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While many people may not have heard the term dental amalgam before says Ellerslie dentist. They are more likely to be familiar. With silver fillings. If they or their family have had cavities.

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Silver amalgam, used to be the most common material. To fill cavities with. Because it is extremely durable. And extremely inexpensive. However, many people are concerned about it.

Because it contains mercury. Which people recognize as a toxic material. And it is true, in Mercury’s liquid form. It is quite toxic. Because it could easily. Get into a person’s system. Through touch, or ingestion.

And once in a body, it can go anywhere. Absorbed into tissues. Entering the circulatory, or nervous system. Which is why it is such a dangerous material. However, when it is put into an alloy.

Which is a combination of several different metals. The metals make up new properties. And no longer have the same properties that they had. On their own. Take stainless steel for example.

This is a metal, that is an alloy. And was created to be strong. As well as rust resistant. And is now, one of the most popular. Building materials that people use. And each of the metals on their own.

Would not be able to do the job. The way they could, combined. Dental amalgam is an alloy says Ellerslie dentist. That is made, by combining liquid mercury. With powders of various other metals.

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There are many different metals that can be combined. To make the alloy, and dental amalgam. From metals like copper, tin, zinc or iron. Two more precious metals like silver, platinum and palladium.

Once the powdered metals are blended with the liquid mercury. It forms a solid. That is not only more stable. But it is extremely strong and durable. And the mercury, is not able to be ingested.

Despite the fact that it has been used for hundred and fifty years. Research is continuing on the subject. Using new technology. To ensure that it is safe. As well as to test dental amalgam.

That have been in people’s teeth, for twenty, thirty or more years. While dental amalgam was only designed to last for about fifteen years. People who have these fillings, say that they are lasting longer.

And the research, is designed to find out. If there is a problem. Or if the amalgam degrades after a certain amount of time. In a person’s mouth. However, out of all of the extensive research.

Nothing has ever found that it is unsafe. Or that anything other than trace amounts. Well within the safety limits. Ever leaches out into a person’s body. Therefore, not only the Canadian dental Association.

But the Alberta dental Association and Ellerslie dentist. All deem it to be safe. And while Ellerslie dentist will typically use white fillings. They still put amalgam in a cavity if it is needed.

If people have any concerns. About the silver fillings that they have in their mouth. The best thing to do, would be to make an appointment with the tooth doctor. And get the questions answered, by a qualified dentist.

Ellerslie Dentist | Don’t Worry – Amalgam Is Safe

Amalgam is an alloy, created to fill cavities says Ellerslie dentist. It has been in use for about hundred and fifty years. And is one of the most durable, and inexpensive materials. To fill cavities with.

The problem with dental amalgam, is perception. Many people are aware. That it has mercury in it. And therefore, is often seen as unsafe. Despite the fact that many studies have been done.

And nothing has found that it is unsafe. But that is also why. Research continues to be done. Especially as new technology becomes available. People want to know, if the silver fillings they have in their mouth.

Could potentially be making them sick. And while all current research shows that they are completely safe. People continue to be worried. One of the most common questions that Ellerslie dentist gets.

From their new patients, is wondering why amalgam is used at all. To fill cavities in people’s teeth? For a long time, dental amalgam was the only known filling type that worked. It has been in use for hundred and fifty years.

And out of all of the other types of materials. That were put in people’s teeth to fill cavities. This is truly, the only one that has worked. Not only will it fill the cavity. And be extremely durable.

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But other materials were too soft. And would fall out. Or, would allow the tooth underneath. To continue to decay. This is why it is still in use today. However, new materials are continuing to be discovered.

For example, NASA was trying to find a material. That they could use, to fix their space shuttle. And it came up with a white substance. That, while it did not work fix space shuttles.

Dentists found a use for it. In filling cavities. The reason why it is quite popular. Is because as a white material. It best matched people’s tooth colour. So that it is not obvious, that people have had a filling.

And while it is now the most common dental filling material. It is not because it is the most durable. Or the most inexpensive. Dental amalgam is still the most durable and inexpensive.

However, many people really like the benefits. Of the white material, cosmetically. However, Ellerslie dentist also says. That this particular type of filling material. Is quite difficult to put in.

Because it can only be applied. To a tooth that is completely dry. And if the dentist is putting the filling. In an area of the mouth. That is difficult to keep dry. The dentist may not be able to put the white filling in.

And then, can talk to the patient. About using amalgam instead. And if they do not like that option. They can talk about putting a crown on their tooth. Or about removing the tooth. And placing it with a dental implant instead.