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Parents should not be surprised, when they visit their Ellerslie dentist. With their children for the first time, and here the recommendation. To apply dental sealants on their children’s teeth.

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Some parents may not have heard about dental sealants before. Or, are not sure why it is a good idea. For them to apply this to their child’s teeth. However, there are many good reasons for this to happen.

First of all, for parents who have never heard. Dental sealants are a thin, plastic protective layer. Protecting the molars. From the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities.

The reason why it is important. To apply a dental sealant. Onto their children’s teeth. Is because the shape, and surface of molars. Make them very difficult to properly brush. Leaving bacteria behind.

That can turn into tooth decay, and lead to cavities. In fact, it is not just children that have a hard time. Brushing all the way to the back of their mouth. In order to brush these very odd shaped teeth.

But adults as well according to Ellerslie dentist. Have a difficult time brushing their molars. And can quite often, leave bacteria behind. That put their teeth at risk of tooth decay.

Even if parents are supervising their child brushing their teeth. The fact that they are still learning. And are still developing their fine motor skills. Makes this hard for many children to do.

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Therefore, by applying dental sealants. To the child’s teeth. Can help them protect their teeth. As they learn how to brush properly. And develop their own oral hygiene routine. Even teenagers struggle.

Remember to brush their teeth as often as they should. And that is why, Ellerslie dentist recommends. That parents get the dental sealants on their young child’s teeth. And then once they have all of their adult teeth in.

They again, get the dental sealants done. Which will then last for about a decade. However, one of the most important things for parents to keep in mind. Is that they remind their children. That the dental sealants.

Our not a substitute for good brushing technique and habits. In fact, it is crucial. That kids still brush their teeth. As the dental sealants are typically only applied to the surface of the molars.

And not the other teeth in their mouth. Therefore, in order to avoid developing tooth decay. And cavities on the rest of their teeth. They should continue to brush twice a day. And floss every single day.

In fact, getting them done early. Will ensure that children do not develop cavities first. And as long as they do not develop cavities. They can continue getting dental sealants. Well into adulthood.

Which can help them stay cavity free. And have the best oral health that they possibly can. When people are ready to get dental sealants for their children.

All they have to do is reach out to the tooth doctor. They can make an appointment, and ask for dental sealants to be applied at the end of the procedure.

Ellerslie Dentist | Applying Dental Sealants To Patients Teeth

Dental sealants are becoming more and more common says Ellerslie dentist. As parents find out how beneficial they are. To their children of all ages. However, many parents still have not heard about them.

Which often could contribute to the low number of children in this country. That have dental sealants. For example, 30% of children between the ages of six and eleven. Have dental sealants.

While a slightly higher 38%. Of adolescents, who are between the ages of twelve and nineteen. Have gotten dental sealants in this country. However, many parents are unaware of what they are.

Or are very nervous about getting an invasive procedure done. To their child’s teeth, especially if they think it is unnecessary. One of the most common questions that Ellerslie dentist will get from parents.

Is wondering why they should get dental sealants applied their child’s teeth. If their children are going to lose their baby teeth anyway. However, dentists will remind parents, that the teeth are important.

While they are in the child’s head. And the justification that they will eventually fall out. Is no reason to not take care of them. Children who develop cavities will still need the cavities filled.

As well, children who develop severe cavities. May require a root canal, or getting there tooth pulled. Both options, would be invasive and traumatic. As well as expensive for the parent.

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The dental sealants on the other hand says Ellerslie dentist. Are very non-invasive. And takes less than five minutes from start to finish. And as for cost, they cost a quarter of what cavity filling would be.

How to apply the dental sealants is quite easy. At the end of a dental appointment. The dentist will surround the teeth to be treated. With cotton, in order to keep the teeth dry.

The teeth need to be dry, so that the dentist can use a very weak acid to paint the teeth. What this does, is it gets rid of bacteria. And other impurities, like dried saliva. That can make it difficult.

For the sealant material to adhere to the teeth. Once the acid is applied, in a process that is called etching. The dentist will rinse, and dry the teeth. To be ready to receive the sealant.

The sealant is then applied, with a cotton swab. As a clear liquid. Once the dentist is satisfied that it has covered the surface. The last step, is simply applying a UV light. To cure the liquid into a hard finish.

From start to finish, the process would only have taken about five minutes. To help protect the child’s teeth. For ten years, or until those teeth fall out, and they grow adult teeth instead.

This process can be repeated, once the child receives all of their adult teeth. To protect those teeth for ten years. And as long as they are cavity free. They will be able to continue getting dental sealants.