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Even though 75% of Canadians saw a dentist once in the last year according to Ellerslie dentist. Seeing the dentist once is not necessarily enough. Especially when people are not engaging in the right oral hygiene habits.

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Therefore, they want all of their patients to know. Exactly what they need to do. In order to have the healthiest smile possible. Both in and out of their Ellerslie dentist office.

Not only do they recommend people having healthy diet. That is high in fruits and vegetables. And low in sugar. Because sugar as well as acidic foods are going to cause more dental problems.

Such as thinning the enamel, and tooth decay and cavities. However, if people do decide to teach sugar, or foods that are high in acidic acid, such as citrus fruits. They need to know what to do to keep their teeth healthy.

With sugar, brushing their teeth as soon as they are done eating is important. To minimize and eliminate the bacteria. That feeds on the sugar left over in their mouth. That causes cavities and tooth decay.

And with food that has a high acid content, such as citrus fruits or pop for example. People should rinse their mouth out with water. After consuming this food, and then wait approximately an hour to brush their teeth.

And the reason why, is because acidic foods will weaken their enamel temporarily. And if people brush their teeth right away. They can potentially win or brush away the enamel.

And then be more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay. So rinsing with water, and then waiting an hour is an important way to keep their teeth as healthy as possible.

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But also, people should avoid foods that are high in acidic content. That are also not healthy, such as pop for example. Avoiding damaging food is an important oral hygiene habit to get into.

However, the next thing that Ellerslie dentist once there patients to know. Is that even though they may have been told that they should brush their teeth twice a day. The best habits is brushing after every time they eat.

This way, they are eliminating all of the bacteria on their teeth and in their mouth. That cause tooth decay and cavities. And it will help ensure that they can have their smile as healthy as possible.

But brushing alone. Will get rid of all of the bacteria in their mouth. They also need to some way to get rid of the bacteria on their tongue, cheeks and the roof of their mouth.

That after brushing can transfer onto their teeth and cause tooth decay and cavities. Therefore, using mouthwash is an important way. That they are going to keep their mouth as healthy as possible.

By using non alcoholic mouthwash, and brushing their teeth after every time they eat. Can minimize many dental problems. And help people have the healthiest smile possible.

As well, people can also floss their teeth regularly. To get all the food and tartar buildup. That is trapped between their teeth off. So that they can continue to have the greatest and healthiest smile ever.

Ellerslie Dentist | A Healthy Smile Starts With Good Habits

While many Canadians believe healthiest smile possible requires brushing twice a day, Ellerslie dentist. Says that while that is a good start, they also need to see their dentist regularly for their healthiest smile possible.

Many people think that if they are brushing their teeth well. That they do not need to see their dentist until they have a problem, such as a toothache. But this is not a good idea.

By the time they are in pain, the problem is usually so significant. That they will need a lot of invasive procedures. That will take a long time, and cost a lot of money to fix.

That could have been caught by their Ellerslie dentist. If they had been going regularly. Such as twice a year. Which is why people should get into the habit of visiting their dentist every six months.

The first visit should be for a thorough checkup by their dentist. Including looking to see if they have any cavities, or other problems that should be addressed. Such as if they are grinding their teeth that could cause problems.

And when they are done giving a thorough checkup. Including getting dental x-rays. That can catch problems very soon. Such as the start of cavities.

Then, their dentist will start cleaning their teeth. To get rid of any tartar buildup on the surface of their teeth. As well as below the gum line. That will cause problems such as gingivitis.

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In fact, even if people are brushing their teeth as often as they should. Which is after every time they eat. They could end up with tartar buildup. That not only could cause cavities.

But could cause gingivitis and other periodontal diseases. And is very important to eliminate to help people have the healthiest smile possible. And that is why they need to get their teeth cleaned every six months.

However, people may have issues or questions. That they want help with. Which is another reason why they should visit their Ellerslie dentist twice a year.

And one of the most common questions that they get, is how to eliminate sensitivity that they have in their teeth. The easiest answer to this question is looking for gingivitis.

Because gingivitis, which is one of the most common dental diseases in Canada. With 75% of all adults suffering from this. Gingivitis can actually cause people to have sensitive teeth.

So when people are complaining about sensitive teeth with their dentist. Their dentist will often look for signs of gingivitis. And clean their teeth. And asked them to come back every six months.

And that alone can even be enough. To eliminate sensitivity in patients. However, they are still complaining about their sensitivity. There dentist can look at other solutions.

The best and healthiest smile. Requires great oral hygiene habits. As well as regular visits to the dentist.