Ellerslie Dentist | Amalgam Is A Safe Dental Material

Many people who have amalgam fillings are concerned according to Ellerslie dentist. This is because people are aware, that dental fillings. At least the silver ones, that used to be very common. Contain Mercury, and since it is a toxic substance.

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Many people are concerned about mercury poisoning. Amalgam was invented, over a hundred and fifty years ago. And it was used to fill cavities. Because of how strong and durable it is.

As well as being inexpensive. Dentists over a century ago. Often tried using precious metals. Such as silver, or gold to fill cavities. And while this was hugely expensive for most people to be able to afford.

The problem with silver and gold. Is that they are relatively soft metal. And not a good choice. For putting in teeth. That will be chewing, and biting food for the rest of their life.

Amalgam was invented, by combining several metals into an aloe away. Using mercury as the base. And then, adding powdered metal. Such as copper, tin, or zinc. But also metals such as silver, platinum and iron.

Once all of these metals were formed into an alloy. The toxicity of the mercury, was considerably lower. Since the mercury stayed in the alloy. And did not leach into the person’s body.

The reason why mercury is so dangerous to a human. Is because in its original format. It is a liquid. Which can be ingested, and then sent throughout the human body. Into the circulatory system.

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The brain, and the nervous system. But in a solid format. With the alloy, it is much safer. In fact, many studies continue to be conducted. To determine if amalgam is dangerous. Using new technologies.

As well as testing amalgam. That have been in people’s mouths. For ten, twenty and thirty or more years. While dental amalgam is only rated to last for 10 to 15 years. Many people realize it is longer.

As they have had silver fillings. For twenty years or more. The research has determined, that at no time is amalgam dangerous. Even if people have several fillings inside their mouth.

And while there has been some anecdotal evidence. Of some people reporting to feel better. Once they have had their dental amalgam fillings removed. There is no research to back up why this is the case.

And in fact, Ellerslie dentist recommends against. Replacing dental amalgam fillings. Because if the fillings are not causing any problems to the tooth. Then removing them, and putting a different filling in.

Can cause enough trauma to the tooth. That it can become infected. Or simply irritated enough. That the dentist will then have to remove the filling. And do a root canal. Or, remove the tooth.

And put in a dental implant instead. And while Ellerslie dentist will do this if requested. They will share with each patient. Their hesitations about doing it. And why it is a good idea, to let their teeth be.

Ellerslie Dentist | Understanding That Amalgam Is A Safe Dental Material

Many people have had silver fillings in their mouth says Ellerslie dentist. And while the preferred filling material. Is now a white filling. People who have silver fillings. Should not worry at all.

While people understand, that silver fillings. Contain mercury, people also need to know. That it is an alloy, combined with several other metals. That have completely different properties when they are combined.

Rather than a liquid metal. Like mercury is in its original form. This hardened substance. Is extremely strong, and extremely durable. And while many people are worried about trace amounts of mercury.

Leaching into their body. No research has been done that has determined. That this is the case. Therefore, amalgam is deemed safe not only by the dental Association of Canada.

But also the Alberta dental Association, as well as Ellerslie dentist. It is been determined, that people who have amalgam fillings. Whether they have one, or many. Are not at any risk.

Some people say that it must be a risk. Otherwise, it would not hurt to accidentally bite. A piece of tinfoil, or a fork or spoon. With the tooth, that has the dental amalgam filling.

And while this can leave a bizarre, metallic taste in someone’s mouth. As well as give them a bit of a shock. Or pain in their tooth. This is not because the dental amalgam is dangerous at all.

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In fact, it is a simple chemical reaction. Called galvanic action. The filling, is made out of a different metal. Then the metal in the tinfoil, for the utensil that was accidentally bitten.

Whenever two metals are placed beside each other. There is a slight galvanic reaction. That causes the metal, to reorganize their molecules. However, it does not usually cause any problems.

But in a person’s mouth is a wet environment. And a person’s saliva is slightly salty. Which means when the two different metals are beside each other. In the wet and saline environment.

And creates a battery. That is what the slight metallic taste is. And the jolt of pain that people might feel. This is not a problem. And dentists simply encourage. People to be more careful when they are eating.

Nowadays, dentists, including Ellerslie dentist. Will prefer default thing to a white filling substance. When filling cavities. Because most customers are more comfortable with the white.

Simply because it will match their teeth better. And it is not as noticeable. That people have had a cavities in their lifetime. And while this is more cosmetically appealing. Dentists also worn patients.

That the white filling is less durable. And more expensive. Which means when it fails. It is going to cost more to refill the tooth. White filling, then it would to refill it with amalgam.

If patients have any questions about amalgam filling. Or about any other dental concerns. They should make an appointment with the tooth doctor. With three different locations, for patients convenience.