and healthy as possible. There is no way that people can brush their teeth.

Well enough to eliminate hundred percent of the tartar buildup and plaque. It is incredibly sticky. And a lot of it is in between the teeth. As well as below the gum line. Which are impossible to reach with the toothbrush.

It is necessary to get a professional cleaning, such as what they do at their dentist. In order to get this sticky substance off the teeth. So that it is less likely to develop tooth decay and gingivitis.

This is why it is important for people to visit the tooth doctor. Every six months. And one of those visits, will be when the dentist. Looks at the overall health of their teeth, mouth and gums.

Another question that people have for their Ellerslie dentist. Is wondering why they should get a dental x-ray. X-rays are considered preventative maintenance. Because it allows the dentist to see what is going on below the surface.

Such as if there are bone problems. Tooth roots that are infected. If the wisdom teeth are creating problems. Or even if there are cavities in between teeth. Or below the gum line.

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Many people might be concerned about x-rays. Because they emit radiation however, many of the electronics we use. Inmates radiation, such as our cell phone. And people will be exposed to more radiation. On a flight.

From Edmonton to Vancouver on a commercial airline. However, the tooth doctor takes radiation very seriously. And not only do they place iron bibs on every patient getting an x-ray.

But also, they have a Geiger counter. That they use to determine the levels of radiation. In the office to ensure they are always. Kept as safe levels. The x-ray machines that they use Ellerslie dentist.

Our digital x-ray machines, that emit. A small fraction. Of the radiation of other x-ray machines. Which means people can get a dental x-ray extremely safely. If people are concerned about cost.

Ellerslie dentist encourages people to think about. The cost of not catching problems when they are small. Easy, and inexpensive to fix. By getting a dental x-ray, people can either ensure the health of their teeth and mouth.

Or they can fix problems quickly, and before they become a larger issue. The sooner people can make an appointment with Ellerslie dentist. The sooner they can ask their questions. Get their teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist.

And have their oral health verified. By one of their many dentists. When people are ready to make an appointment at the tooth doctor. They should pick up the phone and make a call. Or send an email, whichever is most convenient for them.