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If people are not visiting their Ellerslie dentist. Twice a year, they are not seeing the dentist enough. While 74% of Canadians have seen the dentist last year.
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Canadians should be visiting the dentist. Twice a year, in order to have healthy teeth. However, many people do not know this. And therefore, think that they are doing enough. By seeing the dentist once.

The reason why seeing a dentist twice a year is important. Is quite simply, because that is how long it can take. For dental problems to form. The first visit that a person has with their dentist in a year.

Will be to get a checkup. Where their dentist will look at the health of their teeth. Checking to see if they have tooth decay, gingivitis. Cavities or even teeth that need to be pulled. It will usually get a dental x-ray done.

Because the dentist can often see. Smaller problems, before they become larger issues. And so that they can fix the problems. When it is easy, and inexpensive to fix. They will also see a dental hygienist during this first important visit.

Who will clean their teeth very effectively. However, the reason why people should see their Ellerslie dentist six months later. Is because plaque buildup will have accumulated. And while that prevents a tooth decay and gingivitis risk.

Brushing alone is not effective enough. At brushing away this sticky substance. Therefore, they need to come back in. To get the plaque professionally removed from their teeth. To prevent that risk to their mouth and teeth.

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However, if they find that when they visit their Ellerslie dentist. Once a year, they have cavities. They should ensure that the dentist. Does a checkup at the second visit as well.

Because many people have predispositions to developing cavities. Whether it is from soft enamel. That can happen genetically. Or if a person is inadvertently brushing their teeth too hard for example.

Regardless of why people might develop dental problems did in between their yearly visit with their Ellerslie dentist. Getting those problems fixed, is more important than figuring out why.

As well, the dentist will be able to talk to the patient. About a good oral hygiene routine for them. And if they should be changing anything in their habits. To avoid developing problems in the interim.

As well, they encourage patients. To ask any and all questions they have. About their teeth, their health. Or procedures that they may be thinking of Ellerslie dentist. Or that they may have heard would be necessary.

They can discuss with their dentist the importance of dental implants over ridges or dentures. They can talk about various ways to whiten their teeth. How they can prevent developing sensitive teeth.

And the best oral hygiene routine they can engage at home. They can also discuss the importance of things like what types of mouthwash they should be using. And if there is the best type of toothpaste to use as well.

Ellerslie Dentist | 4 Important Questions Patients Should Ask Their Dentist

There are many questions people may have for their Ellerslie dentist. That can help them provide great care for their teeth. As well as great teeth for their loved ones. A common question that new moms have for dentists.

Include when should their child’s first dental visit be. While many parents might make the assumption. That their child should see a dentist. As soon as they have teeth in their head. That is not the case at all.

Quite simply because the parents should simply be told. The best way to care for the teeth that their infant may have. Especially because many children are born with teeth according to Ellerslie dentist.

And it is not beneficial. For the infant or the parents. To have a dentist poking a finger in the child’s mouth as they are sleeping. They will let patients know. That when their infant rafts a tooth or two.

The best thing that they should do. Is use a soft, damp face cloth. To wipe their gums gently. And if the child has any teeth at that point. To gently wipe the tooth, front and back.

That is all that needs to happen for the first few months of life. However, when the child is able. To open their mouth upon request. And keep it open. That is when Ellerslie dentist will want to see the child.

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Provided they also have a tooth in their mouth. Many parents think that they should visit the dentist. When their child is eating solid food. But actually is much later in life. Than they should be visiting the dentist.

As tooth decay, and dental problems can start. From a very young age. Therefore, usually between the ages of six months and twelve months. Is the optimum time to bring the child into the dentist.

They also use that as an opportunity. To help alleviate any potential fears. The child might have. As many children fear the dentist. As well as help set some healthy habits in motion from the start.

Also, many people wonder. When their child is going to start losing teeth. Ellerslie dentist says this is a very wide range. Simply because when children start getting teeth. Is a very wide range as well.

Teeth can show up in a child’s mouth. From birth, since many children are born with teeth. Or it may take them until their twelve month to get teeth. It may be longer if they have a particular issue, that the dentist will identify earlier.

That means, since there might be up to one year difference. Between when children get their teeth. There is an equally large amount of time. That children can start losing their baby teeth. In order to get their adult set.

Therefore, parents can be prepared. Between the ages of eleven and thirteen. For their child to start losing their baby teeth. Any more questions can be directed to their Ellerslie dentist. By making an appointment at any one of the three. Tooth doctor locations in Edmonton.