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Amalgam is an alloy says Ellerslie dentist. That has been used for approximately hundred and fifty years. As a dental filler, with a lot of success. The reason why it is needed. Is because no other material at the time.

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Could fill the hole. That a cavity left. And if a filler was not added. The tooth would be susceptible to pain. As well as additional cavities. Because the protective enamel would be gone.

As well as making it very difficult. To brush, and get rid of bacteria that causes cavities. Therefore, dentists from over one hundred years ago. Understood, the importance of putting something in the hole in the tooth.

They tried many different materials. From gold and silver, that royalty. And the rich loved. But found, that it was ineffective. Simply because those metals are soft. And cannot stand the repeated chewing and biting.

And many different alloys would not be able to be used. Because it would require melting them together. Which is too hot, to put molten metal. Into a patient’s mouth.

This is where amalgam came in handy. By grinding other metals. Like copper, silver, zinc or tin. Even materials like platinum or palladium. They could mix it with the liquid metal, mercury.

To create a substance, that had a paste like consistency. The dentist could then form that material. Into the right shape. In a person’s tooth. Before the substance hardened into an extremely durable form.

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So that it protected the teeth. And could withstand. The repeated biting and chewing. That people had to do each day. And while it was used successfully for over a century and a half.

There has always been some negative talk. Around amalgam. Because of the content, mercury. And the concern behind mercury poisoning. While mercury poisoning is very real. And very serious as well.

There is a reduced risk. Of mercury poisoning. Once the alloy is formed. This is because in this new form, it is less likely. Especially once it hardens. To be leached into a person’s body.

Because it is mixed with other metals. And, is then no longer a liquid. That can be absorbed. Even then, the FDA admits. That trace amounts of mercury is not fatal. Which is why some foods.

Can contain trace amounts, and still be sold. The most famous example of this. It is tuna, which is widely known. For its mercury content. And yet, continues to be. The most popular fish around the world to eat.

While many people would prefer to not get amalgam fillings now. When they visit Ellerslie dentist, that is possible. They can talk about all of the options that they have. And, when they have the information.

They can make the decision for themselves, or their children. About what is most desirable. So that people can end up, getting what is most comfortable. And avoid feeling pressured into one decision or another.

People can simply call Ellerslie dentist, the tooth doctor, with their three convenient locations. And make an appointment. To find out or information.

Ellerslie Dentist | Alternatives To Amalgam To Explore

Amalgam, is a metal alloy says Ellerslie dentist. That has been used, four hundred and fifty years. According to the US National Library of medicine. And while it has been used for many years without issue.

Any people are now talking negatively about it. Because of the mercury content. And while hundreds of studies have been done. For decades around this topic. No survey has ever discovered.

That amalgam caused mercury. To leach into a body. And people typically have absolutely no side effects. Of mercury poisoning. Even if they have a dozen or more amalgam fillings in their teeth.

People still worry about mercury. And now, since several countries. Such as Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Have band amalgam from use in their country. It has fuelled the fear once again.

However, Ellerslie dentist implores people. To find out why they have banned that substance. Instead of jumping to the conclusion. That countries are banning it. Because it is a dangerous material.

That is not the case. Not only is it not a dangerous material. But that is not the reason why countries are banning it in their borders. The reason, is because the waste that it creates. Is not biodegradable.

And in an effort, to become a more environmentally friendly country. They are ensuring, that they are getting rid of. Most of the waste, that cannot be recycled, or composted.

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And in Canada and the United States, amalgam use. Is actually on the decline. This is because dentists have found a new material. That was actually designed by NASA, to use in fillings instead.

While this new material is not more durable. And slightly more expensive. It is quickly growing in popularity throughout North America. Because, instead of the silver colour that amalgam is.

The material, is white. And matches the colour of people’s teeth. Which means as they get their cavities filled. People cannot tell, especially when they smile or laugh. That someone has had dental work done.

Therefore, cosmetic reasons. Is one of the most popular reasons. Why this is becoming the more widely used dental filler. However, while it grows in popularity. People do not need to worry.

That the amalgam fillings that they have. Need to be removed. And replaced with this white filler. While people may ask their Ellerslie dentist. If there amalgam filler does fall out.

If people have fillings, made of amalgam that are not problematic. Then they should not have them removed. Because they can create problems. That did not exist in the first place.

When patients get their healthy fillings removed. They may irritate their tooth. And end up, with a problem. That requires a root canal and a crown. Or, causing them to need a dental extraction done.

If people have concern about the amalgam fillings. That are in their head. All they have to do, is set up an appointment. With the tooth doctor, at one of their three convenient locations. And ask the questions themselves. To give them answers, and peace of mind.