Ellerslie Dentist | A Healthy Smile Is A Straight Smile

When people visit their Ellerslie dentist. They often ask about whether they should straighten their smile. Or, if they should worry about getting their child’s smile straightened as well.

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Many people often believe. That straight or smiles are simply cosmetic in nature. However this is not true. There are many reasons. Why people should have straighter teeth. So that they can have better overall health.

While straighter teeth does improve confidence. Both in children, and in adults. Helping them put their best foot forward. And making a better impression. Because they are happier with themselves and how they appear.

As people get older. And start careers for example. It is often important. That they have the image that they feel is necessary. For their career. Executives, salespeople. And people in the service industries.

Often feel that their image is important for their job. However, Ellerslie dentist actually says that there are more health benefits. That people can get, from their straighter smile. Starting with teeth that are easier to clean.

People that have a crooked smile. Might have teeth configured. In such a way, that it is hard. To brush, and floss away food particles. The end result, is that people have tooth decay.

In the most difficult to clean areas of their mouth. Tooth decay will lead to cavities. As well as gingivitis. That can significantly, and negatively impact their health. As they get the cavity filled.

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If their teeth are kept as crooked. As they were before, they will continue getting tooth decay in that area. Which will eventually require them to get a root canal and a crown. Or, lose the tooth entirely.

And while Ellerslie dentist is capable in putting a dental implant. To replace lost teeth. They are often unable to do so. In a mouth, where the teeth are very crooked. Therefore they will end up with missing teeth.

Which would have been completely avoidable. If they had strained their teeth from the beginning. Another reason why straighter teeth leads to overall health in a patient. Is because it helps them have a healthy diet.

Experts all agree, that a healthy diet. Is one where people are eating raw fruits and vegetables. Such as carrots, apples, pears and peaches. Just to name a few things. People that have crooked teeth, often experience pain.

As biting down on hard food. Puts pressure and pain from there tooth into their gums and bone. Therefore, they typically avoid the crunchy fruits and vegetables. Which are often the most nutritious.

Therefore, fixing the crooked teeth. Often when they are young. But if not, when they are adults. Can end up helping them have a more healthy diet overall. This is why dentists want to straighten everybody’s smile.

They use many different methods, and patients should set up an appointment with the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. In order to find out if they can be helped. And what methods are going to be the most beneficial.

Ellerslie Dentist | A Straight Smile Is A Healthy Smile

Dental patients often know they want straighter teeth according to Ellerslie dentist. But are not keen on traditional that will braces. For many different reasons. However, there are alternatives.

While Invisalign was often thought of. As a solution for people. Who only needed minor fixes. To straighten their teeth. Dentists now realize. That Invisalign is beneficial. For most circumstances.

Therefore, most patients will be able to use this method. Whether they want to avoid metal braces. Or they simply want the best, most effective. And most gentle to straightening method.

Either for themselves, or for their children. Therefore, Invisalign is an extremely effective alternative to braces. That have many benefits. The first benefit being, that it is completely invisible.

Some people are straightening their teeth. To increase their confidence. Which is why it does not make sense. To put metal braces on their teeth. And impact their confidence while they are getting straighter smiles.

Another reason why it is beneficial that Invisalign is invisible. Is because it will allow people the opportunity. To not miss out on special events. Or not have to plan around their braces says Ellerslie dentist.

Such as getting family pictures done. Or, planning their wedding. They can where there Invisalign. Or, pop out for the photos. And nobody will be any wiser that they are straightening their teeth.

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Another benefit to Invisalign according to Ellerslie dentist. Is that it is extremely easy. People can come in to the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. For their first smile scan. And then the plastic inserts will be mailed to them.

After wearing them, twenty hours a day for three weeks. They will send a picture of their smile, without the Invisalign on them. Back to their dentist. Who will recommend they continue wearing them.

Or, will send out the next set of aligners to where. For the next three weeks. This is a much easier system. Helping people avoid taking time off work or school. And driving to their dentist for an appointment regularly.

Another reason why many people love Invisalign. As an alternative to braces. Is because it takes less time than traditional braces. Most people are done in just eleven months of Invisalign.

However, it can take anywhere between six months to two years. Depending on how much. Or how little the teeth need to be straightened. For braces, people are in for a minimum of two years. Or longer.

And finally, why people prefer Invisalign. Is because there is hardly any pain. As opposed to braces, that usually require to the extractions. And are much more aggressive, when they are tightened to straighten the teeth.

There are so many benefits to Invisalign. That anyone who thinks their smile could be improved. Should make an appointment with the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. They can get a free 3D smile scan.

From there, they can find out if they are good candidates. See a model of what their teeth would look like. When they are done treatment. And then get sent their first trays to get started immediately.