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Even though Ellerslie dentist recommends dental sealants. For all of their children and teenaged patients. Many parents are not sure if it is necessary to do.

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This is partly because they may not completely understand. Exactly what a dental sealant is. Or how it protects their child’s teeth. One of the first things that parents should keep in mind.

Is that their children are still learning how to brush their teeth properly. And for adults, probably getting to the molars. With just a toothbrush, and brushing thoroughly. To eliminate all bacteria can be hard.

And in children, who are just learning how to do this. It is even more difficult. They can miss spots, and and up with a cavity very quickly. Even though they are trying to brush their teeth properly.

And in teenagers, they might have lax oral hygiene habits. That puts them at risk for getting cavities and dental decay. Which is why Ellerslie dentist recommends getting the sealants. They are applied onto the surface of the molars.

Not only are they located at the very back of the mouth. But they also have what dentists call pits and features. Which is simply a reference to the uneven surface of a molar. These pits and features are excellent.

For chewing food. But less excellent for keeping clean. Therefore, the dental sealant. Is applied to the surface of the molar. To provide a protective barrier. Between the tooth, and the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

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It is very important that Ellerslie dentist applies the dental sealant. On the patient’s teeth, before they have cavities. Because once they have a cavity. They will need to get it filled.

And then there is less point to applying the dental sealant. Which is designed to prevent cavities in the first place. Some parents may wonder why it is important to protect their child’s baby teeth.

Since they will eventually fall out anyway. It is still very important. Simply because the baby teeth. Once they get a cavity, will need to be filled. Or in some severe cases.

Will need to have a root canal. Or be pulled, which will impact how well and straight the adult teeth. Will eventually grow in to that spots. Not only will it put their adult teeth at risk this way.

But a root canal, or cavity being filled. Is an expensive, and invasive procedure. It can often be traumatic, or painful to the child. Therefore, getting the dental sealant can prevent this from happening.

Even though the teeth will eventually be replaced with the permanent ones. Therefore, most dentists recommends two applications of the dental sealants. One between the ages of six and eleven.

And another once the child loses their baby teeth. And has all of their adult ones. Even adults who have left adolescents. With no cavities, can continue getting dental sealants to protect their teeth.

When people are ready to get this procedure done. All they have to do is reach out to the tooth doctor, located in the neighbourhood of Ellerslie. And protect their and their children’s teeth.

Ellerslie Dentist | Are Dental Sealants Effective At Protecting Teeth

While Ellerslie dentist recommends most people get dental sealants. Many people still do not know what they are. Or how they protect their teeth. However, these are very simple questions to answer.

Ellerslie dentist says that a dental sealant. Is a thin layer of plastic. That acts as a protective barrier. Between the bacteria that causes cavities. And the tooth itself. In fact, it is applied to the surface of a molar.

That is rough and uneven. Because of how difficult it is. To eliminate the bacteria. On this very rough, and uneven surfaced tooth. One question that many parents often have for their dentist.

Is wondering how long each application. Of the dental sealants will last. According to the dental textbooks, dental sealants will last up to ten years. However, there are some variants to this.

Dental sealants can develop cracks, chips or leaks. That will require Ellerslie dentist reapplying the sealant. This can be caused by eating food with a lot of bones in it. Grinding their teeth at night.

Or playing a rough sport, and roughhousing with other children. Or on the playground itself. This is why it is very important to continue to visit the dentist. After the sealants have been applied.

Not just to check the teeth for health. For any signs of tooth decay. But also, check the sealants. To see if there are any cracks or chips. That needs to be repaired. And while the dental sealants are only designed to last ten years.

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Some people have had them for longer. Such as twelve, or thirteen years or more. And they are still in great condition. And are protecting their teeth. It is simply important to continue to see the dentist.

And while these dental sealants. Protect children’s teeth from tooth decay. Many parents are still unsure. Why they should paid to have this procedure done. And in the long run, the answer is because it is cheaper.

One application of a dental sealant procedure. Costs 25% of getting a cavity filled. Therefore, even if they apply it twice. Once in childhood, and once in adolescents. Parents are still paying less.

Then they would pay, if their child developed one cavity and needed it filled. This is why it is so important. To protect children’s teeth. Not only will it help them get to adulthood.

Without a single cavity. But also, it will help the parents save money. While helping keep their children’s teeth healthy at the same time. If people still have questions for their dentist.

They should make an appointment at the tooth doctor. They will be able to ask all of their questions. And find out more information. As well as schedule this procedure.

If parents are ready to schedule themselves, or their children to get dental sealants done. All they will have to do. Is reach out by phone to the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie. And make that important appointment.