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When people visit their Ellerslie dentist, it is not always for. A regular checkup or cleaning. People visit because they have had accidents. Or because they have pain, that they want fixed.
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If they have not been making regular visits to their dentist in a while. It may because they might have cavities. Or tooth decay, and gingivitis. Fixing this, can be done. But is more difficult after the fact.

A common question that people have. After they have been through the expensive and lengthy process. Of fixing the problem. Wondering how they could have prevented things like tooth decay. And gingivitis in the beginning.

Ultimately, the best way to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis says Ellerslie dentist. Is it through preventative measures. A good oral hygiene routine is key for most people.

This means people should be brushing a minimum of twice a day. For two minutes every time they brush. However, they should not be brushing aggressively. And they definitely should not be using a hard bristled brush.

The reason why, is because aggressive brushing. Or brushing with a hard bristled brush. Will lead to damaging their gums. And eroding the protective layer of enamel from their teeth.

Therefore, by brushing gently. And with a soft bristled brush. They can ensure that they do not do more damage. Then they are trying to prevent. After they brush for two minutes. Ellerslie dentist recommends.

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That they rinse their mouth out with mouthwash. Ideally, the alcohol free kind. The reason why mouthwash is important. Is because it can get on to all areas of the mouth. That the toothbrush could not reach.

And the areas of the mouth that people do not brush with a toothbrush. This includes the far back molars. But also, the hard and soft pallets, the cheeks. The tongue, and the gums.

Not only can bacteria live on the teeth. That causes tooth decay. That bacteria can also live on the soft surfaces of a person’s mouth. And then, get transferred back onto their teeth.

Using mouthwash ensures that this is less likely to happen. Finally, their dentist recommends. Finishing the day with flossing their teeth. People may not realize how much of the tooth surface.

Is covered by other teeth. 40% of the tooth surface. Will get cleaned when people floss their teeth regularly. If they do not like flossing. Or have a hard time doing it. There are many different products.

Such as floss picks that can make it. Much easier to do this part of their oral care routine. Finally, eating healthy diet. Of vegetables and fruits. And low in sugar and processed foods. As well as avoiding midnight snacking.

Are the best ways that people can prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. Finally, the last piece of the puzzle. Is coming into the dentist twice a year. To get a professional cleaning, so that any tartar buildup. Can be brushed away.

If people have any more questions about their oral care routine. Or about getting dental checkups and cleanings. They can visit the tooth doctor online. Or call to make an appointment today.

Ellerslie Dentist | Answering Urgent Dental Inquiries

Many people do not understand how important it is to visit their Ellerslie dentist. On a regular basis. Ideally, they should go not just once a year. But twice a year. At this appointment, not only can they get a checkup.

They can also get a dental cleaning. It is of paramount importance. To ensuring that they do not have tartar buildup. That causes tooth decay and gingivitis. While a checkup is only required once a year.

Patients should come back six months later. In order to get another dental cleaning. So that they can always ensure. That they are taking care of the plaque. That can cause cavities and gingivitis.

However, Ellerslie dentist finds that when people come in more often. They ask more questions. One of the most common questions that they have been getting lately. Is from people wondering. How they can get a brighter, whiter smile.

Many people are simply genetically predisposed. To having teeth that are less white. Than other people, however. It becomes very important for social reasons. For people to have a brighter smile.

They may have even already tried. At home bleaching kits from their drugstore. Such as whitening strips. Or have been using a whitening toothpaste. But did not get the results they desire.

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One of the reasons why these products. Will not give them the desired results. Is because they are only designed. To whiten a person’s teeth by a single shade. Especially when these products are used over time like toothpaste.

If people are eating foods. Or drinking liquids that are more likely. To cause staining on their teeth. All they are doing, is maintaining the level of whiteness that they have. And not causing them to get whiter teeth.

Some of the most common foods and drinks. That cause teeth to become stained include black coffee. Black and green tea. Red wine, and foods like blueberries, and cherries. If people eat these on a regular basis.

They may find that the whitening products that they use. Simply allow them. That the same shade of whiteness. That they have always had. Therefore, they visit their Ellerslie dentist. And want to know if there are other options.

The good news is, the tooth doctor has whitening products. The most popular one, is there at home whitening kit. Not only do they take an impression of the patient’s teeth. So that the tray they use is customized for them.

But also, the bleach solution they get from the dentist. Is stronger than what they get at the drugstore. And can whiten their teeth by to five shades. After they get the trays made, they can whiten their teeth.

In the comfort, and privacy of their own home. And get the results that they desire. The tooth doctor says they can continue using their whitening toothpaste. To maintain the level of whiteness that they have achieved.