Ellerslie Dentist | Answering Difficult Dental Questions

Even though many people want to visit their Ellerslie dentist regularly. They may not know what that means. Or how often they should be visiting. But also, many people cannot afford it.
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Simply because they do not have dental benefits. And therefore, think that it is more cost-effective. To visit their dentist. Only when they have a problem. However this is a bad idea for many reasons.

If people are going to the dentist only when they have a problem. The problem that they have, is now much larger. And much more invasive to fix. Then if it was caught, when the problem was still small.

For example, cavities start out very tiny. Often, only visible with a dental x-ray. If Ellerslie dentist sees the potential cavity. On the x-ray, they can fix it. When it is very small, and inexpensive and quick to fix.

The cavity, if not fixed right away. Will grow, and the bacteria. Will eat a hole in the teeth, all the way to the tooth roots. If going in for regular checkups. The dentist can see this, it is not so difficult to fix.

At this point, while it is more invasive to fix at this point. Then if it was caught on an x-ray. People will only need to get a needle, and some drilling. As well as of filling to fix. Which is still not a big problem.

However, if people wait to visit their Ellerslie dentist. Until they have a toothache. Then that means the cavity will have already reached. The tooth’s root, and is affecting the nerve endings.

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At this point, the tooth is usually. Not able to be fixed with the filling. And will often need a root canal. Not only are root canals much more expensive. But they are also much more invasive.

Also, dentists say that often. If a cavity has gone this long. Not even root canals can fix them. And the only other option. Is to remove the tooth. And then put a dental implant in its place.

Dental implants take several dental appointments. One to pull the tooth. Another to implant the screw. And a third visit to place the crown on to the implant. Once it is completely healed.

Therefore, if people are concerned about finances. They should be visiting the dentist regularly. So that they do not end up with a larger problem. If people think that they can avoid needing a dentist.

Because they have such a great oral care routine. They should understand. That not all problems can be avoided. By brushing their teeth and flossing adequately. Such as people who are genetically predisposed.

To having cavities, as well as people. Who get cavities below the gum line. Where their toothbrush cannot reach. Regular visits to the tooth doctor. Will allow them to get their teeth cleaned below the gum line.

And be less likely to develop problems and cavities. When people are ready to ensure that they have healthy smile. The tooth doctor is waiting for their phone call.

Ellerslie Dentist | Answering Hard Dental Questions

Ellerslie dentist says they have so many questions. From people who are getting their teeth cleaned and a checkup. Some of them are nervous to ask these questions. Because they do not want to appear unknowledgeable.

However, so many people ask the same questions. That the tooth doctor does not want anyone. To feel bad about asking these questions. And want everyone to have the answers to the questions that they need.

Therefore, they have a list. Of all of the top asked questions. So that people do not have to work up the courage. To ask their dentist these questions during a checkup or a dental cleaning.

One of the most common questions they get at the tooth doctor. Is from people wondering why dental x-rays are necessary. There they are nervous about the machine. Which they have to stand in.

While the camera rotates around them. Or perhaps they are nervous about the cost of dental x-rays. Particularly if they do not have dental benefits. But the answer to this question says Ellerslie dentist.

Is a resounding yes, dental x-rays are necessary. They do not have to get dental x-rays every appointment. But the reason why they are so important. Is because this helps dentists discover problems.

While they are small. In children, dental x-rays can help Ellerslie dentist determine. How quickly they will grow in their adult teeth. If a child is going to get their adult teeth fairly early.

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Such as four years of age, as opposed to the six or seven years. That most children start losing their teeth. Then the dentist can protect those adult teeth as they grow in.

As a four-year-old is less likely. To have developed great brushing and flossing skills. Therefore, protecting the teeth from tooth decay. In a smaller child is very important.

But also, Ellerslie dentist can use the dental x-ray in children. To determine if their adult teeth are going to grow in crooked. There are several preventative maintenance measures. They can take at this point.

To help the child get straight teeth. Without having to resort. To braces, or Invisalign later on down the road. Different appliances they can use. Can start to correct overcrowding. From an earlier age.

Another reason why dental x-rays are so important. Is because they can help a dentist find cavities. That may not be visible to the naked eye yet. Or, cavities that are below the gum line, or between teeth.

When they are able to catch cavities at this stage. They are much easier, faster. And more importantly, and expensive to fix. This is why it is so important to get dental x-rays as often as recommended.

If people have other important questions. That they want to ask their dentist about. They can always make an appointment at the tooth doctor. Located on the south side of Edmonton, in Ellerslie.

Patients can arrange a free consultation. Where the dentist will look in their mouth. And answer questions, but no work will be done. Or they can schedule a check up and cleaning immediately.