Ellerslie Dentist | 4 Best Dental Questions

Whether people have been visiting their Ellerslie dentist twice a year. Or they have only been seeing their dentist occasionally. They may have a wide variety of questions. Including, how often they should be visiting.
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Best practices include having people. See the dentist every six months. First, for their annual checkup. Where they can check the health of their teeth. Including things like tooth decay, gingivitis. As well as cavities for some of the least serious things.

As well as to allow the dental hygienist. To give the patient a thorough cleaning. The second visit, is going to be a much shorter one. Because it is the appointment for the dental hygienist. To do a second professional cleaning.

The reason why this second visit is so important. Is because the matter how effectively someone is brushing their teeth. They will never be able to get rid of Ellerslie dentist. The tartar buildup or plaque by brushing alone.

Not only is there plaque buildup below the gum line. Where the toothbrush cannot reach. But there is also plaque buildup. In between the teeth, and on the far back molars. Where it is hard to brush.

Therefore, if people would truly like to eliminate. The tartar buildup and plaque. That causes tooth decay, cavities and gingivitis. They will come every six months for their cleaning.

It takes approximately six months for the tartar buildup to accumulate. To a point where it needs to be removed. Otherwise it will start causing problems. And if people are only getting their teeth.

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Professionally cleaned by their Ellerslie dentist once a year. They often might find. That they are more susceptible to tooth decay, cavities and gingivitis as well. However, people still want to know.

And ask their Ellerslie dentist what the best oral hygiene routine. They can engage in. For the healthiest teeth. This is a great question. Because many people have often been told something different when they are young.

But as dental practices improve. Dentists find out what is better. To ensure people have healthy smiles. Therefore, the first thing people should know. Is they should only be brushing their teeth twice a day.

If they brush their teeth more, they risk over brushing. That is to say, they will brush their teeth so vigourously and hard, that they will. Eliminate the enamel on their teeth.

They can literally brush away the protective layer of enamel on their teeth. Which will make them more susceptible to tooth decay. They also might find that if they have been brushing their teeth too vigourously, they will have sensitive teeth.

Caused by their enamel no longer protecting their teeth. And they can even damage their gums. To the point of needing skin grafts to correct the situation. Therefore, not only should they be brushing twice a day says Ellerslie dentist.

But they should only be using a soft bristled brush. If people feel as though it is not getting their teeth cleaned enough. That is a good indication. That they need to come back to their dentist. For professional cleaning. If people would like to make an appointment. They can call the tooth doctor today.

Ellerslie Dentist | 4 Best Dental Questions

When people are able to visit their Ellerslie dentist frequently. That is to say, the two times a year it is recommended by health Canada. They may have a wide variety of questions. That they want answered.

One of the most common questions by people who visit the dentist regularly. Is how they can make their teeth whiter. While white teeth is not an indication of health by any means.

It is considered fashionable. For people to have whiter teeth. Therefore, they may have tried many over-the-counter products. Such as whitening toothpaste. Or whitening strips. The problem with these products.

Is that if they are over-the-counter. They are not being used under a dentists guidance. And therefore, they can only be made. To whitening the teeth one shade brighter.

However, if people are still drinking coffee or tea. Or drinking wine, and eating foods. That all be more likely to stain their teeth. Then the whitening products that they use.

Are simply helping their teeth not get darker. And will not do anything to make the teeth whiter or brighter. That is why they ask their dentist, at one of their two annual visits.

There are many options the dentist can discuss with patients. Including a whitening kit. That their dentist will make custom, for each patient. They will first take an impression of the patient’s top and bottom teeth.

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In order to create trays, that fit a person’s teeth perfectly. Once the trays are made. Ellerslie dentist will talk to each patient. About how much whiter they would like their teeth to be.

Because the bleach that people get from their dentist. Can be guaranteed to get their teeth. Up to five shades whiter. They can come back for another bleaching kit. If they would like even wider teeth.

However, a bleach solution is not everyone’s best whitening solution. Simply because bleach can cause tooth sensitivity. And if people already have sensitive teeth. It may not be an option for them.

Therefore, the next option is something called a bonding. Wanting material is a fatty solution. That contains some translucent white pigment. It is applied. In a very thin layer by Ellerslie dentist.

And it gives the illusion of whiter, brighter teeth. It is beneficial because it also. Acts as a protecting coat on the patient’s teeth. Helping their teeth no longer be sensitive. However the problem with bonding.

Is that it only lasts a few years. And then will need to be redone. However, for people who like bonding. This is a small inconvenience. There are even more options that people can discuss with their Ellerslie dentist.

Such as veneers, and in the office bleaching. However, the first thing that people need to do. Is simply make an appointment with the tooth doctor. At one of their three, convenient locations in and around.

They can call, book online or send an email. People can arrange an appointment. Or simply a consultation to find out more.