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Many people are nervous enough going to their Ellerslie dentist. Let alone asking questions. That they are often embarrassed to admit. They do not know the answers to. However, the tooth doctor does not want anyone feeling bad.
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About learning more about dental hygiene. And what they can do at home. To ensure that they have a healthy and happy smile. One of the most common questions they get. Especially from people who have not been in in a while.

Is wondering what the best oral care routine is. Ideally, people will have learned from an early age. The best ways to take care of their teeth. However, there is no shame in admitting. That people have things to learn.

Ideally, Ellerslie dentist recommends. That people brush their teeth twice a day. They should be brushing their teeth for two minutes at a time. Less than that, and they might not get.

All areas of their teeth that they should. Once they brush their teeth, it is important that they follow that. With rinsing their mouth out with an alcohol free mouthwash. Many people think they should rinse with mouthwash.

Only once a day, but this is not ideal. The bacteria that causes tooth decay and gingivitis. Lives not just on the teeth. But on the soft surfaces of a person’s mouth. Including their cheeks, the roof of their mouth.

Their tongue, and their gums. Just brushing of the bacteria off their teeth. Will not prevent the bacteria that is on their rest of their mouth. To transfer back onto their teeth. When the brushing is done.

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As mouthwash kills 99% of bacteria. The bacteria that remains, is less likely. To cause any significant problems. In fact, the tooth doctor says. They did have one patient who lived to be ninety.

And did not have a single cavity. She said the secret to her success was brushing her teeth with mouthwash. This shows how important incorporating mouthwash twice a day. Into the oral hygiene routine is.

After that, Ellerslie dentist recommends. People flossing their teeth once a day. This is the step that most people forget. However, they should consider that in between all surfaces of the teeth.

Represent 40% of the total surface area of their teeth. Which means eliminating flossing. Even a couple of times a week. Means neglecting almost half of the tooth surfaces in their mouth.

If people really do not like flossing. There are different products they can buy. To make it an easier task. Such as getting floss picks. Or a water pick, so that people do not have to wind the floss their fingers.

While these are the best ways. That people can have a healthy mouth at home. The tooth doctor also reminds people. That getting regular cleanings, twice a year. Will continue to protect their mouth.

As it will get rid of tartar buildup. Below the gum line, where it can cause tooth decay as well as gingivitis.

Ellerslie Dentist | Answering Pertinent Dental Questions

While Canadian health measures survey states says Ellerslie dentist. That 74% of Canadian adults. Has been to the dentist in the last year. Once a year, is not enough. Best practices are to visit twice.

The reason why twice a year is important. Is because they first visit. Will allow the dentist to do a checkup. They will give x-rays, and visual inspection. To make sure there are no problems.

Cavities can pop up in between checkups. And things like gingivitis, or tooth decay. Can be nipped in the bud. When a dentist is checking for those problems regularly. At that first checkup.

The dental hygienist will also clean the teeth. No matter how well how often. Someone is brushing their teeth, tartar buildup happens over time. Especially in areas the toothbrush cannot reach.

Such as below the gum line, and the very back of the molars. Therefore, a regular cleaning from the hygienist. Can eliminate cavities and gingivitis from even forming in the first place.

Then, people need to come back to their Ellerslie dentist. Six months later, and see the hygienist again. Getting this sticky plaque and tartar buildup. Removed twice a year. Is how they are going to avoid developing.

Cavities and gingivitis. However, people might find area that going to the dentist once a year. For a checkup is not enough. Reticular early if they seem to always. Have problems when they visit.

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This does not mean that they have not been taking care of their teeth properly. It simply means that they just need additional help. It could be because of the foods they are eating. Or as simple as genetics.

Where some people are genetically predisposed. To having problematic teeth or gums. Therefore, they should not feel ashamed. If they must visit Ellerslie dentist more often. But simply take pride in the fact.

That they are able to care for their teeth. And the unique way that their teeth and mouth require. If people have any more problems. They can talk to their dentist. About preventative measures.

For example, if people have sensitive teeth. The answer might simply be. Using a desensitizing toothpaste, such as Sensodyne. However, it might require something more significant.

For example, if people have accidentally. Brushed away the enamel from their teeth. They may need to have a desensitizing material. Applied to their teeth. This can be done in the tooth doctor’s office.

And after it supplied, patients must not brush their teeth. For twenty-four hours. And it will need to be reapplied a few times a year. But it can help people. Not have sensitive teeth.

So that they can eat and drink the foods they want. Without causing pain to themselves. Any other questions people have. They can either make an appointment with their Ellerslie dentist.

Or they can set up a free consultation. This is great for people who are nervous that they will get a lot of dental work. This will allow the dentist look in their mouth. And tell them what they can expect at their next appointment.