Ellerslie Dentist | A Straighter Smile Has Never Been Easier

People often want the healthiest smile they can have says Ellerslie dentist. Brushing their teeth and flossing diligently. As well as visiting their dentist regularly.

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However, for some people. No matter how well they try to brush and floss their teeth. They are going to end up with dental problems. Even though, it could have been prevented very easily.

This is if people have crooked teeth. That have never been straightened. Many people are not aware. Of how this can impact the overall health of their teeth. However, the reason why they should straighten their teeth.

Is because if they have crooked teeth. He can make brushing their teeth. As well as flossing their teeth much more difficult, in the areas where their teeth are crooked. And make it difficult for the toothbrush to reach.

Can also make it difficult for the floss to get into certain areas. And no matter how hard they try says Ellerslie dentist. They will end up with food particles stuck. Causing tooth decay.

Over a short period of time. The tooth decay will lead to cavities. And no matter how many times their dentist fills those cavities. The problem will persist, until they will either need a root canal.

Or simply have their tooth pulled, because it cannot be filled any longer. And in most patients, Ellerslie dentist can place an implant. To replace a missing tooth. Unfortunately, in a mouth with crooked teeth.

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It is often very hard to place an implant. And therefore, the person will simply have to live. Without the benefit of the tooth in that area. This is one reason why having a straighter teeth. Can lead to better overall oral health.

However, dentists say the second reason. Why straighter teeth. Leads to a healthier patient. Is because they can eat healthy foods. Like crunchy carrots, hard apples. And food like broccoli, nuts and other fruits and vegetables.

People with crooked teeth, and up. With pain in their teeth, gums and jaw. When they tried to eat certain crunchy foods. They might simply develop a habit of avoiding some of the healthiest foods.

Because of the pain it causes them. This is why, dentists will often want to straighten people’s teeth. So that eating food can be easier. Especially the healthiest food. And obviously, the younger a dentist can correct this problem.

The sooner a person can develop healthier eating habits. That can impact their health over their entire lifetime. When people are looking at tooth straightening systems. They should not overlook Invisalign.

Invisalign is completely appropriate for almost all circumstances. And in all ages. From children, two adults and even seniors. If people would like more information on Invisalign.

Or if they would like to get started today, all they have to do. Is make an appointment with the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. And get a free, 3D smile scan. In order to start the process of getting a straighter smile today.

Ellerslie Dentist | Achieving A Straight Smile Has Never Been Easier

While many people desire straighter teeth according to Ellerslie dentist. They are not keen on getting traditional metal braces. For many different reasons. From the fact that they look ugly.

To the fact that they usually cause pain. And take a long time. Many people are looking for alternatives. To straighten their teeth. Without using the ugly, and inefficient metal braces of the past.

When people visit Ellerslie dentist, they are in luck. Because they supply Invisalign. For patients who are looking for ways to straighten their teeth. And while many people think Invisalign is just an alternative.

For people who need minor fixes. This is not the correct assumption. It can help straighten teeth from minor fixes. To patients that have very crooked teeth. By gently moving their teeth into the right position.

One of the first benefits that people will love about Invisalign. Is the fact that they are invisible. People do not need to tell their friends, or coworkers. That they are straightening their teeth.

Which is very important, if the reason why. They are choosing to straighten their teeth. Is to end up with a nicer looking smile. To increase their confidence. And they do not want to decrease their confidence while straightening their teeth.

Another reason why people prefer Invisalign. Is because it often takes less time. Then more traditional, metal braces. People with metal braces usually are wearing them for 2 to 3 years.

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While Invisalign patients are usually done within twelve months. But it can take anywhere between six months or as long as two years. Depending on how little or how much the teeth need to move.

However, in either circumstances. People will be wearing Invisalign. Even at its maximum amount, less than most people will be wearing their braces. Even for minor fixes.

Dentists are also starting to prefer Invisalign. To traditional braces, because it is better for their patients teeth. Not only are the metal brackets glued on. Which can often lead to discolouration on the teeth.

But also, with metal braces. They can actually be tightened to much. Causing the teeth to move too quickly. Then the jaw wants to allow the teeth to move. The end result, is that some of the root of the tooth starts to dissolve.

In order to help move that tooth faster. Impacting the overall health of those teeth for years. As the patient ages, their gum line might reseed. Causing them to have tooth problems. Requiring extractions.

This can be completely avoided. Simply by moving their teeth slower. The way Invisalign’s are designed to. But also, because it moves the teeth slower. It is going to be a less painful, and more gentle solution.

When people are looking for more information. Or if they want to find out if they can benefit. From getting Invisalign, all they have to do. Is make an appointment with their Ellerslie dentist at the tooth doctor. And start with 3D smile scan.