Ellerslie Dentist | Answering The Burning Dental Questions

When people visit their Ellerslie dentist. For regular cleaning or checkup, they often have questions. Many of the questions are asked by other patients. Therefore, the tooth doctor wants everyone to know the answers.
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When parents come in, they often want to know. When their child’s first dental appointment needs to be. There are many differing thoughts on this subject. However, the tooth doctor has their own suggestions.

While many dentists say that people should. Bring their children in, as soon as they have teeth. Some children can be born with teeth. Or develop them when they are only a few months old.

This is not helpful, because they will not be able. To open their mouth on command. Or hold it open. And, what is very common. With children who are just growing teeth for the first time.

They discover the joy of biting. And often, have not discovered the joy of letting go yet. Therefore, Ellerslie dentist is hesitant. To bring in such young patients. Because they are less likely to have a productive appointment.

As well, since the child. Is less likely to be able to help. In their own oral hygiene routine. They can simply tell parents. That it is best practices to wipe the child’s tooth. With a soft damp cloth.

After eating whether it is breastmilk, formula. Or if the child is starting to eat solid food. Other dentists often recommend. That children visit the dentist, just before they are ready to start school.

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The tooth doctor thinks this is a little bit late. As children can start developing dental problems. From a much earlier age. Therefore, Ellerslie dentist recommends. That parents bring their children in.

Around one years of age. That way, they will have had some teeth. And at this age, they are likely to be able. To open their mouth on command. And hold it open. As well as start to hold a toothbrush.

And learn about oral hygiene themselves. However, they save any parents have any hesitations or questions. About this, they can always call the office directly. And find out if they should do something differently.

Another question that parents often have for their dentist. Is wondering when their child’s baby teeth are going to fall out. This is generally a large age range. And it usually takes about six years.

For all of the adult teeth to grow in. And all of the baby teeth to fall out. However, the usual timeline for most children. Is that they will start losing their baby teeth around six years of age.

And will be done losing them at twelve years old. However, this is one of the reasons why. Children should come in for early checkups. They can use the dental x-rays. To determine if this is going to be early or late.

If it is going to be early, the dentist will want to protect. Those baby teeth, when the child is still learning how to take care of their teeth properly. Any parents who have more dental questions can call the tooth doctor today.

Ellerslie Dentist | Answering The Dental Questions

There are many different reasons why people visit their Ellerslie dentist. Ideally, they should come in for dental checkups. As well as dental cleanings. However, some people come in because of other circumstances.

They often come in if they have a toothache. They might have a cavity or an impacted tooth. Or, they have had an accident. Where they have lost part or an entire tooth. And need to have it fixed.

It used to be that people who lost a tooth. Either needed dentures. Or if they only had one or two teeth missing. They would have to get a bridge in place. The problem with dentures and bridges is that they are removable.

Which means not only did they not feel like real teeth. They also do not perform like it. And most people with bridges or dentures. Need to modify what they eat. No more steak, sticky foods for example.

And especially with dentures, there is a real possibility. That they can pop out of place. While people are talking or eating. Which is incredibly embarrassing for most people. Therefore, a great option.

Instead of bridges or dentures. Is getting an implant to replace that missing tooth. The benefit is that it is a permanent part of their mouth. That feels, and performs like their real teeth. Which means they will have no problems talking.

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And no problems eating as well. It also lasts forever, which is not like bridges or dentures. Which need to be replaced every few years. Especially as the gums received, if there are no teeth in the mouth.

The implant does take a few more steps. Then getting bridges or dentures well. However, Ellerslie dentist says the cost is generally the same. How the implants will be put in. Is in this process.

First of all, the tooth that is damaged. Needs to be removed. And then, they will wait for the bone to heal. Usually 3 to 6 months. They do not want the bone to heal all the way however. Because they will be placing the implant.

The second appointment will be just for that, putting the implant. Into the spot where the tooth should go. And then, waiting another 3 to 6 months. For this to heal up more. Once its healed.

Ellerslie dentist will bring the patient back in, where they will put the crown on the screw that was implanted. The benefit to this, is that if people have problems with the implant. The dentist can simply unscrew it from the implant.

And they will need any anaesthetic. In order to fix the implant itself. This will allow people to have a tooth that looks, and functions like their regular teeth. And they will not have to come back to get it fitted as they age.

If people have more questions for their dentist. They should contact the tooth doctor by phone or email today.