Ellerslie Dentist | Answering Necessary Dental Questions

While 74% of Canadians have been to the dentist in the past year according to Ellerslie dentist. That does not mean that most Canadians. Have all the answers to their dental questions.
Ellerslie Dentist

A common question that Ellerslie dentist does gets. Is for people who want to know more information. About making their teeth whiter. They often have tried over-the-counter products.

Such as whitening toothpaste. Or those whitening strips. And despite the promises of whiter brighter teeth. People find out that they do not get the results. That they are expecting from these products.

The reason why says Ellerslie dentist. Is quite simple. Those products are not as strong. As the products they will get at their dentist’s office. Because they are not being supervised by a dentist.

They generally are designed. To whiten a person’s teeth by a single shade. And over a long period of time. Most people find that there is very little. Or no noticeable difference in the shade of their teeth.

When they come in to the tooth doctor, and ask the question. They find that there is a multitude of options. That they did not have from the drugstore. Not only that, but the bleaching kids that they can get from their dentist.

Will guaranteed to whiten their teeth. Up to five shades. From the level of whiteness they currently have. This whitening kit that they get at the tooth doctor. Involves making an impression of the patient’s teeth.

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So that they can have a tray that fits their teeth perfectly. So that they will get better results. Then, they can sit down with their dentist. And discuss the level of whiteness they want in their teeth.

And they will get the bleach, so that they can. Whiten their teeth in the comfort, as well as the privacy of their own house. However, the tooth doctor says this is not a good option. For people who have sensitive teeth.

If people have sensitive teeth, they can try. A bonding material. This is a fatty layer of material. That has whitening and lightning properties to it. When the dentist applies this to the surface of the teeth. The teeth appear brighter.

This is a great option for many. However it is not permanent. And people will need to return. Two or three times a year. To have it reapplied. If that is too cumbersome, people can get veneers.

These are a false front that is applied to the surface of the tooth. And can be made in any shade a patient desires. The benefit of this, is that it is permanent. However, it is often too invasive for many.

With a wide variety of choices and options. Anyone who is desiring a brighter, whiter smile. Can contact the tooth doctor today. When they get in for an appointment, they will be able to ask all of their questions.

And find out right from the experts. Everything they need to know. To make a decision about how to get the smile that they have always wanted.

Ellerslie Dentist | Answering Needed Dental Questions

Even if people are visiting their Ellerslie dentist twice a year. Once for a checkup, and twice for cleaning. They often still have questions. And in many cases, it is all about the dental x-rays.

People frequently want to know. If dental x-rays are absolutely necessary. They could be concerned about the cost. Especially if they do not have dental benefits. Or, they could be nervous about the machine.

As the x-ray camera. Must rotate around their entire head. Which can be nerve-racking for many people. Or hard for people who happen to be claustrophobic. And for some people, they are concerned.

About the level of radiation that extreme machines give off. So to answer the first question, Ellerslie dentist says yes, x-rays are absolutely necessary. To ensure that people can have a healthy and clean mouth.

Things that can show up on x-rays. Show up there, before a dentist can visually see them in a mouth. Such as cavities. Especially if they are below the gum line. Or in between people’s teeth.

If the dentist is able to see them on the x-ray. They can be fixed often very quickly. Very inexpensively. And often, with out a lot of invasive procedures or discomfort. If people did not get an x-ray.

And had to wait until the dentist could see the cavity with their eyes. Often, the solution to fix it. Is much more expensive, invasive and time-consuming. It could also become so large and problematic.

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That people no longer need a feeling to fix the cavity. But rather a root canal. And in some cases, the tooth would need to be pulled. That is why x-rays are an important part of preventative dental maintenance.

People who are concerned about the radiation says Ellerslie dentist. Should not be concerned about that, because the levels are very low. In fact, the first of all use a digital x-ray machine.

They gives off significantly less radiation. Than a standard x-ray machine. But as well, the amount of radiation. That the x-ray machine gives off. Is less than the radiation that is given off.

By a cell phone. And people would need one hundred dental x-rays. To equal the same amount of radiation. They are exposed to on a commercial flight. From Edmonton to Vancouver.

Therefore, there are no reasons. That people should be concerned about the levels of radiation in a dental office. However, every precaution is still made. Such as using an iron bib.

In order to protect a person. From any radiation they might get exposed to. As well as the dentist’s office having a dossimeter in the office. To ensure the levels of radiation. Remain at a very safe level.

If people have any more questions about dental x-rays. They can pick up the phone and call the tooth doctor today. Or, they can make a point to ask. At their next dental appointment and cleaning.