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There is no reason for people to worry when they visit their Ellerslie dentist. And learn, that the silver fillings that they have. Contain trace amounts of mercury. Amalgam is a type of alloy.

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That is mixed into a soft paste, or a malleable solid. The liquid metal. Is mixed in with powdered metals. That have been around that way, such as copper, tin or zinc. That is used, to fill cavities in teeth.

The safety of amalgam, has been debated for years. Because it contains mercury. Which is toxic. However, people should not be concerned. Because while mercury is toxic in its liquid form.

It is not the same thing, when it is created. As an alloy, mixed with other metals. Many people are concerned says Ellerslie dentist. Because Denmark, Sweden and Norway. All have banned the substance from its country.

However, the reason why it has been banned. Is not because it is safe. But because the waste, is non-compostable. Which means it does not break down. And those countries. Are trying to minimize.

The amount of waste that their countries create. And while the use of amalgam is on the decrease according to their dentist. That is because a new type of filling. Is being used across the country.

This type of filling was actually designed by NASA. However, not because they were trying to come up with dental fillings. But because they were trying to come up with a type of solution.

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That would allow them to repair their shuttles up in space. While this particular formula. Did not work for that purpose. Dentists have been using it ever since. As a dental filling. The reason why.

Is because it is white, and therefore it is far more desirable. By people, who want to hide fillings. And have a more cosmetically appealing appearance. The only problem with this solution.

Is that it is not as strong or durable. Which means people who get the white filling. Are going to have to come back to their Ellerslie dentist. Sooner rather than later, to get it replaced.

Another downside, is the fact that the white fillings. Typically is more expensive. Then the very economical amalgam that have been used for years. And while dentists are leaning more towards.

This new filling. Rather than amalgam. People who have amalgam fillings. Should not be concerned. They are not being exposed to mercury. And they are likely not experiencing any side effects.

Indicative of mercury poisoning. And there is no reason. For people to replace their fillings. In fact, many dentists warn against this. Because pulling out fillings. In teeth that have no current issues.

Can actually cause problems. Causing teeth to become irritated. Often leading towards a root canal. Or, needing to extracted tooth. And then replace it with a dental implant.

If people who have amalgam fillings. Have any questions about this. They should make an appointment with the tooth doctor, at one of their three convenient locations. And ask all of the questions. While getting their teeth cleaned and checked.

Ellerslie Dentist | Amalgam Is A Completely Safe Alloy

Amalgam is a type of dental filler according to Ellerslie dentist. That has been used for the last one hundred and fifty years. And while it is an alloy, containing mercury. People should not be concerned.

The safety of this alloy, has been debated. For many years. However, all of the studies that have been done. Do not show that there is any correlation. Between people with amalgam fillings.

And problems, typically seen in mercury poisoning. While mercury, in its liquid form. Is dangerous, and toxic. Particularly because it can be ingested. And then absorbed into the body’s tissue.

As a filling in at tooth. There is very little risk. Of mercury leaching out. Particularly, because as an alloy. Mercury is now a solid. And while it is in the tooth, there is very few places. For the mercury to leach to.

Even if it could. In fact, so many studies have been done about the subject. That the Canadian dental Association. As well as the Alberta dental Association. And even many dentists themselves.

All agree, that it is safe. To be used, and kept in people’s mouths. If they have previously had an amalgam filling. While the trend, is starting to head away from amalgam. And towards another material.

That is white in colour, and is actually far more desirable. Because people will be able to hide the fact that they have had fillings. And therefore, is more cosmetically appealing for most.

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Amalgam is still approved for use. And there are certain circumstances. Where Ellerslie dentist would prefer to use it. For example, the white filling. Needs to have the tooth perfectly dry.

In order to adhere it properly. And while most teeth. Can accommodate that. By surrounding the tooth. With cotton roles. Unfortunately, a lot of the molars. Are so far back. Or, the cavity is an unfortunate location.

That drying out the tooth, is very difficult or impossible. Then, Ellerslie dentist will simply have a conversation. With the patient about whether they would be okay. To accept and amalgam filling.

Or, if the patient would prefer another solution. The other solutions would include doing a root canal. And then putting a crown on the tooth. Or, they could remove the tooth entirely.

And replace it with a dental implant. While these are more expensive. And options that involve a lot more time. For some people, it is important. That they stay away from amalgam.

And of those options, would be suitable. However, for others they would not want this. And can accept amalgam. Knowing that many studies have proven it is safe. However, as long as Ellerslie dentist.

Shares with the patient, all of the options. All of the information, and risks. They will be able to make the best decision for themselves. Knowing, that no matter what they choose. Their dentist will be doing the best job they can.