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Visiting Ellerslie dentist does not need to be stressful. However, many people are nervous. If they have questions they want answers to. They may not want to admit that they did not know this before.
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However, the tooth doctor wants people to know. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Only questions that do not get asked. People may not have learned all this information going up.

And, in many cases. Recommendations, and suggestions. Change as they learn. How to better take care of teeth. Therefore, people should always feel confident. To ask the questions they do not know the answer to.

A great example of this, is when someone wants to know. What the best oral care routine at home is. The answer used to be brushing three times a day. And immediately after eating food.

However, that is no longer what is being recommended. Because dentists were finding. That if people ate food. That had a high acidic content. Such as tomato sauce, or citrus fruits.

This type of food would actually soften the enamel on a person’s teeth. And if they brush their teeth immediately after eating. Then they would literally brush away this protective layer of enamel on their teeth.

The unfortunate thing with enamel according to Ellerslie dentist. Is that it is not possible to add back to their teeth. Therefore, once it is gone, it is gone permanently. Each is why the recommendation is no longer.

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For people to brush their teeth immediately after eating. People should rinse their mouth out. Or drink a glass of water after eating. So that they get rid of any food residue. And then brush their teeth half an hour later.

This amount of time will allow the enamel to harden backup. But also, the recommendation from dentists now. Is for people to use a soft bristled toothbrush. The reason is very simple.

Hard bristled brush. Or brushing teeth to aggressively. Can actually wear down that enamel coating as well. Therefore, Ellerslie dentist suggests. Only using soft bristled toothbrush is.

When they do brush twice a day. People should ensure that they are brushing gently. And brush for two minutes. They can set a timer, so that they know when their time of brushing is up.

The next step in a great oral care routine. Is using mouthwash. Again, the recommendation used to be. That people should use mouthwash once a day. But dentists now are saying that after every time they brush is best.

The mouthwash they should use is alcohol free. And they can rinse around their mouth for thirty seconds. The mouthwash will get all of the areas of the teeth their toothbrush could not reach.

And all of the soft areas of the mouth. Such as the roof of the mouth, gums. The tongue and the cheeks, will get the bacteria. That can transfer back onto the teeth and cause cavities. Eliminated with this rinse.

For more questions and answers, people can visit the tooth doctor. Located in the Ellerslie neighbourhood of Edmonton today.

Ellerslie Dentist | Answering Your Dental Queries

There are many different questions Ellerslie dentist hears from patients on a regular basis. From not wanting to get x-rays. To wanting wider teeth. And even getting a good oral care routine established.

Ellerslie dentist does not want anyone to feel. Like they should not or cannot ask important questions. And when the most common questions they get. When they go to do an x-ray, is if the x-rays are needed.

Ultimately, an x-ray is of vital part. Of the preventative maintenance of a person’s mouth. Because so many things can be seen on the x-ray. That cannot be seen by the naked eye initially.

If a person is waits until the dentist can visually see problems. They may be waiting longer than is best. Causing the cavity, or whatever problem it is. To get larger and more difficult to fix.

In the case of a cavity, it can be dealt with very quickly. Easily, and inexpensively. The earlier it is found. If people wait until the dentist can see the cavity. Which may be difficult if it is below the gum line or in between teeth.

Then fixing the cavity. Might be a lot more invasive. Painful, and expensive as well. In some cases, the problem will get so bad. That person might need a root canal. Or a root canal might not work.

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In which case, they would need to get the tooth extracted. And have added to implant put in its place. Nobody wants to have to get a dental implant. When they could have had a dental x-ray. And fill the cavity well it is small.

And when it comes to children, dental x-rays are even more important. As they are monitoring for overcrowding. Seeing when the adult teeth are going to grow in. And seeing if they are missing any teeth.

If people do not want to get a dental x-ray. Because they are concerned about radiation. Ellerslie dentist wants them to put their minds to rest. There is less radiation in the digital x-ray machines they now use.

But that being said, people will be exposed. To more radiation during a commercial flight. From Edmonton to Vancouver. Then they would if they had received one hundred dental x-rays in a single day.

In fact, people will be exposed to more radiation. From carrying their cell phone in their pocket. Or talking on their phone. Therefore, they should not be concerned about dental x-ray radiation.

However, all precautions are still taken. People will get an iron bid to wear. That will protect them from any radiation that is emitted by the machine. And they will use a dossimeter to ensure radiation levels are safe.

If people have any more questions about any dental procedures. The best thing to do would be to call the tooth doctor. Located on the south side of Edmonton and get an appointment today.