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One of the things that Ellerslie dentist is most proud about. Is the fact that they are a source of valuable information. To all of their clients who walked through their doors. Many people have many questions about proper dental techniques.
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Procedures, and ways that they can have. Their most brilliant, and healthy smile possible. Whether it is questions about dental procedures. For their children, such as when should my child first see a dentist.

Two the best ways to ensure. People can get a healthy, happy smile at home. And even things like understanding the difference. Between getting dentures, and getting dental implants.

However, out of all of the questions that Ellerslie dentist gets. The most common question by far, is how can people prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. The first thing that the tooth doctor wants people to know.

Is the best that they can do, is have a great oral hygiene routine home. As well as see their dentist regularly. For cleanings and checkups. Beyond that, some people. Are genetically predisposition to.

To having teeth that are prone tooth decay. Or who have gums that are prone to gingivitis. And despite everyone’s best efforts. To have a healthy mouth. Sometimes, things are going to happen, regardless of what they do.

Because of that, Ellerslie dentist does not want anyone to feel ashamed. If they are brushing their teeth as required. And they still have to come in for fillings, or to fix other problems.

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However, one mistake that many people make. Is if they are following there dentists advice. On the best oral care routine at home. Means that they do not have to come in for regular dental cleanings.

This absolutely is not true. The reason why, is because a dental cleaning. Gets off all of the sticky tartar and plaque buildup. That brushing alone cannot remove.

That is why it is recommended. That people come in for cleanings. Every six months. The matter how effective they are. At brushing their teeth twice a day. For two minutes, and using mouthwash and flossing.

The plaque buildup will still continue to happen. Particularly in areas. That toothbrush simply cannot reach. Areas such as below the gum line. Is very prone to getting plaque buildup.

And no matter how effectively a person brushes their teeth. They cannot get rid of this. This is very plaque buildup says the tooth doctor. That causes people to get gingivitis. As the bacteria forms of plaque.

Underneath the gum line. That bacteria causes the gums to become irritated. This is why gingivitis symptoms include. Read, inflamed and bleeding gums. When people visit the tooth doctor for cleanings

They are able to get all of the plaque. Not just off the surface of the teeth. But between the teeth, and importantly below the gum line. So that people can be less likely to develop problems that can become worse with age.

If people have any more questions for the tooth doctor. They should contact the office located on the south side of Edmonton, Ellerslie today.

Ellerslie Dentist | Answering All Dental Inquiries

There are many things that people ask Ellerslie dentist about. During their annual checkup. Or their twice a year cleaning. One of those questions is why are my teeth sensitive?

There are many reasons why people can have sensitive teeth. However, the most common reason is because of gingivitis. As the bacteria forms underneath the gum line. The bacteria irritates the gums.

Which not only become swollen, red and start to bleed. But in order to eliminate this irritation. The gums will start to recede. They are trying to get away from their irritant. However, as the gums reseed.

More of the tooth roots become exposed. The longer someone lives with uncontrolled gingivitis. The more their gum line is going to recede. Exposing more, and more of the tooth roots.

The reason why this causes sensitivity says Ellerslie dentist. Is because the tooth roots are not protected. As the rest of the teeth are, by enamel. This means the roots are more susceptible to feeling cold temperatures.

In cold foods, and cold drinks. As well as hot food and drinks. Causing people to feel pain. As well if people tend to eat sugary foods. The sugar can cause the tooth roots to feel pain as well.

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If people have gingivitis, they can stop this from happening. However, they cannot fix the damage of their receding gums. If there gums have receded so much. Or if the gums have been damaged from other means.

Such as over brushing, brushing with a very hard bristled toothbrush. Or with more pressure than is necessary. The only solution to replace the gums is through a skin graft.

Ellerslie dentist will cut some of the skin out of the roof of the patient’s mouth. And then stitch it in place, replacing the gums that have receded. This is a painful procedure. And in some cases, very necessary.

Because not only are the exposed roots. Susceptible to hot and cold temperatures. But they are also more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Because they are not protected by that hard enamel.

In addition to that says Ellerslie dentist. If the gum line recedes so much. The teeth can actually become loose and a risk. At falling out. Or start leaning on each other. That can create a domino effect.

Causing other teeth to become at risk. As they lean into each other. And if this goes untreated. Or undiscovered, people can end up needing to replace. A large amount of their teeth, completely unnecessarily.

If someone has sensitive teeth. And are already seeing the tooth doctor on a regular basis. All they should do, is bring it up with the dentist. However if people have sensitive teeth.

And they are not yet seeing a dentist on a regular basis. They should make an appointment today with the tooth doctor. And find out if there is a deeper reason why they have sensitive teeth. So that they can stop that from happening. And have a healthy smile.