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When people are visiting their Ellerslie dentist for the first time in a year. They might have many questions. That they want answers to. They may even think. That they are doing everything correctly.
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But the fact that they are only at the dentist. Once a year, means that they are not. Doing everything, as effectively as they could. For example, people should be visiting the dentist twice a year.

While Canadians might hear. That they should see their dentist for an annual checkup. Annual, meaning once. The checkup only needs to happen once a year. But they should visit the dentist twice.

In order to get a dental cleaning done as well. The cleaning is an integral part of oral hygiene. Simply because it will get rid of. The tartar buildup that causes. Tooth decay and gingivitis.

Some people may wonder. If there is any oral hygiene routine that they can do Ellerslie dentist. That will eliminate the need. For getting dental cleanings done. Every six months, but there is nothing.

In fact, if people try to get rid of. The tartar buildup on their teeth. By brushing more vigourously, harder. Or with a harder bristled toothbrush. They may in fact damage their teeth.

Ellerslie dentist says that it is very important. That people do not over brush their teeth. They have enamel on their teeth. That can be eroded. Leaving the tooth unprotected. Against things like tooth decay and cavities.

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As well, when the enamel is gone from the teeth. It can lead to tooth sensitivity. That is irreversible. Therefore, there is no routine. That a person can do, that will prevent the need. From needing an professional cleaning.

Twice a year. Many people may wonder what the best oral care routine is. And Ellerslie dentist will be happy. To share with anyone who wants to know. They recommend brushing twice a day. Typically, after breakfast.

And then after dinner. Leaving as much time as possible. After eating, before brushing. The reason why, is because many foods. Contain acid that can weaken the enamel on the teeth. This softened enamel.

Can be more easily brushed away, so people are eating foods. Such as pickles, or anything with a high vinegar content. Such as salad dressing, or condiments. Citrus fruits, like oranges, limes and lemons.

As well as juice, like orange juice or grapefruit juice. Even foods that people may not consider to be highly acidic. Such as tomatoes and tomato sauce, can soften the enamel on people’s teeth.

By waiting two hours, their enamel can harden. And then, they do not run the risk. Of eroding the enamel. When they are brushing their teeth. However, it is also important.

The people are protecting their teeth against the bacteria that can cause cavities. In the meantime. Ellerslie dentist recommends drinking a glass of water. Or at least rinsing their mouth out with water.

After they eat, so that they are more likely. To get rid of the bacteria that causes cavities. If people follow this advice, there likely going to have fewer cavities.

Ellerslie Dentist | 4 Best Questions For Your Local Dentist

Never be afraid to ask any question asserts Ellerslie dentist. Because any question that does not get asked. Cannot have the chance of getting the correct answer. Especially when it comes to your teeth.

People do not get a second chance at the health of their teeth. If they make mistakes, it can cause irreparable damage. Or problems that are painful and expensive to fix.

As well, it can be very simple. To prevent large problems. By simply knowing what to do. Whether standards have changed. Or people never quite found out the correct way. Or any other reasons.

People should not feel ashamed, for not having. All of the correct answers all the time. A common question that they get, at someone’s annual checkup. Is wondering why they need to visit.

There Ellerslie dentist, twice a year. Many people are often told. They only need an annual checkup. But that does not take into consideration. That people should get a dental cleaning.

Twice a year as well. The reason why, is because a dental cleaning is important. To get rid of the tartar and plaque buildup. That causes tooth decay as well as gingivitis.

Even if someone has the best oral hygiene routine possible. They are not going to get rid of the very sticky plaque. Especially below the gum line, where it is impossible. For toothbrush to reach.

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As well, most people have trouble. Reaching the far back teeth. And it is inevitable. That tartar buildup and plaque accumulate there as well. If someone tries to brush extra hard says Ellerslie dentist.

All they will succeed in doing. Is brushing away the enamel. That is a protective coating on their teeth. This is why patients are advised. To only brush their teeth with a soft bristled toothbrush. And to wait two hours.

To brush their teeth, to allow enamel. To harden, if they have eaten foods. That cause the enamel to soften. Foods such as citric fruit, vinegars and tomatoes. Are very common for their high acidic content.

If people are interested in developing. A better oral hygiene routine. Ellerslie dentist will help them. However, nothing is going to take place. Of that cleaning done by the dental hygienist twice a year.

If people do want the best oral hygiene routine. They should ensure that they get a soft bristled toothbrush. Our only brushing twice a day. And two hours after they eat.

People may want to know. How they can protect their teeth says Ellerslie dentist. For the two hours before they should brush. And it is as easy as. Drinking a glass of water. To get most of the bacteria.

Out of the mouth, before they can settle on the teeth. Aside from that, there is no best toothpaste. Even though the toothpaste I will in the drugstore. It may seem very large. None are better than the other.

However, the same cannot be said for mouthwash. He will should ensure that they are using. And alcohol free mouthwash. For more questions, contact the tooth doctor today.