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There are many reasons for people to want a straighter smile according to Ellerslie dentist. The first one, usually being confidence. They love being able to smile, without worrying. No matter what career they are in.

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However, there are many other reasons besides having increased confidence. And being happy with their appearance. Why people should get straighter teeth for themselves, or their children.

First of all, people who do not have straight teeth. Will have a harder time maintaining them. Brushing, and flossing can be difficult. When teeth are crooked in a certain way.

And no matter how well a person tries to brush and floss their teeth. They can end up with food particles. Being stuck in a hard to clean areas. Which can lead to tooth decay and cavities.

Which can require a patient needing fillings. Root canals and crowns. And eventually, because this problem will persist. Even after they have received fillings and root canals. There tooth will most likely have to be extracted.

What is even more upsetting. Is that if people have significantly crooked teeth. Their Ellerslie dentist will be less likely. To place a dental implant. To replace that lost tooth. Which can continue to lead to more dental problems in the future.

Therefore, one reason why people are recommended. To get a two streaming system. Is so that they can maintain the overall health of their teeth. Much easier, in a way that will allow them to have healthy teeth for the rest of their life.

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A second reason why dentists recommend. Getting straighter teeth, is because it will allow patients. To eat a more healthy diet, of fruits and vegetables. That are crunchy.

Crunchy fruit and vegetables are hard for people with crooked teeth to eat. Because it can cause different pressure, and pain in the jaw. To eat things like biting into an apple. Or crunching a carrot.

Therefore, if people are interested in having better overall health. Straighter teeth can help them do so. When people have been convinced by their Ellerslie dentist or other sources.

That they should straighten their teeth. They may be dreading traditional, metal braces. Not just because they are a painful way of straightening teeth. As well as taking a very long time to straighten teeth.

But mostly, because if they lack confidence. Because they do not have straight teeth. Having braces for several years. Will also impact their confidence. Which is why Invisalign is quickly becoming popular.

It is popular because as the name suggests. It is completely invisible. Which means people can straighten their teeth gradually. With no one, not their friends, peers or coworkers knowing what they are doing.

Another reason why this method is so popular. Is because it is removable. Allowing people the versatility. Of taking it out for special events, or for pictures. This way, people can continue to have confidence. While straightening their teeth permanently, for the long run.

Ellerslie Dentist | Get A Straighter Smile More Easily

When people visit their Ellerslie dentist. They often have already identified. That they want straighter teeth. Either for themselves, or for their child. But they are not keen on traditional metal braces.

There dentist will typically share with them. That they can use a tooth straightening system. Called Invisalign. Invisalign uses plastic trays. That are created digitally.

Starting with a scan of the patient’s existing teeth. A computer program figures out how much the teeth will have to move. In order to get straight teeth. And creates a 3D model of the final product.

The same computer system. Knows how much the teeth can be moved with each set of plastic trays. And will create a model of each increment for the patient. Dentists can then create plastic trays.

Of this small incremental change. And will mail the patient these trays. And they will wear them, gently shifting their teeth into the new position. It will require each patient wearing the trays for twenty hours a day.

Taking them out only to eat, and then immediately brushing their teeth. To put them back on. However, this is an extremely gentle and invisible way to straighten teeth.

This method, typically takes anywhere between six months to about two years. Depending on how much or how little. The teeth need to be straightened. While some people think that Invisalign is only useful.

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For people who have minor fixes. However, Ellerslie dentist says this is not true. And Invisalign is appropriate. For almost all circumstances. Therefore, anyone who has teeth they would like straightened.

Should contact the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. In order to find out if they can benefit. Another reason why Invisalign is so popular. Is because it is invisible, and no one needs to know. People are straightening their teeth.

And while that is one of the most common reasons. Why people choose Invisalign over traditional braces. Another reason that Ellerslie dentist loves. Is that it is a more gentle way. Of straightening someone’s teeth.

The traditional metal braces. Require gluing metal brackets onto the teeth. And then using a wire, to be tightened, and push the teeth. Into their position. It often requires extracting teeth to work.

Which is painful, and often unnecessary. But also, because the wires are tightened by hand. It can put a significant amount of pressure on the tooth. As this method tries to move the teeth faster then they want to move.

Not only this causes pain. But it also causes some of the tooth root to start to dissolve. In order to make moving the tooth faster. Then the job wants it to. This can lead to problems in the future.

While people can have their teeth becoming loose. If there gums reseed with age. This is why many people are visiting their Ellerslie dentist. To find more about Invisalign, whether it is their teeth they want straightened. Or if they want straighter teeth for their children.