Ellerslie Dentist | Answering Common Dental Questions

Patients usually have various questions for Ellerslie dentist. Whether they are there for a checkup, cleaning. Or they have simply scheduled a consultation with one of their professionals.
Ellerslie Dentist

They have heard many of the same questions over and over. And want patients to know. That there is no such thing as a bad question. Just one that goes and answered.

Most of the questions are around having a great oral hygiene routine. And many people want to know. What they can do at home. In order to have the healthiest teeth, and happiest smile.

Ellerslie dentist will always recommend. People should be brushing twice a day. This should be after they eat. But not immediately after. It was once widely believed. That people should brush immediately after eating.

Unfortunately, that was causing some enamel erosion. Simply because some foods are high in acidic content. Which can soften the enamel. If people brush immediately after eating.

And their food had acidic content. They may be inadvertently brushing away the softened enamel. The unfortunate thing about enamel, is that it cannot be replaced. Therefore, people need to protect the enamel they do have.

Examples of acidic food include food with vinegar content. Anything that is made with citrus fruits. Such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes. As well as juice made from those fruits.

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And while many people may not consider. Tomatoes to be acidic. They are very high in acid content. Therefore tomatoes, but more specifically tomato sauces. You can cause the softening of enamel.

Therefore, brushing half an hour after eating. Twice a day, for two minutes each time. Is a good habit for everyone to get into. When it comes to the type of toothbrush they use, that important as well.

The best toothbrushes are soft bristled brushes. The reason why, is because hard bristled brushes. Can actually brush away the enamel. On people’s teeth. In addition to that, a hard bristled toothbrush.

Can actually damage the persons gums. Especially if they brush aggressively as well. If they damage their gums, the only way that can be fixed. Is with a skin graft, by taking the skin from the roof of their mouth.

Once people have brush their teeth. Ellerslie dentist says they should follow that up. With mouthwash. Mouthwash is extremely beneficial. Because it can reach areas of the mouth the toothbrush cannot get to.

Such as the far backs of the molars. But also, bacteria that causes cavities. Can live on the soft surfaces of the mouth. Like the gums, cheeks, tongue and roof of the mouth. By using mouthwash, most of this bacteria is eliminated.

While all mouthwash is are good, people should choose and alcohol free type. Because it will do the least amount of damage and drying out the persons mouth. And finally, people need to floss every day.

If they find it difficult, or they do not like it. They should invest in some of the great flossing products. Such as floss picks, or a WaterPik. To ensure that they can have the best smile at home possible.

Ellerslie Dentist | Answering Average Dental Questions

Most people do not like going to the dentist, according to Ellerslie dentist. It is never fun to have somebody poking around. In a very sensitive area of the body. However, the more often people go to the dentist.

The less invasive the appointments are going to end up being. Despite this, people do not go as often as they need. And as a result, and up with many different questions.

A common question that Ellerslie dentist gets. From people who are not visiting them as regularly as they should. Is wondering why people have sensitive teeth. There are many potential answers to this question.

And the dentist will look in their mouth. Before they answer this out right. However, the most common reason. Why people have sensitive teeth is because they have gingivitis.

In fact, according to the Canadian health measures survey. 75% of all adults in Canada. Have an active case of gingivitis in their mouth. And the reason why gingivitis leads to sensitive teeth is simple.

Gingivitis happens when there is plaque buildup underneath the gum line. The bacteria is very irritating to the gums. So therefore, the gums become red, irritated and swollen. In an effort to escape this irritant.

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The gums will start to recede. Exposing more and more of the tooth root. The more a person ignores their gingivitis. The more the root of the tooth will start to become exposed. And the reason why this causes sensitivity.

Is because first of all, the roots of the tooth. Are not designed to be uncovered. And therefore, do not have the protective layer of enamel. That the rest of the tooth has. As such, the teeth become very sensitive.

Especially too hot and cold temperatures. As well as in many cases space he foods. The first step in fixing the sensitive teeth. Is eliminating the gingivitis. Which can be done by getting a professional dental cleaning.

To remove the buildup of plaque below the gum line. That is causing the gingivitis. And then, Ellerslie dentist will want patients to engage. In a very strict oral care routine at home.

The dentist also might recommend. A desensitizing toothpaste such as Sensodyne. But if after all of this. The teeth are still sensitive. There are options to fix it. The first one is getting a desensitizing material applied.

This can be done in the tooth doctor office. And patients must not brush their teeth. Twenty-four hours after getting it applied. It will last for several months. Before needing to be reapplied.

And can help people avoid the feelings. Of sensitive teeth, especially when eating or drinking. If they still have very sensitive teeth. The dentist can apply a filling material. To the roots of their teeth. In order to fix the problem permanently.

When people are ready to visit the dentist. For their regular checkups. Or because they have not been in many years. The tooth doctor is ready, and willing to take their call, and help them get the dental care they need.