Ellerslie Dentist | Amalgam Is Absolutely Safe

A common concern about amalgam being used in dentistry according to Ellerslie dentist. Is that it is unsafe. Because of the mercury content in it. Amalgam, is an alloy that is used.

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To fill cavities, in a patient’s tooth. It has been used for approximately hundred and fifty years. And despite that length of time. People still have the fear of mercury.

Mercury poisoning, is a very real problem. Which is why many people are concerned about it. However, people do not get mercury poisoning. From amalgam fillings. Because while mercury can be absorbed.

Into a person’s body. Once the mercury is combined. With the other metals to create an alloy. It has different properties. And no longer is able to be absorbed. Because it is now an extremely hard solid.

However, to ensure its safety. Ellerslie dentist says studies continue to be done. Using new technologies. As well as looking at amalgam. That has been in a person’s mouth. For twenty, thirty or more years.

While amalgam fillings have only been designed. To last for about 10 to 15 years. They are lasting longer than that. Which is why studies want to find out. If the fillings degrade over time.

And if they do, if that causes a problem or risk. However, to date, absolutely no studies. Have shown that there are problems. Arising from mercury leaks in amalgam. If trace amounts exist.

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They are well within the agreed upon safety limits. And there is in fact, more mercury. That a person will ingest, by eating tuna. Then they would, from a lifetime with their amalgam fillings.

How amalgam is created. Is by mixing several other metals. Like copper, tin, zinc and iron. Or more precious metals like silver, platinum or palladium. That have been ground into a powder.

And then mixed with the liquid mercury. As they mix, they combine into an extremely strong solid material. That is ideal for filling cavities with. It is going to be extremely durable.

As the tooth is going to be biting, and chewing for many years. It will support the tooth. So that it is very strong. And protect the tooth, for years to come. In fact, amalgam is so safe.

That Ellerslie dentist still uses this in their dental practice. However, their first choice. Of a dental filler, is a white material. That people tend to prefer. Simply for cosmetic reasons. The white filling is less noticeable.

And more people, want to have as perfect teeth as possible. Which is why it is preferred over amalgam. Despite the fact that it is not necessarily as a strong. And is more expensive to put in a tooth.

However, because the white filling. Needs the area to be completely dry. Some teeth, are almost impossible to put a white filling in. And at that time, the dentist can discuss with the patient.

If they are okay with amalgam. Or, if they would prefer a crown after a root canal. Or, to pull the tooth. And put in a dental implant instead.

Ellerslie Dentist | Amalgam Is Absolutely Safe For Use

People worry about dental amalgam says Ellerslie dentist. Because they know it has mercury in it. However, they do not know how much mercury. Or how it is created. While it is true, mercury is toxic.

In its liquid form, it can be ingested. And absorbed into different tissues of the body. Where it can then, cause a lot of problems. However, when it is made into an alloy. Such as amalgam.

It is no longer absorbable or indigestible. And no studies have shown. That mercury leaks. From amalgam, no matter how long. It has been in a person’s mouth. Therefore, people should not worry.

That their amalgam fillings. Are going to cause them any problems. And while there has been some anecdotal evidence. That people feel better after getting their amalgam fillings replaced.

Placing perfectly good fillings. Is something that Ellerslie dentist tends to try to avoid. Simply because if the filling is not giving up patient problems. It may irritate the teeth more to remove them.

Or, traumatize the teeth. Which soon after they replace the fillings. A patient often needs a root canal, or to remove the tooth. And get a dental implant instead. Therefore, Ellerslie dentist will advise against it.

However, it is up to each individual patient. To make the final decision. About what is right about their body and their mouths. Many people believe that the fillings are dangerous.

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Because they have accidentally bitten down. On a piece of tinfoil, or therefore. And felt a jolt of pain. In the tooth, that had the amalgam filling. And while this is definitely unpleasant.

It is not a sign of anything dangerous happening. What it is, is a simple chemical reaction. Whenever two metals come close to each other. A process called galvanic action happens.

Where there is an electrochemical difference from one metal to the other. While this happens whenever two metals of a different type are touched. In a mouth, that is already wet from saliva.

And where the saliva is slightly salty. This is the perfect conditions. For creating a battery. That is why, people will get a slight metallic taste in their mouth. When they accidentally bite down on tinfoil.

And why, they get a slight jolt. It is because the battery has caused a slight electric current. To travel down into the root of their tooth. And while this is unpleasant says Ellerslie dentist.

It is not evidence of any danger at all. When people are concerned about their amalgam fillings. The best thing that they should do. Is it come to the tooth doctor, created in three different locations.

Such as Ellerslie, for people in South Edmonton. Capilano. Perfect for people who are in central Edmonton. And Tofield, for people outside of Edmonton. So that they can ask questions themselves.

At the same time, they can get their teeth checked and cleaned. So that they have a clean bill of dental health. As well as the answers to all of their burning questions.