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It is common for Ellerslie dentist to recommend. To parents of children that are seeing them. To align their teeth, for their health. Many parents might think that this is purely cosmetic. And may not want to pay.

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In order to have their child get cosmetically straightened teeth. However, the reason why there dentist would make this recommendation. Is not because it is cosmetic. But because it is going to help them have better oral health.

Earlier on in their life. What happens with teeth that are not straight and aligned. Is that food particles can get caught. Causing tooth decay, gingivitis and gum disease. Even if someone is brushing their teeth.

Extremely well, three times a day. As well as flossing and using mouthwash. Often, it is impossible. To get rid of the food particles in certain areas of crooked teeth. Often, their teeth have also eventually

Started to crack, and food particles can get caught in their. And it would be impossible for a patient to know about this. This is why dentists recommend parents fixing there child’s teeth. When they are young.

If this does not happen, what the outcome will be. Is a child that continues to have dental problems. Needing fillings, in their cavity filled teeth. And eventually, when they become and adults.

There going to require that tooth being extracted. And not having straight enough teeth. For their dentist be able to put a dental implant in its place. This is going to cause them a lot of problems eating in the future.

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Therefore, when parents hear from their Ellerslie dentist. That their child needs to have straightened teeth. That is advice that they should take to heart.

Another reason why parents should straighten their child’s teeth. Is because their child might not say it. But they are probably experiencing pain. When they bite into fruits and vegetables.

What child does not love biting into a juicy apple. However, for children that have crooked teeth. It could be causing them a significant amount of pain in their teeth. And there gums and in their jaw.

They will develop some poor eating habits. And avoid eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. Simply because it causes them pain. This is unfortunate. As well as avoidable according to Ellerslie dentist.

If people have become adults, and have not straightened their teeth. And their dentist makes this recommendation. It is something that they should also take to heart. If they have not already started having multiple dental issues. They probably will soon.

And for adults, and children alike. There is an alternative to the traditional braces. This alternative is called Invisalign, and is a more gentle, faster solution to tooth straightening.

It uses plastic liners that fit over the teeth. That gently move the teeth into a new position over time. In order for children, and all else to get started. All they have to do is make an appointment with the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie. They will utilize what is called a smile scan, in order to create the liners.

Ellerslie Dentist | Helping Patients Align Their Teeth Painlessly

Many people want to cosmetically straighten their teeth says Ellerslie dentist. But are very opposed to braces. Because braces will look just as unattractive. As they feel their crooked smile is.

When this is the case, their dentist often tells them about program called Invisalign. This is a very popular tooth straightening system. That is virtually invisible. Which is why it is very popular with people. Who want to straighten their teeth cosmetically.

The benefit of Invisalign is huge. Not only is it invisible. But it can also be removed, so that if people have a special occasion. Such as a wedding, or photo shoot with family. They can remove it to help them feel as confident as they want.

However, Ellerslie dentist suggests people leave it in for at least twenty hours a day. In order to get the benefits that they desire. Another benefit of Invisalign, is that when people where it twenty hours a day.

Most patients will be done in eleven months. This is far faster than typical braces. For people will be wearing them for a minimum of 2 to 3 years. In order to get the same results.

While this is a shorter process. It is not because it is a less thorough process. Ellerslie dentist says the Invisalign system. Moves the teeth smaller amounts. But it moves them more often.

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While braces on the other hand moves the teeth faster. But less often. The downside to that, is that moving the teeth so quickly. Often is detrimental to the root of the tooth. That starts to be impacted, the more the braces are tightened.

In order to allow the tooth to move faster through the bone. The body starts to erode the route. And with time, people can experience loose teeth. This is especially happens, as people age. And their gums start to reseed. Either because of gingivitis. Or, as a natural byproduct of advancing age.

While this process of Invisalign is faster. It is actually more gentle says Ellerslie dentist. Simply because they are moving the teeth smaller amounts at a time. While people with traditional braces.

Usually complain about tooth aches, jaw aches and headaches. People who use Invisalign. Typically say that they do not experience any discomfort at all. And if they do, it will be the first day after getting a new liner. When people are ready to get started with Invisalign.

The first step would be calling the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie. This is a perfect location, that many Edmonton only ends can get to. At this appointment, they will utilize a machine in order to do. What is called a 3D smile scan.

Using this information, a computer will create the first liner that they will send to the patient through mail. They will where the liner for three weeks. And send a picture of their smile to their dentist. To find out how well they are progressing.