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If people are not visiting their Ellerslie dentist every year. They typically will have problems. As well as many questions about their dental care. While the Canadian government recommends.
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People visiting their dentist twice a year. One visit for their typical checkup. As well as getting a dental cleaning by the hygienist. And another visit, six months later. For another cleaning.

Unfortunately, for many different reasons. People are not seeing the dentist. This regularly, and are only going. When they feel that they have a problem. A problem such as pain going on in their mouth.

Unfortunately, Ellerslie dentist says coming to the dentist at this point. Is almost too late, as the problem will have become bigger. Then it needed to be, if people could come in. every year for a checkup and cleaning.

A common question that many people have. When they visit a dentist after they have problem. Is why it is beneficial. To get a regular checkup and dental cleaning? Ultimately, the answer is preventative maintenance.

The reason why. To cleanings a year is important. Is because no matter how well people are brushing. Such as two or three times a day, and for two minutes each. Plaque is very sticky.

And leads to tartar buildup. And over time, a regular toothbrush. Cannot remove all of the plaque off of a person’s teeth. Therefore, the teeth become more susceptible to cavities as well as gingivitis.

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In addition to that, dentists will say that it is impossible. For person to remove all of the plaque. On hard-to-reach areas such as below the gum line. And the far back molars in a person’s mouth.

Therefore, by getting regular cleanings. People are eliminating the plaque buildup that lead to decay. As well as gingivitis. If people are only going to the dentist. When they feel pain.

Certainly, a cavity will have already started. And reached the root of their tooth. Or they will have gingivitis. Which while it is not a permanent condition. If there gums have receded.

The exposed roots of their teeth, is permanent. And the only thing that can fix that. Is getting a skin graft. From the roof of their mouth, onto the front of their teeth. Where there gums should be.

This is why it is very important to continue to get regular cleanings. However, another reason why people. Should get a checkup from their dentist each year. Is because they can see problems.

When they are very small. And therefore very easy, quick and inexpensive to fix. This is another reason why dentists want to use dental x-rays. They can see problems before they are visible to the naked eye.

And problems below the gum line. As well as potential problems between people’s teeth. Therefore, the take away message is. People can have better teeth. And a healthier mouth says Ellerslie Dentist.

If they are visiting their dentist regularly. If people do not have a regular dentist. They can always make an appointment with the tooth doctor. Okay did conveniently on the south side of Edmonton.

Ellerslie Dentist | Solving Dental Questions

Despite the fact that 74% of Canadians visited the dentist last year says Ellerslie dentist. This does not mean that Canadians visit the dentist. As often as they should.

According to the Canadian health measures, people should go to the dentist. A minimum of twice a year. Once for a checkup and cleaning. And the second time, another cleaning.

In order to get the sticky plaque. Off the surface of their teeth. And cleaned off below the gum line. So they are less susceptible to getting cavities. At their annual checkup, their dentist will want to take x-rays.

One of the most common questions people have at this point. Is why are dental x-rays needed? Many people are worried about the expense of an x-ray. Especially if they do not have dental benefits.

However, Ellerslie dentist says getting an x-ray done. Can often save people a lot of time and money. Because x-rays will help the dentist determine. If there are larger problems, that they simply cannot see.

Problems such as cavities. That are forming below the gum line. That are caused by tartar buildup. Or, cavities that are forming in between teeth. That the dentist cannot see with their naked eye.

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Catching these cavities early. Can help the dentist fix the problems. When they are very small. And very easy to fix. If they did not do dental x-rays. Often, these problems could persist for years.

Until a person is in so much pain. That they cannot stand it anymore. And visit their Ellerslie dentist only to find. That they need something like a root canal. Or that the cavity is so bad. That they need to get there tooth pulled.

And in the tooth’s place, they need to get a dental implant. Most people would agree that they would rather. Have a dental x-ray, and then get a tiny cavity filled. Rather than letting the problem faster.

However, some people ask Ellerslie dentist about x-rays. Not because they are concerned about the expense. But because they are concerned about radiation.

This is a common fear, however it is not one. That people should be worried about. Not only did they use a digital x-ray machine at the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. Which has less radiation than typical x-ray machines.

But the amount of radiation. People would be exposed to from a dental x-ray. Is considerably less then that from using a cell phone. Or being on a commercial flight. For example, people would have to get over one hundred dental x-rays.

In order to equal the amount of radiation they would be exposed to. On a commercial air flight from Edmonton to Vancouver. As well, they will get an iron bib. So that they are further protected from any radiation they might experience.

When people are ready to visit a dentist that truly cares. And will take the time to answer all of their questions. People should look no further than the tooth doctor, located in Edmonton.