Ellerslie Dentist | 4 Best Dental Habits

Regardless about what people are told about dental hygiene growing up says Ellerslie dentist. They may not be doing what is best for their teeth. Because as research continues. Dentists find out.
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What the best practices are for people’s oral health. This is one good reason why people should be visiting their dentist on a regular basis. But also, they need to visit their dentist this often.

Because the cleanings they will get. Will help remove the tartar buildup and plaque. That actually causes tooth decay. And that is impossible to remove, without professional help.

The first dental visit of the year. Not only will include cleaning. But it will be the appointment. That Ellerslie dentist will look at. The over all health of a person’s mouth. Looking at their x-rays.

To ensure that no teeth are damaged. Such as from grinding, or their teeth starting to lean to one side. Or if people have not had their wisdom teeth removed. That there are no problems with those teeth.

They will also check for tooth decay, gingivitis and cavities. And come up with a plan for fixing those things. If that is at all necessary. However, it is important that people return to their Ellerslie dentist.

Six months later for another cleaning. The tartar buildup will accumulate. Approximately after six months. And getting that regularly cleaned off. Can help prevent tooth decay and gingivitis.

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Many people may wonder if the dental x-ray is necessary. However, they have concerns for two different reasons. First, people are concerned about radiation that they know x-ray machines give off.

While it is true, that x-ray machines. Give off radiation, the radiation levels are extremely low. And the digital x-ray machines that Ellerslie dentist use. Give off even less radiation.

In addition to that, they will put iron bibs. On each patient before x-ray them. To protect them from any harmful radiation waves. Also have a Geiger counter that they use, to ensure radiation levels.

Our well within the safe ranges. However, patients who are concerned about radiation need to understand. That they will have exposure to more radiation. From their cell phone, then they will from an x-ray machine.

However, many people are concerned about x-rays. Because of the cost. However, how good they are at preventing. Larger problems. By being able to catch them quicker. Is far more advantageous.

Than saving money on the initial x-ray in the first place. Especially when used with children, to see when they are going to get their adult teeth. See if there are any impending problems with wisdom teeth.

Or to check cavities. Below the gum line, and in between teeth. Is invaluable. People should ensure that not only are they visiting the tooth doctor twice a year. But they should also make sure that they get x-rays once.

So that they can prevent larger problems from happening. And people are ready to make an appointment at the tooth doctor. They can call, or email any of the three. Convenient Edmonton and area locations.

Ellerslie Dentist | 4 Best Dental Habits

When people go to their Ellerslie dentist. They often have many questions. That they ask in order to ensure. That they are engaging in the best oral hygiene routines. They may ask their dentist questions.

Such as what the best toothpaste to use is. What kind of toothbrush they should be using. And if there is a best brand of mouthwash. As well as how often, and how long they should be brushing for example.

One of the first things that Ellerslie dentist wants people to understand. Is that no matter how effective. Their oral hygiene routine is. Tartar and plaque will still buildup on their teeth.

Because it is incredibly sticky. And with time, even if people are effectively brushing. They are not going to be able. To get rid of this extremely sticky substance, that causes tooth decay and gingivitis.

As well, their toothbrush. Even if they are brushing on their gums. Will not be able to get rid of. The sticky tartar buildup. Below the gum line, which is directly responsible. For gingivitis forming.

The sticky bacteria laden substance. Will irritate the gums, because of the bacteria. The gums, will get inflamed due to the irritation. And start to recede, in order. To get away from the irritants.

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People will know that they have gingivitis. If there gums turn bright red or pink. And start to bleed, whenever they are brushing or flossing their teeth. There is no way to avoid this.

Unless people brush their teeth regularly. And visit the dentist for cleanings twice a year. However, to answer the other questions. Such as what toothpaste to use. Our is no toothpaste that is asked.

Any toothpaste sold in Canada. That has the recommendation. Of the Canadian dental Association is great says Ellerslie dentist. Therefore, people can choose whichever brand, and flavoured they would like.

Even all of the different things. That each toothpaste will say that it does, from whitening, to cavity prevention. Does not really matter. All toothpaste that is approved by the Canadian dental Association.

Will be great. However, the same cannot be said with mouthwash. People should look for a mouthwash that is alcohol free. Simply because alcohol dries out the mouth. In a dry mouth can develop more cavities.

People should be using their mouthwash, after every time they brush. By swishing it around for thirty seconds to a minute. This is to get rid of all of the bacteria. On the parts of their mouth that they did not brush, such as their tongue and cheeks.

Because if there is additional bacteria. On their tongue-in-cheek. It can definitely transfer onto the teeth. Where it can cause tooth decay, and tartar buildup. If people have more questions for their Ellerslie dentist.

All they have to do, is make an appointment. With the tooth doctor, at one of their three, convenient locations. In and surrounding Edmonton. Either by phone, or email. And get their teeth checked, cleaned. As well as be able to ask any questions they want.