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When people visit their Ellerslie dentist. They might hear the recommendation. That they should get their teeth aligned and straightened. The reason why this recommendation is often made. Is in order to improve the overall oral health of the patient.

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While some people like having their teeth aligned, for cosmetic reasons. For the most important reasons. Why this should be done. Is to ensure better health of the teeth overall.

The reason why, is because crooked teeth, can lead to food particles. Being trapped, where teeth overlap. Even teeth can become cracked, allowing food particles to get trapped inside the tooth.

Of course, while people brush their teeth. In order to get rid of this food particle. Sometimes, with crooked teeth. It is difficult, if not impossible. For people to reach all areas of their teeth. With a toothbrush, or dental floss.

Therefore, the food particles are unable to be brushed away. Where they sit on the teeth, causing tooth decay. As well as tartar buildup, gum disease and gingivitis. Therefore, if this is continually happening.

The patient will continue to get cavities. In the same location in their mouth. And a tooth can only be patched so many times. Before it becomes unstable. And requires extraction.

While missing teeth, are often able to be replaced. By dental implants. This is simply not possible. If someone has very crooked teeth. Because their dentist will not be able to place the implant without risking it.

Therefore, whether it is a child that has crooked teeth. There dentist should take note, when their Ellerslie dentist recommends straightening their teeth. And if a person is an adult and they still have crooked teeth.

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This is the perfect time to look at different treatments to straighten their teeth. While many people will agree that straightening their teeth will be beneficial. They do not want to use metal braces. Because they are nervous about the look, as well as the feel.

The good news is, there is an alternative to braces. Called Invisalign. That uses plastic devices called liners. That people fit over top of their teeth. And they gently move the teeth into the desired position.

They will need several liners, in order to move the teeth the amount necessary. But Invisalign can be done. Within eleven months. Instead of two three years with traditional braces. The second reason why their Ellerslie dentist would recommend straightening their teeth. Is to positively impact their overall health.

This fact of the matter is. When people have crooked teeth, they often have a difficult time eating healthy foods. Such as crunchy fruits and vegetables. Their teeth are not aligned, and they might have teeth pointing in all directions.

That cause them pain, when they bite into a crunchy Apple. When they have crooked teeth. Another reason to get Invisalign. Is simply so that they can have a fully balanced diet.

While many people think that Invisalign. Is only for adults. Or is only for minor dental concerns. These assumptions are actually wrong. Invisalign is perfect for all ages. From children, teenagers and adults. As well as seniors, who want to fix some of their dental concerns. As well, studies have shown.

Most dental concerns can be fixed with Invisalign. If people are ready, they can talk to their dentist about Invisalign. The first step is making an appointment for a 3D smile scan. This will give the computer the information that it needs.

Ellerslie Dentist | Aligned Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

When people visit Ellerslie dentist each year. They may want to talk about their cosmetic concerns. And want to get their teeth straightened. And while straightening teeth is very positive for many reasons.

When the reason is for cosmetic improvements. Many people do not want to wear metal braces. Metal braces are very unattractive for most people. And when they want to improve their looks.

They do not want to take a step backwards with metal braces in the meantime. The good news is, Invisalign is a perfect alternative to braces. And virtually, the only option for adults.

Ellerslie dentist will prefer to prevent problems from happening in children. By using things like appliances for teeth, tongue or muscles. To prevent teeth from growing in overcrowded to begin with.

However, if this did not happen. And people have crooked teeth. The best times to deal with them is right now. Invisalign can help adults straighten their teeth, without the stigma or look of braces.

Many people who talk to their dentist. About getting the Invisalign straightening system. Often want to know how long they are going to have to wear Invisalign. And while each person individually will have a different answer.

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Ellerslie dentist says typically, Invisalign wears. Only need eleven months of treatment. In order to get the results that they desire. While some patients can be done in only five months, some patients have a significantly crooked teeth.

And need to wear Invisalign liners for up to two years. Even when this is the case. It is a more beneficial scenario, then wearing traditional metal braces. That have to be worn for two or three years.

In order to get the look that people want. Another benefit of Invisalign, is just as the name suggests.  It is totally invisible. Therefore, when people are getting their teeth straightened for cosmetic reasons.

They do not have to deal with the embarrassment of the look of braces in the same time. Also, Invisalign is typically more gentle. And causes much less pain than traditional braces. Simply because they are making more changes.

But smaller, instead of braces. That make fewer changes, the larger ones.  People with braces typically report having headaches, toothaches and jaw eggs on a regular basis. While Invisalign wears report almost no discomfort ever.

As well, when people are wearing Invisalign. They can remove them whenever they need. So that they can eat. Brush their teeth, and have their picture taken.